Really smol gift for @novanoah ! Happy birthday again dear!

I know Yamu’s seiyuu is actually Roza’s but I thought Mira was more suited to be Yamraiha! I remember pics in which Mira is teaching alchemy and well, FMA’s alchemy and Magi’s magic are kinda smilar, cause there’s science behind both of them. I like teacher Mira, so :3…well, I hope you like it Nova. I enjoyed drawing Mira as always, it relaxes me a lot.

She kinda looks like the teacher students fall in love with :3c

So after seeing Serena’s theme and thinking about how it compares to themes of the other Pokegirls, I came a cross a really interesting realzation, at least for me. 

Think about the Pokemon journey, how one progresses and grows through it, and think about how a character is portrayed along that path. By thinking of May, Dawn, and Serena’s of themes I think I see a clear pattern here, intentional or not.


Dawn has her theme given at the start of DP, and as a result at the start of her journey, she knows what she wants to do and will do what it takes to reach her dream (going over mountains, riding the wind) with the help of her Pokemon and new friends Ash and Brock. It signifies her start, and a proud declaration that nothing will stand in her way.


Serena finally found something that has made her journey worth it. Her theme speaks of being lost and unguided, not quite sure of what she should be doing and where her Pokemon path will lead her, and THEN the song goes into how’s she’s finally found what she has been looking for all along. Her “Declaration for tomorrow” really drives that theme home imo, finally on a solid path and a dream worth striving for. It’s the 3rd ED of XY so while it’s not technically the exact middle it still quite a way’s in (a year irl to be exact) and so the song seems to signify how Serna’s in a transitional state from wayward trainer, to confident performer

And the end.

This ending obviously signifies how far May has come as a character and a coordinator, blossoming beautifully and long past her days rookie trainer, we see all the Pokemon she’s caught over her journey, the rivals she’s faced, and of course the friends she’s gained. Growth and sucess id say, it’s the final ED in AG and therefore it would be expected to have some themes of finality to it.

Like I said, I don’t know if this was intentional or not (probably not), but I do appreciate it nonetheless.


Hi everyone! Edward Elric Appreciation Week is a go! This is a week for appreciating our favourite blonde pipsqueak, in any way or form! This is being run by several lovely people, including tobioskageyama, novanoah, lingedward, feministmadokakaname, queen-winryelric, sofiakkuma, renkinjutsushii and yours truly, yuichirouh

Our goal is to give Ed the appreciation he deserves. The week is scheduled to run at July 1-7th, 2015. The days are as follows:

  • Day One: Favourite Scene
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  • Day Five: Favourite Characteristic (determination, kindness, being a lil shit etc.)
  • Day Six: Something that made you happy or Something that made you sad
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Thank you and have fun!

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Small thing I wanted to draw and totally didn’t do my hw for it. My favorite magical shoujo outfits come from Corrector Yui and miru-p mentioned the other day that metamidomeil would be cool so…. xD this happened. You also know how much I love crossovers….

Well Mido with Ai’s main outfit, Meta with Haruna’s and Meli with the water one (cause Yui’s main sucks). Mido looks totally clueless and doesn’t want to admit she feels pretty. Meta looks so badass even dressed as an angel, also as usual she looks pretty. And Meli also really badass and hot <3. They are supposed to look younger btw.

Meta belongs to novanoah

Meli belongs to miru-p

Mido is mine


Well, thank you doyouevenhavetoask, novanoah and thebittercherry! Now after reading the lyrics I don’t wanna stop listening to it :( It’s stuck in my head FOREVER

(At least it distracts me from thinking about Armstrong’s you-know-whats :’D)

Random Performancetime oneshot

“102. You have a high fever, dear.”

“It can’t be that high!” Elle tried to sit up from the bed, “I-I have to get…” She put a hand on her head; she felt so woozy, her whole body ached. 

Gentle hands lightly pushed her back into the bed, “You can’t go perform today, not in your condition.”

“B-but…” She started coughing, her throat was on fire, “It was scheduled for a while and-” more coughing, “-it’s too late to find a replacement performer.” She sniffed, god she felt terrible.

“I understand that-”

“And I can still smile see?” She grinned only to lose the smile after a couple of seconds as her body was racked with more hacking.

Dento sighed, “But you aren’t at your best, maybe you could make it through but you wouldn’t be in top form. You need to rest and regain your strength.”

“But even you came all the way out here to see me.”

“You can’t help it that you’re sick.” He smiled, “Don’t force yourself, here.” He handed her a cup of a warm steaming liquid. “This honey chamomile tea should be good for your sore throat. It’s true I came to see you perform but now I’m here to help you, if there’s anything you need don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thanks, love.” Even sniffing the steam seemed to open up the clogged nasal passages a bit. “Find me a stunt double.” She giggled, “I mean yeah it’s against the idol rules but so is dating and I broke that one; totally worth it.” She laid back down her breathing heavy and yawned. “I guess I am feeling sort of tired.”

“Good.” He leaned down and gave his girlfriend a kiss on her burning forehead, “Get some rest.”  

He walked into the kitchen to grab some medicine and his eyes fell on her performance outfit. “Stunt double huh…”


Elle woke up a couple of hours later, feeling a bit better but still sort of out of it. “Dento?” 

That was weird where the heck did he go? She shook her head and turned on the TV. 

“Introducing Elle, the Kalos Queen!”

She blinked a couple of times to take in what she was seeing. Her boyfriend, dressed as her, quite well she might add, performing on the stage. And the crowd loved it. 

She laughed, he was the one who taught her most of her poses so of course he’d do them perfectly. “Looks like you found me a stunt double after all.”