Moon In The Houses

Moon In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: caring, sociable, expressive
  • Negative Traits: intense mood swings, defensive, sometimes illogical
  • Celebrities: Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin, Madonna, George Harrison

Moon In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: appreciative of art & nature, mature, financially stable
  • Negative Traits: clingy, remorseful when you spend money on aesthetically-pleasing objects instead of functional things, insecure
  • Celebrities: Beyoncé, Julia Roberts, Pharrell Williams, Ryan Reynolds

Moon In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: inquisitive, absorb other people’s personalities and mannerisms, encouraging
  • Negative Traits: can’t seem to find a balance between head and heart, unclear sense of your own individuality, unable to focus for a long period of time
  • Celebrities: Eminem, Heath Ledger, Sharon Tate, Winona Ryder

Moon In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: traditional, wise, organized
  • Negative Traits: hung up on the past, reverts to old habits, does not want circumstances to change
  • Celebrities: Marlon Brando, Shakira, Halle Berry, Will Smith

Moon In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: imaginative, original, ardent
  • Negative Traits: restless, critical of others, tendency to overindulge
  • Celebrities: Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, Kristen Stewart, Bob Dylan

Moon In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: charitable, rarely get into arguments, multi-talented
  • Negative Traits: self-pitying, you may find yourself attempting to help people when they did not necessarily need assistance, bossy
  • Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, Jeff Buckley, Shia LaBeouf

Moon In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: amiable, romantic, independent (when developed properly)
  • Negative Traits: you don’t spend enough time adhering to what you actually desire, expectations of others are incredibly high, self-conscious
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Jared Leto, Mariah Carey, Joaquin Phoenix

Moon In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: “all or nothing,” intuitive, seeking enlightenment
  • Negative Traits: too pushy, envious, not particularly cautious
  • Celebrities: Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom

Moon In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: philosophical, rational, adventurous
  • Negative Traits: bored very quickly, unable to stay in one place, you avoid your problems
  • Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Robert De Niro, Sandra Bullock, Andy Warhol

Moon In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: charismatic, structured, perseverant
  • Negative Traits: worrisome, controlling, the busy schedule you create for yourself interferes with socializing
  • Celebrities: Gisele Bündchen, Meryl Streep, Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham

Moon In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: adaptable, objective, forward-thinking
  • Negative Traits: everything is a debate to you, easily frustrated, too hard on yourself
  • Celebrities: George Clooney, John Lennon, Natalie Portman, Oprah Winfrey

Moon In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: eager to listen to other people share their thoughts and emotions, perceptive, empathetic
  • Negative Traits: immature, melodramatic, you may build a low self-esteem
  • Celebrities: Harry Styles, Bob Marley, Charlize Theron, Björk

*spoliers for those who have not watched this episode :(*

Yea.. I had tears well up in my eyes when I watched this whole episode, no joke.. It’s sad to see Lady Oh defend and die for Hae Soo, that part was very emotional 😥 next weeks episode preview got me really shocked/speechless cause I could not believe when I saw what woohee (? I really hoped she didnt do that 😔) did.. 😨 shit is about to get real. And yess, we are oni 9 episodes away to the end of the whole show, it’s gonna end real fast siaa 😭

i behave (sun sign)

my behavior is (house of sun)

i feel (moon sign)

my feelings are (house of moon)

i think (mercury sign)

my thoughts are (house of mercury)

i express grace (venus sign)

my grace is (house of venus)

i act (mars signs)

my actions are (house of mars)

aries: assertively

taurus: indulgently 

gemini: dynamically

cancer: tenderly 

leo: emphatically 

virgo: conscientiously 

libra: passably

scorpio: secretively

sagittarius: righteously

capricorn: professionally 

aquarius: distinctly 

pisces: aimlessly 

1st house: apart of my embodiment 

2nd house: excessive 

3rd house: communicated 

4th house: protective

5th house: theatrical 

6th house: a service 

7th house: apart of my shadow 

8th house: a secret

9th house: perceptive 

10th house: public 

11th house: receptive 

12th house: incognizant

I stay up worrying about
  • Saturn in the 1st house:Everything
  • Saturn in the 2nd house:Money
  • Saturn in the 3rd house:My anxieties
  • Saturn in the 4th house:My stability
  • Saturn in the 5th house:My worth
  • Saturn in the 6th house:Work and responsibilities
  • Saturn in the 7th house:Being alone forever
  • Saturn in the 8th house:Being violated
  • Saturn in the 9th house:If I'm good enough to exist
  • Saturn in the 10th house:The things I haven't accomplished
  • Saturn in the 11th house:War, poverty, corruption, and people
  • Saturn in the 12th house:My sanity
what we admire
  • saturn in 1st:people who are upfront with who they are, the absolute power in being oneself, good first impressions.
  • saturn in 2nd:those who are open with their sensuality, the capacity to stand by ones values, affluent beings.
  • saturn in 3rd:the flexibility to adapt, experts at daily interaction, students to the world that are more than willing to learn.
  • saturn in 4th:individuals willing to revolve around family, those able to tap into their emotions on whim, the maternal touch.
  • saturn in 5th:entertainment, people who are able to go full force in what they're passionate about, those who never leave a stone unturned.
  • saturn in 6th:the worker bees of the world, those who push through their struggles in order to improve themselves, the servicing of others.
  • saturn in 7th:one-on-one relationships/commitment, those who embrace their 'flaws'/shadow side, selfless people.
  • saturn in 8th:liberation in the taboo, true intimacy with another, the courage to transform.
  • saturn in 9th:people with an atlas to attend to, colleges filled with professors raising the bar, definite beliefs.
  • saturn in 10th:those with ambitious bones, relentless in their quest to reach their goals, having the gall to take responsibility for one's actions.
  • saturn in 11th:the collective, philanthropists, the dreamers of the world, the thought of making a change.
  • saturn in 12th:the baring of one's soul, the accumulation of life experience, everything.