nova blast

Nova Blasts


Absorbs all heat within the area and unleashes a massive fireball that incinerates everything within that area of effect.


Absorbs all moisture within the area and unleashes a Noah’s Ark-style flood that decimates everything within that area of effect.


Absorbs all air within the area, creating a vacuum, and unleashes destructive cyclone that destroys everything within that area of effect.


Dust revolves around the Toa, who absorbs some of the flying pebbles, and unleashes a bunch of spikey stone pillars to jut out away from the Toa, impaling everything within the area of effect.


The ground rumbles before a massive earthquake is unleashed, the epicenter being the Toa.


A cold wind blows in the direction of the Toa before he unleashes a cold snap, freezing everything within the area of effect.


All carbon dioxide is absorbed and a forest/jungle is suddenly created in a matter of seconds, causing anybody caught within the area of effect to be trapped within trees or impaled on branches.


An electrified gas surrounds the Toa before he transforms into a humanoid sun, burning/melting everything within the area of effect.


Things within the area float freely before the Toa is transformed into a humanoid black hole, sucking everything within the area of effect into him and destroying them.


All metal within the area is absorbed and unleashed in an explosion that turns everything within the area of effect into molten metal.


Unleashing an electromagnetic pulse that critically interferes with an MU inhabitant’s cybernetics and causing magnetic phenomena like levitation and random adhesion/repelling between objects.


Absorbs all electricity within the area and unleashes a huge lightning storm that destroys the area of effect.


All sounds become muted as they are absorbed by the Toa and unleashed in a deafening and large scale break in the sound barrier that renders everyone within the area of effect deaf or leaves their blood vessels popped.


All memory, emotions, and thoughts are absorbed by the Toa and unleashed in the form of mass seizures, amnesia, brain damage, or migraines.


Everything dims before a bright flash erupts, blinding everyone within the area of effect.


Everything becomes shrouded in darkness and stays that way, causing the area of effect to remain in eternal night.

I’m playing a biotic (I played an infiltrator pretty much exclusively in the 1-3) and I have this stupid tendency to launch myself in the middle of fights, but every single time I launch myself in the air then use nova to blast the enemies around me, Vetra goes “I love this squad!”

She only says this when I use nova and she says it every time I use nova, so I gotta keep surrounding myself with enemies and blowing them up to make my bird gf happy

im playing a digimon dnd & i am obviously my fave terriermon !!

here r some doodles ive been drawing through the game of our experiences :>

Even though Greg doesn’t like the Shadow Toa Mata clones, I like the idea of the evil doppelgängers following around the Toa Nuva wherever they go.

When Tahu activates the Mask of Time to stop the Bohrok-Kal, his shadow clone is there, tempting him to tap into his anger, to destroy them, to destroy all of time. When Gali destroys Karzahni with her Nova Blast, her shadow clone is there, telling her that she possesses this power all the time. She is capable of destroying her enemies like that all the time, about the lives she could take. When Onua blasts Bitil’s temporal army with mud, his shadow clone is there, telling him that he could easily bury Bitil deep beneath the earth, killing him.

The Toa don’t like to talk about it, but when they do, they decide to use it as a reminder, to always keep their powers in check, lest they give into dark temptations and disobey the toa code.


did some birthday gifts for @kirbyscribbles and @banami-luv a short while ago.

their designs for them are absolute cutie patoots i love them  ❤❤❤❤

Fell for you

prompt: spideynovaweek 1.1 - cuddly

notes: yES YES FINALLY THIS WEEK HAS BEGUN NOW I CAN POST STUFF YES // on a much calmer note i..have no idea how this oneshot even relates to the theme “cuddly” like wtf was i even thinking this whole thing is just peter worrying over sam ?? but w/e man here it is

“Ugh – Sam! Stop hogging the blanket!”

Peter grabbed a fistful of the plaid-patterned bed sheet and tugged it towards him, making a snoring and very sleepy Sam roll towards the other end of the bed. He rolled dangerously close to the edge, which made Peter take in a breath before he shot a bit of webbing and caught the smaller, sleeping boy before he could fall off the edge and onto the floor. With his other hand, Peter pulled in the webbing so that Sam would come closer to him - he was still snoozing, by the way - and when he was close enough, he brought him in and wrapped his arms around him, cherishing the warmth that Sam emitted.

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Não… Eu não vou dar informações nenhumas sobre o estado do meu avô e agradeceria que parassem de telefonar. Se houver alguma informação nova irão saber pela Blast. –falou logo desligando o celular, evidentemente frustrado e irritado– Desculpa, o que me estava dizendo?