novanoah replied to your post “My therapist said the best thing to do when something bothers you is…”

wow now I need to hear more about this, with names and all the shit, because sounds something similar that happened to me (repeated times but u get me)

We can talk about about it on whatsapp tomorrow because ranting it out with names would feel great

I reached 2k followers several months ago (Thank you so much again!♥♥) but I forgot to do a second Follow Forever. While you still wait till I get a job and do the giveaway you deserve, let me thank all those people and blogs that I love.

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I got inspired when @miru-p and @novanoah made more sets for out Love Live! OCs, so I made an elf set like how Miru made one for M^3! Also no, what Akina is holding is 100% NOT an accident. _(:3」∠)_

Gave each attribute group matching tops and head accessories and each year group matching collars! ♪ヾ(*‘∀’*)ノ Please support our babies!

Our other sets so far:


Hi everyone! Edward Elric Appreciation Week is a go! This is a week for appreciating our favourite blonde pipsqueak, in any way or form! This is being run by several lovely people, including tobioskageyama, novanoah, lingedward, feministmadokakaname, queen-winryelric, sofiakkuma, renkinjutsushii and yours truly, yuichirouh

Our goal is to give Ed the appreciation he deserves. The week is scheduled to run at July 1-7th, 2015. The days are as follows:

  • Day One: Favourite Scene
  • Day Two: Favourite Quote
  • Day Three: Favourite Outfit
  • Day Four: Favourite Physical Feature (Eyes, hair…)
  • Day Five: Favourite Characteristic (determination, kindness, being a lil shit etc.)
  • Day Six: Something that made you happy or Something that made you sad
  • Day Seven: Favourite short rant or “Edspressions” (his funny faces)

Some More General Information:

  • Be nice and courteous to everyone!
  • Tag things as #edelricweek and we here will reblog it to the blog edwardelricappreciation
  • All forms of media are going to be accepted, from fanmixes, to art, and graphics
  • The work you post must be your own. No stealing artwork. Even sourced artwork will not be accepted. Be creative!
  • Edward Elric must be the main focus of the work. Other characters are accepted but they must be secondary. Ed has to be the clear, primary focus.
  • Although not a hard and fast rule, pairings are discouraged in this week. (This is because we want to avoid ship wars) We want to focus on Ed the most!
  • There will be a list of triggers you must tag. This is so that the admin who are reblogging the posts and running the blog can stay safe as well.

Thank you and have fun!

Edit: Please thank tobioskageyama for designing the new banner, blog theme, and graphics!

novanoah  asked:

You're the Dento to my Elle u¬u *does the Performancetime trademark pose*

Yes the sweet sweet posing duo!

Which is going to be one of my OTP days I just haven’t figured out which one yet but come on practicing poses is a must with those two :D


novanoah requested that I scan these so she can draw more great Dento art for me :P  and I finally got around to it. But I figured hey maybe other fans want to see some cool stuff!

I think the apron is neat I always wanted to know how it worked 

It is now my life goal to collect all the Dento settei of his 11 outfits. It’s probably never going to happen but I can dream

Look at this happy weed, 8 expressions and not one sad one



Really smol gift for @novanoah ! Happy birthday again dear!

I know Yamu’s seiyuu is actually Roza’s but I thought Mira was more suited to be Yamraiha! I remember pics in which Mira is teaching alchemy and well, FMA’s alchemy and Magi’s magic are kinda smilar, cause there’s science behind both of them. I like teacher Mira, so :3…well, I hope you like it Nova. I enjoyed drawing Mira as always, it relaxes me a lot.

She kinda looks like the teacher students fall in love with :3c


Well, thank you doyouevenhavetoask, novanoah and thebittercherry! Now after reading the lyrics I don’t wanna stop listening to it :( It’s stuck in my head FOREVER

(At least it distracts me from thinking about Armstrong’s you-know-whats :’D)