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NOVA Next: Going Vegan Isn’t the Most Sustainable Option for Humanity

The vegan diet uses no perennial cropland, making it a less effective use of land than you might suspect.

Researchers found that the carrying capacity—the size of the population that can be supported indefinitely by the resources of an ecosystem—of the vegan diet is actually less substantial than two of the vegetarian diets and two out of the four omnivorous diets they studied.

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anonymous asked:

Hey Nova. Next time you see your uncle Steven; tell him, "If every porkchop were perfect..."

Nova; then we wouldn’t have hotdogs. haha he loves to tell me that 

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@Nova Have you ever called you and Connor hanging out a "date", to yourself?



*nova is sitting next to Connor on the couch, watching a movie*

Nova (thinking to herself) is this a date? I mean we’re not dating but it’s like a date but it’s not a date because we’re you know best friends. but is it? i mean do friends going out count as a date? but that’s not how works. or is it? i don’t what the hell a date is? Is this a date?! WHY THE HELL DO I CARE?!

*end flasback*

Nova; psst, of course not……though you hypothetically……if two friends, you know, hang out by themselves. you know what, never mind. 

“I miss you sooooo much, it’s not even funny.” Nova poked her bottom lip out in a fake pout at her cousin, Marisol, on FaceTime. Marisol was like another sister to Nova, first cousins, next door neighbors, they even went to the same school up until college. Nova went to Riviera and Marisol decided she wasn’t made for the college life. “Bendito, I miss you too, prima. Spring Break’s coming up soon so we can definitely hang out then.” Rolling her eyes, Marisol sighed deeply.

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Anthony nodded a bit at that. “That’s something you take on all by yourself?” he asked as he walked in. He crossed his arms, leaning against some shelves. “Pretty big responsibility, sweetheart. Though that’s admirable that you do that.”

Romeo shifted forms, trotting into the closet in his dog form. He moved next to Nova, sitting beside her. He looked at her, nuzzling her a bit in an attempt to he comforting.