Champions #9 - By Mark Waid, Humberto Ramos

It had a rough start, but I’ve grown to like this series more and more.

This, though, this sealed the deal.

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Also, Red Locust is a great new hero to have around. And another one for my list.

Here is a model sheet pose of Nova from Threadworlds. Volume one is going well, it’s just going sloooooooooooowly… When I run into friends and colleagues they often ask, “Are you still working on your graphic novel?” And I reply, “Yes. And considering this is just the first of five volumes, that same answer will apply for a very, very, very long time.”

GK Persei

GK Persei (also Nova Persei 1901) was a bright nova occurring in 1901. It reached a maximum magnitude of 0.2, the brightest nova of modern times until Nova Aquilae 1918. After fading into obscurity at about magnitude 12 to 13 during the early 20th century, GK Persei began displaying infrequent outbursts of 2 to 3 magnitudes (about 7 to 15 times quiescent brightness). Since about 1980, these outbursts have become quite regular, typically lasting about two months and occurring about every three years.

Image credit: NASA / Chandra x-ray Observatory