The Day Book, Chicago, April 15, 1912

..the great White Star liner Titanic slowly is crawling toward this harbor.

They make thank a calm sea and the wireless that they are alive today.

The White Star office in New York issued an official statement that it would be impossible for the Titanic to sink, no matter how badly she might have been injured. 

Noooot quite… (it took until April 18th, the day the Carpathia - with the 705 survivors - docked in New York, before the full extent of loss of life was reported).


Happy Superb Owl Day! by Peter Brannon
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It’s National Aboriginal Day

…and did you know?

The largest Indigenous population in Mi’kma’ki (mee-gah-mah-gee: Atlantic Canada) is a group called the Mi’kmaq (meeg-mah). Up until recently, many people couldn’t (and didn’t try) to pronounce the words properly. These people commonly called the Mi’kmaq “Micmacs” or “Indians.” 

In an effort to be more respectful and human, many people are now attempting to use proper language and spelling. But the Mi’kmaw language is tricky and unless you know the basic grammar rules, you could end up with egg on your face.

So! In light of #NationalAboriginalDay, here’s a crash course:

Mi’kmaq is spelled with a “q” when using the word as a plural noun (”many Mi’kmaq live in Cape Breton”) or referring to the group as a whole (”the Mi’kmaq of Atlantic Canada”).

Mi’kmaw is spelled with a “w” when using the word as an adjective (”this is Mi’kmaw land,” “she is a Mi’kmaw woman”) or as the name of the language (”he/she speaks Mi’kmaw”).


colourful halifax houses on a dreary day by Angie Raftus McLellan
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williams street - halifax n.s.