Imum Coeli  - The Fourth House

One of my favourite things to look at while reading a chart is the 4th House because I find it so fascinating in how much it reveals about the family situation and learned habits of a person.

The Fourth House otherwise known as the Imum Coeli, represents the home, family and early development. It can tell us a lot about the themes present in a person early life.

While the sign on the house cusp will tell us about the nature of the home, the planets (or lack thereof) will show what energies fed the power of that house.


Aries in the 4th House: A youthful exuberance was present in the early years of childhood and the person kept themselves quite active and busy. They took on responsibility but shook it off just as quick whenever they wanted. They may have spent most of their time outside playing rather than staying inside. In some cases, Aries on the 4th House cusp denotes an aggressive or violent theme in the home.

Taurus in the 4th House: Security and a firm sense of home was an important value kept as a child and ‘home’ often feels like presents and gifts to and from loved ones. This person may have enjoyed making things to make family members happy. 

Gemini in the 4th House: It is common for those with Gemini on the 4th House cusp to have moved around a lot and not have stayed anywhere very long. Reading and intellect were important in the upbringing of this child and are commonly considered to be comforting. It’s also very common for the child to not have formed many real bonds with family.

Cancer in the 4th House: Cancer is the corresponding sign and so is most at home. This child felt protected and nurtured. Family was a shared priority and roots and tradition are quite important. Children were taught a lot about the importance of home but may not have been taught to be ambitious with their career.

Leo in the 4th House: This persons home gave life to creativity and fun. Attention was important in this child’s life and it is likely they were the center of this. A downside to this could be that their parents were too much play and no work. Children may have been spoiled or “fed with a silver spoon”.

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