novamonster-deactivated20170816  asked:

Did you get my message about accidental whitewashing? I feel bad knowing that some artists are getting shamed just because they don't have the right tools...

Ya, I did! Here’s I’ll just copy paste both of our messages so I can Address Them.

novamonster: Some artists /like me/ can’t use a reference picture, so some skin tones might be different/whitewashed than they should be. I’m not defending people who whitewash on purpose, but the artists that try their best to try to match the skintone without a reference.

klanced: Yeah, I didn’t mean to imply that every artist should have a saved photo of Lance so they can use the eyedropper tool to get his exact shade. But ‘at least five shades darker than Keith’ isn’t that tall of an order, and yet. And yet.

(Forgive me if Lance is waaay more than five shades darker than Keith, I cannot for the life of me picture a skin color gradient rn. I googled searched this gradient if anyone is interested lmao.)

I don’t mean to shame anyone! That’s why I didn’t directly @ anyone, like I said I’m not really one for public callout posts, I tend to just hit up someone’s inbox lol.

I understand that there are a lot of first time artists in the Voltron fandom, and that people struggle with lighting and sometimes inadvertently end up lightening someone’s skin color. It’s not necessarily ‘okay’, but it happens and the correct thing to do is to inbox someone and explain to them that you think they whitewashed.

What really steams my carrots is when people try to excuse the whitewashing. No. You don’t get to cover your eyes. You don’t get to pretend this isn’t a real issue. It’s happening here, now, and we need to stop it.