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I can just imagine Diana wondering about the fate of Andrew left to his own devices in an “antiquated” magical school of a supposedly bygone era, a guy who has no interest, no idea about its importance, wandering school grounds likely to get in danger and all that with no one to help him.  She then remembers his disappearance/death would be just as troublesome and resumes searching with Andrew.  Keeping up with appearances XD

And the whole Hanbridge visit.  They were so disinterested, and I was glad Diana didn’t do emotional labor to try changing their minds.  We were given a look into Professor Ursula’s past! And Akko seems to be changing gears in aspiring to be like Shiny Chariot.  We got a peek of Sucy’s deep love of mushrooms, the teacher with the birb (like “magical creature” birb or “pirate” birb?), dancing with fire (blue fire is the hottest kind), the Luna Nova band, and the security (that extended to a place that was like a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but for like witches, rip place).  We learned much more about our characters who’re connected to Shiny Chariot.

Andrew’s attitude towards magic is relevant today where arts are concerned.  Personally he reminds me of my dad and many more people who think classical music, opera included, are obsolete, something stuffy elitist people listen to.  We’re hilariously underfunded and understaffed and often overlooked.  The arts  are their own magic that everyone benefits from, and if Akko and Diana’s interpretation on magic are self-commentary for why Studio Trigger does what they do and what their critics see, then I think this episode was fair representation of restoring influence and appreciation for magic/the arts.

Extra information regarding the limited deluxe edition of 9th story CD.


Story CD (11 tracks)

Omake maxi single “Marvelous Microcosm(tentative)”:

M1. In other words…ultra dark gravity that does not let even light escape [Symphonic Band Style: Short ver]
M2. In other words…super nova tunnel [Rock Band Style : Long ver]
M3. In other words….ultra crimson flames that devour asteroids [Metal Band Style: Medium ver.]

Music video of a story CD track, “Lead Song”
Digest video from the 10th anniversary fan club live (includes 4 songs)

Special goods:
Replica of “Sunglass shaped data-driven device”
*The functionality of the device cannot be replicated with current technology standards, so this will be a simple physical replica. Please understand.