let's play 'fun with timelines' yet again!

In 2012: 

Louis was sick from Nov 6th - Nov 10th. Harry was then sick Nov 8th - Nov 11th.

(Note: I didn’t start the timeline until October 2012 so there may have been other instances.)

In 2013:

Harry was sick May 4th- May 6th. Louis was then sick May 10th - May 17th.

Louis was sick September 28th- October 7th. Harry was then sick October 6th - October 8th.

In 2014:

Harry was sick May 30th - June 7th. Louis was then sick June 7th - June 8th.

Harry and Louis are both sick as of today, September 11th.

Are we noticing a pattern yet?

Proposal for Undertale Shipping Month  November 2k16

Nov. 1st. Alphyne

Nov. 2nd: Alphyne

Nov. 3rd: Alphyne

Nov. 4th: Alphyne

Nov. 5th: Mettaton x body pillow of himself

Nov. 6th: Alphyne

Nov. 7th: Alphyne can’t have 5 minutes alone without Papyton bugging them

Nov. 8th: Alphyne

Nov. 9th: Alphyne

Nov. 10th: Undyne x Charasmaticdreemurr  

Nov. 11th: Alphyne

Nov. 12th: Alphyne looks at your internet history 

Nov. 13th: Alphyne

Nov. 14th: Charisk fights the cistem

Nov. 15th: Alphyne

Nov. 16th: Alphyne

Nov. 17th: Alphyne destroys #Undertail

Nov. 18th: Alphyne

Nov. 19th: Alphyne

Nov. 20th: Platonic Soriel  

Nov. 21st: Alphyne

Nov. 22nd: Alphyne cosplays as your favorite yuris

Nov. 23rd: Alphyne

Nov. 24th: Onionsan x Jerry 

Nov. 25th: Alphyne

Nov. 26th: Alphyne hardcore anime cosplay and rp

Nov. 27th: Alphyne x 2  

Nov. 28th: Alphyne + 100

Nov. 29th: Alphyne

Nov. 30th: Alphyne x Alphyne 

Seriously.. I’M CRYING 

External image

External image

oh, and I forgot something.. Dear Kishimoto stop WASTING chapters doing DARN FLASHBACKS..

External image
External image


I could watch this forever! Next Thursday can’t come soon enough. 😱🔥🔥🔥

10x08 The Brain Bowl Incubation airs Nov. 10th at 8pm on CBS.

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Nov 10th - Confessions

It’s Kisumako week!! Aka the ship I melt over but somehow never got to draw them. Shame on me.

I enjoy a headcanon that for all of Kisumi’s flirting and clinging he’s not actually the one to make a real move on Makoto. I imagine at some point he’d believe he’d never had a chance with adorable Makoto who is just too oblivious for his own good. But Makoto is in fact deeply infatuated and pining and… too oblivious for his own good so he takes all of Kisumis gymnastics to get his attention as purely Friendly gestures and continues his quiet suffering. That is, until he finally breaks.


Okay so we all basically figured out that the Between Us perfume photoshoot was shot in November because Harry didn’t have his Mermaid tattoo.

But wait…

The very first time that we saw (got a good picture of) Harry’s mermaid tattoo was on the Today’s Show for promoting FOUR.

That was November 17th.

(I believe a few fans spotted his tattoo in person and through blurry pics around Nov. 10th)

So if the boys did a photoshoot without Zayn BEFORE November 17th…

Do you guys remember what also happened on November 17th?

Oh right, Zayn didn’t feel like getting on the plane to America for the Today’s Show to promote the new album FOUR.

Ot4 did a photoshoot WITHOUT Zayn before promo for FOUR even started. And when promo did start for FOUR, Zayn didn’t show up.
Even the boys were speechless and couldn’t even explain themselves in front of world television on the absence of Zayn… Because they knew he was already leaving. He was done.
But they couldn’t say anything.

Fuck “normal 22 year old”
Fuck “going solo”

Shit went down between the boys and Zayn.

Zayn letting his Bus 1 tattoo fade and the zouis tweets prove this.
The boys admitting that there was stuff going on between them on The Late Late show with James…

This has all been happening for probably almost a year now, right in front of our eyes.

Let’s not forget, Zayn never wanted to get out of his bed to audition for the xfactor… Meaning he never truly felt right in his heart.

Meaning he fucked the boys and his fans over.

30 Day OTGW Challenge!

Do you love OTGW?? Interested in celebrating the anniversary of the show?? Love 30 Day Challenges??? 

If you answered yes to any of these, you should consider participating in the 30 Day OTGW Challenge! 

The challenge will be taking place November 1st through November 30th! 

The challenge, designed by me, was created to mark the one year anniversary of the show, and to help make the fandom more active! I think it would be a great idea for everyone to show their love for the show and to just have a bunch of fun with it! 

The rules are simple: each day is a different prompt/challenge, and people participating can respond to that in any way! This is NOT an art only challenge, any response to the prompt is awesome! (Although any NSFW should be tagged correctly, as this challenge is opened to ANYONE) 

Once the challenge starts, this blog will be reblogging as many submission as I can, and will sort of be an easy place to see the great work everyone has done! 

The tag for each day will be “30 day otgw day 1″ “30 day otgw day 2″, etc. 

You may be asking yourself “what are the prompts for each day?? I have posted them already, but am also including them here: 

Day 1 (Nov. 1): Happy Halloween, OTGW!                                             (celebrating the holiday of otgw!)

Day 2 (Nov. 2nd): Happy Birthday OTGW!                                                 (marking the year anniversary one day early!)

Day 3 (Nov. 3rd): Episodes 1 and 2                                                                   (the old grist mill, hard times at the huskin’ bee)

Day 4 (Nov. 4th): Episodes 3 and 4                                                         (schooltown follies, songs of the dark lantern)

Day 5 (Nov. 5th): Episodes 5 and 6                                                                   (mad love, lullaby in frogland)

Day 6 (Nov. 6th): Episodes 7 and 8                                                                 (the ringing of the bell, babes in the woods) 

Day 7 (Nov. 7th): Episodes 9 and 10                                                              (into the unknown, the unknown)

Day 8 (Nov. 8th): Wirt                                                                             (everyone’s favorite gnome prince!)

Day 9 (Nov. 9th): Greg                                                                                      (it’s a rock fact!)

Day 10 (Nov. 10th): Beatrice                                                                    (bluebird or girl is acceptable!)

Day 11 (Nov. 11th): The Beast                                                                        (this one is gonna be good) 

Day 12 (Nov. 12th): The Woodsman                                                       (edelwood would fall here as well!)

Day 13 (Nov. 13th): Jason Funderbu(e)rker                                                   (the frog or human, or both!)

Day 14 (Nov. 14th): Sara                                                                                   (get creative since we don’t know much about her!)

Day 15 (Nov. 15th): Female Characters                                                        (love for the ladies)

Day 16 (Nov. 16th): Animal Characters                                                       (talking or non-talking) 

Day 17 (Nov. 17th): Happy Birthday, Pat McHale!                                 (marking the birthday of otgw’s creator!)

Day 18 (Nov. 18th): In-Show Ship                                                         (preferably NOT NSFW, but if it is, it must be tagged correctly.)

Day 19 (Nov. 19th): Any Ship                                                                     (following the same rules as above.)

Day 20 (Nov. 20th): Cross-Overs                                                                    (get creative here, these will be fun to see!)

Day 21 (Nov. 21st): Tome of the Unknown                                         (celebrating the original pilot of the show!)

Day 22 (Nov. 22nd): “Steven Falls Over”                                                (the “new superwholock”, but 1000 times better.)

Day 23 (Nov. 23rd): AU’s                                                                                  (BE CREATIVE !!)

Day 24 (Nov. 24th): Fan Theories                                                               (whether they have evidence or not)

Day 25 (Nov. 25th): Wirt and Greg                                                                  (their brother relationship deserves so much love.)

Day 26 (Nov. 26th): Happy Thanksgiving, OTGW!                                       (taking place on Thanksgiving!)

Day 27 (Nov. 27th): Comics                                                                     (referring to ANYTHING related to one of the 5 official otgw comics.)

Day 28 (Nov. 28th): “For Sara”                                                                     (referring to ANYTHING related to Wirt’s tape for Sara, whether it’s the actual tape content or not)

Day 29 (Nov. 29th): Music                                                                        (referring to ANYTHING regarding the music of OTGW! get creative!)

Day 30 (Nov. 30th): Happy Holidays, OTGW!                                                     (a cute way to welcome the holidays and to finish the 30 days!) 

Since the challenge does not start until November 1st, the task until then is to spread the word! Some challenges get thousands of notes, and I would love to see that happen with this as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help spread the word as much as you can, it would mean so much to me and the OTGW fandom. 

ALSO!! To participate, you do not need to complete every single day. Any way you would like to join in is completely fine; all participation is greatly appreciated. 


1) The 30 Day OTGW Challenge is taking place from November 1-30 

2) It is NOT an art only challenge. ANY response is allowed!

3) All 30 prompts are in this post, and can be found on this blog.

4) This blog is the hq of the project, along with my main blog:  @burglethoseturts

5) THIS BLOG will be reblogging as many responses as possible; they must be tagged using the format “30 day otgw day 1″, “30 day otgw day 2″, etc.

6) Participation in all 30 days is NOT required! 

7) The main goal for the next month leading up to the project is to SPREAD THE WORD. I can’t get this all done on my own. If you’re interested, please help this challenge get out there! The more people, the more fun and beneficial to the fandom the project will be. (: 

8) Please contact this blog, or my main ( @burglethoseturts ) with questions/concerns/comments