It’s no coincidence the farm ended up in their backyard, they say. It’s what often happens to marginalized communities of colour that lack political power.

Many studies point to a disproportionate location of landfills and other environmental hazards close to racially marginalized communities.  

Lincolnville, Sunnyville, Upper Tracadie, North Preston, East Preston, Cherry Brook, Lake Loon, Acadia First Nation, Membertou, Eskasoni, Indian Brook, Beechville.

These are all communities in Nova Scotia with two things in common. Toxic industries, landfills and waste dumps are situated close to where people live, and the population is predominantly African-Nova Scotian or Mi’kmaw.

Add Lucasville to that list of communities as well, the residents say.

“Yes, we are disadvantaged. We’re not always highly educated. We get lower pay in many cases. But this is our hallowed ground,” Stephen Oliver tells the Nova Scotia Advocate. “All we ask is that we are all treated equal.”

“If you wonder how black communities historically have been erased, you can look at Lucasville and compare it to Africville,” says Deborah Emmerson, producer of an excellent documentary on the Lucasville community.

“They put a dump in Africville. Then they put the jail there. Eventually the community was so condemned and contaminated that it had to be dismantled.

“You keep putting farm after farm in Lucasville. It’s a small community, and we are going to be contaminated and we won’t be able to live here. It’s just a matter of time.

“That is how systemic racism works.”

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A list of Canadian stereotypes (that I know of) by province:
  • British Columbia:Every one has a mountain man beard and are the gods of fishing. Children learn to wrestle bears and run for NDP candidacy at a young age. Actual communists. Movie stars and starving artists. The Canadian California.
  • Alberta:Oil, guns, money, racism. Stephen Harper is from here. Country music. Cowboy hats. World's second biggest indoor amusement park isn't actually that fun. Secretly owned by America probably.
  • Saskatchewan:Say the same 10 times fast. Flat.
  • Manitoba:Polar bears in Churchill. Lakes are basically a Rorschach test. Would choose Louis Riel in a fighting game. Everything important about Manitoba has to do with Louis Riel. Probably doesn't actually exist.
  • Ontario:Also called Downtown Toronto. Niagara Falls and the seat of government. Stage theatre everywhere. Canada's Wonderland exists and is actually pretty fun. Every Canadian movie or TV show takes place here. Thinks it's the Canadian New York. It isn't.
  • Québec:Bah ouai. L'alcoolisme. Most of Montréal actually speaks English. La partie Québecois is an accurate depiction of the province of a whole according to the TV. It probably isn't, but don't tell the rest of Canada that. The butt of most jokes.
  • Nova Scotia:Smol. Lots of lighthouses. Sidney Crosby is from here! Kind of a footnote as far as provinces go but it's purdy. Shaped like a fish. Acadians.
  • New Brunswick:The only actually bilingual province in Canada wtf. Bay of FUN-dy. More Acadians. Surprisingly gorgeous in places. A lot of cities for such a tiny place, but they're all in the southeast corner.
  • Newfoundland:big dogs, kiss the cod, usually drunk, used to be the gods of fishing. I's the bye that bilds tha boat and I's the bye that sails 'er.
  • Prince Edward Island:Smolest. Land of a thousand green gables. Red dirt and a lot of potatoes. There's a bridge so you can drive there if you want to. Actual theme park.
  • Yukon:GOLD!
  • Northwest Territories:Big and chilly. What America thinks most of Canada is like. Always snows. Multiple islands.
  • Nunavut:Fights with Denmark over Hans Island. The baby territory. Gotta fly supplies in. Worse economy than Weimar Germany. Free them.