“I’m fine,” Nova grumbled in pure exasperation while the little asura chucked a hefty-looking ice pack her way. She caught it fine, sure, but not without wincing openly. 

“Of course you are,” cackled Yggdri with a plain shrug. “It’s just over-exertion-” she paused as Nova looked at her with a glower, “-Meaning you’ve been working too hard and you gotta take it easy. Few days of icing and relaxing should do it. Do you stretch?”

The engineer merely looked at the asuran with a look that practically screamed ‘what does it look like’. 

“Fair enough. Few days of rest and some minor stretches once the major pain recedes and you’ll be back to wiring explosives and gunslinging in no time at all.” 

Nova watched Yggdri with a mild sense of contempt as she scooped up her bag and waddled to the door. She felt scolded. 

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A drink.

Miraza cautiously ducked his head as he entered the tavern, watching as his wolf bounded ahead of him with a wagging tail as if he were no more than a playful pup. 

“Slow down,” he muttered under his breath, looking down as the wolf pranced back up to him before again delving deeper into the crowded place. He sighed; Cur was often right in his scouting but he wondered if being in the city for so long had made him more playful than vicious. Lion’s Arch truly was a peculiar place. 

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welcome home, pt2

“We could have just waypointed,” Arturius commented cheekily in her ear as the sun greeted them again over the forum. Nova glanced at him from her side eye before looking back to regard the white stone that curved and slipped around to form the new buildings and structures in the immediate area.

Nova slowly walked under the new cemented arch that lead into the city, keeping her distance with Arturius away from the gaggle of folk excitedly pushing their way through. Sure, they had all seen the people hard at work, the scaffolding everywhere, bits and pieces being brought in via airship or otherwise… but now it was all done and ready. The excitement was completely valid. 

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