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COLOGNE, MAR 24, 2017


bringbackrichardrider  asked:

Jordan, are the Nova Corps reappearance in upcoming GOTG related/ gong to be explained with what is unfolding in Loveness/Perez Nova book, or is this something unrelated? I just can't see the Corps ever hating humans when Richard Rider has rebooted them umpteen times and saved the day for outer space a zillion others in Giffen/DnA's run.

It’s because A LOT of the problems of the Galaxy come FROM Earth. Earth is a dangerous place, and causes a lot of trouble.

In addition, this Nova Corps is not necessarily the same Novas that used to be in the old Nova Corps getting the band back together. So these people don’t necessarily know Rich, they just know the reputation of the Earth…which is that their people are connected with a lot of planets getting blown up.

So, it is DEFINITELY going to affect Rich and Sam, and we will see when and how.

If You Say So || Adexy

Adrenaline. Pure adrenaline licked at every crevice of his veins and for the thousandth time – or maybe millionth, he had lost count – Adam laughed silently to himself as the metaphor of being on fire was set deep in his mind. He did feel on fire, and electrified, and buzzed or whatever other sensation that he could put into comparison at what he was feeling. Each gig did that to him, because every time they performed, it was unlike the performance prior and different than any show they’d put on after. This gig in particular, was the first one that they would gain commission from. Now that was a milestone.

Though he wasn’t legally allowed to drink, Logan passed around one of the water bottles he always kept on stage – and had a stash of in his travel bag, which he always kept with him, too – and instant vodka shots were thrown back from plastic to mouth. The show had been a success, Adam knew that everyone in the band – Nova, Logan, and Michael – all deserved to get plastered, including himself. They were backstage, or the VIP Lounge as some had dubbed it, and the blonde was showing his teeth in the most vibrant of smiles as both fans and friends that had come to support them filed in and out.

Earlier that week, his friend Kim had informed him that she would be bringing one of her other friends to check them out. Deeming her to have terrible music taste and in great necessity of a real eye opener. Adam had snorted at the comment, shoving the girl and sticking up for the friend, that is, until he heard one of the bands she liked then he couldn’t help but jeer along with her. Neither Kim nor her supposed friend, or friends, entered his mind until Adam heard the familiar voice call out for him behind the roped off entrance. “Kimmay,” he shouted in a deep, but playful, call before pushing past others and walking over.

Extra information regarding the limited deluxe edition of 9th story CD.


Story CD (11 tracks)

Omake maxi single “Marvelous Microcosm(tentative)”:

M1. In other words…ultra dark gravity that does not let even light escape [Symphonic Band Style: Short ver]
M2. In other words…super nova tunnel [Rock Band Style : Long ver]
M3. In other words….ultra crimson flames that devour asteroids [Metal Band Style: Medium ver.]

Music video of a story CD track, “Lead Song”
Digest video from the 10th anniversary fan club live (includes 4 songs)

Special goods:
Replica of “Sunglass shaped data-driven device”
*The functionality of the device cannot be replicated with current technology standards, so this will be a simple physical replica. Please understand.