Please Help a Kitty in Need

I don’t have many followers but I’m hoping some of you will pay attention and reblog this.

My boyfriend lost his cat about a year ago. Today he got a call that she had been found, but she was near an explosion that happened near NS Power and now her front legs are severely damaged. He has started an Indiegogo account and is looking for help with paying for the surgery, medication and food. 

On top of that, we have had a very severe winter in Halifax so Mel has really been through a lot in this past year. 

I’m hoping someone can reblog this and/or donate to help my boyfriend and his cat. Please help me get this out there so he can help his kitty get better and live a long life!

Here’s the link for any of you who wish to donate:


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If the The Book of Negroes does nothing else, at least it introduces a huge part of the world to arguably the most forgotten black community in North American history - those Loyalists (and later people from the Caribbean) who chose to make Nova Scotia their home. Canadian history is still an untold series of stories owing to our physical and human geography.

Bottom photo:  Confessions of an Invisible Sister, Rebecca Fisk (b. Canada), Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Collection, Mixed media on canvas, 2001 (Photo courtesy of Pier 21).

So the press conference in Halifax there just confirmed the two individuals in detention Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath and Randall Steven Shepherd. And obviously James Gamble is the deceased co-conspirator. So good call this time round on the tipper, but for future reference when tumblr users are throwing round mock up graphics with their urls threatening mass murder, don’t assume it’s a joke and make sure to tell somebody. You could save lives, like in this case.

I have a lot of problems with the Stephen Harper government but this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me

I think that we live in an area where one in three kids is living in poverty, where we’re all facing the threat of global warming, where unemployment is endemic and we have a prime minister telling us the greatest threat we face is jihadhist terrorism and that we should solve it by giving up our civil rights.

“I think it’s nonsense.
—  John MacKinnon & Mary Campbell - Cape Bretoners concerned over proposed legislation