I Can’t Dance (Carry On Countdown Nov. 24th)

I love doing 5th year fics. Normally I go for angst but today I thought, what stressed me out as a teenager? Hope you enjoy some awkward fifteen year old Snowbaz :) @carryon-countdown


Baz felt a moment of rare peace sitting in his quiet bedroom. For once Snow wasn’t obsessively stalking him around Watford. He wished he were entirely relieved but a part of him felt a tiny burst of annoyance. Of course he needed a break from Snow’s attention but why did Snow need a break from him?
As if the room were listening to his thoughts, Snow burst through the doorway to their room. He looked frustrated and slightly panicky, his expression becoming worse when he saw Baz lounging on the bed.
“Why are you here?” Snow’s question wasn’t tinged with its usual antagonism.
“I live here?”
Snow huffed. “Usually you’re at football practice right now.”
Baz felt his heart stutter. “Stalker.”
Snow rolled his eyes. “It’s just the room is usually empty right now.”
“Usually yes. But today’s practice was cancelled. So here I am.”
Snow bit his lip nervously. “Well I need the room.”
Snow’s cheeks reddened.
“Oh gross you are not messing around with Agatha in here.”
Snow winced. “That’s not…no I meant…”
Baz waited.
“I need to practice…dancing.”
Baz had not expected that answer.
“Um, why?”
“For the winter formal.”
Baz mentally calculated how far the date of the dance was.
“That’s in a month Snow.”
Snow huffed and began plugging in his ancient CD player.
“Yeah I know. I barely have enough time to get the whole thing down.”
“That’s not what I meant. It’s way too far away to be worried about it. Plus…there’s no formal choreography. It’s just a school dance.”
“I. Can’t. Dance.” Snow’s shoulders were tense.
Baz threw his hands up in a sign of surrender.
“Okay, okay! I get it. Just act like I’m not here.”
Baz tried to go back to reading. Normally he could completely immerse himself in his studies. But he couldn’t help but watch Snow struggle through basic leading form. His shoulders sagged and he tripped often over his own feet. He managed to do all of this without even a dance partner to distract him. Snow definitely couldn’t dance.
At one point he tripped over their carpet and nearly crashed into Baz’s desk. Out of instinct Baz rushed forward to help him, not being as careful as he should be of his vampire enhancements. Snow jumped backwards away from Baz’s outstretched hands.
“I’m fine. Stop staring at me like I’m some pathetic loser.”
“Then stop acting like one!” Baz snapped.
They both paused then, not wanting to get too riled up. The Roommate Anathema was always a helpful threat to keep them calm. Snow looked back at Baz with watery eyes.
“I’ll never get this right. I’ve been practicing for weeks already.”
Baz wished he could touch Snow’s face, to try to comfort him.
Snow glared. “Yeah I get it. It doesn’t look like I have.”
Baz sighed in frustration. “Merlin Snow I wasn’t trying to be a prat. I’m just surprised that this is so important to you. You’ve slain dragons and chimeras, why do you need to beat this too?”
Snow clenched his fist. “That’s the point. I’m good at killing things. How can I ever…date Agatha if I can’t even properly dance with her?”
Baz felt himself internally recoil. It somehow always came back to her. But even as he wanted to lash out at Snow he knew it wasn’t fair. Plus, he wanted to help.
“Hasn’t Bunce offered to help you practice?”
“Yeah, but it hasn’t helped. She doesn’t know how to lead. So I’m not learning what I need to do.”
Baz looked away. “I can help.”
He sneered. “I can’t stand the idea of watching you muddle through the steps for the next month. At least this way you can get it done right and then I can have some peace of mind again.”
Snow’s eyes widened. “You’ll really help?”
“Yes. Now start the CD over again.”
Snow scrambled over to the machine and pressed a button. He walked back over and grimaced.
“This is going to be awkward.”
Baz glared. “Only if you make it so. I’m going to start off leading so you can get the idea. Then we can switch roles so you can practice.”
Baz carefully placed a hand on Snow’s waist and lightly gripped his hand with his other. His stomach felt like it might float out of his body. He had never dreamed he would be able to touch Snow like this, much less dance with him.
“Just follow my lead. But pay attention.”
Snow nodded, his face a mask of concentration. After a pause Baz led him into the dance. Baz knew Snow would get the hang of it eventually. Baz was a fantastic dancer and Snow had a kind of steel determination. Still, a part of him hoped it would take the whole month for Snow to master the steps.

Hajime No Ippo Fan Week Dates and Prompts!

Thanks everyone for participating in our Survey! The people have spoken! Here is what was determined! 

Week4Ippo will happen NOVEMBER 19th - 25th!!!

Here are the prompts!

Nov. 19th, Sunday- Ships Ahoy! (Celebrate your fave HNI relationship- Romantic/Platonic or Familiar!)

Nov. 20th, Monday- Favorite Secondary Character!  (Bring into the spotlight your fave that is not Ippo Makunouchi!)

Nov. 21st, Tuesday- Alternative Universe!  (Place HNI Characters in a different universe: Coffee Shops, space, Pacific Rim etc?)

Nov. 22nd, Wednesday- Fight Night! (Rave about your favorite match)

Nov. 23rd, Thursday- Ippo Day! (All about Ippo Makunouchi)

Nov. 24th, Friday- Golden Era Boxers (A day to acknowledge all older boxers: Kamogawa, Date, Nekota etc.)

Nov. 25th, Saturday- Free Day!  (Use your imagination! You can also take one of the leftover prompts below!:

  • Favorite Punch ( Celebrate the Dempsey roll! Ippo’s monstrous Straight, Miyata’s Counter! Whichever punch gets you going!), 
  • Where the Ladies at! (HNI Celebrates the lovely ladies on HNI)
  • You should read Hajime No Ippo because…
  •  My Personal Headcanon: (Your own thoughts on a situation, characters or moment)
  • My Ideal Ending (With 1k Chapters in and the end not still not in sight, what would be your ideal Ending to HNI)
  • Fists of Life (Most Inspirational moment)
  • A day for underrated/forgotten characters * Thank you for this idea!*
  • Best Rivals (A day dedicated to the favourite rival companionships in HNI!) -Thanks for this Idea!*
  • Shounen Sports Power  (A bullshit moment in boxing that you enjoy anyways.)
  • You should read Hajime No Ippo because… 

What can I make for Week4 Ippo? 

You can make anything you want! Here are a few Examples!

Fanart, fanfiction, AMVs, Gif Compilation, Video Uploads, Meta Posts, Character Appreciation posts, HNI gameplay content, cosplay, Panel colorings and much more! We aren’t looking for just Fanart or Fanfiction! If you make it, We wanna see it!

Can I upload NSFW?

Yes, you may but out of courtesy to those who do not enjoy, or can not handle NSFW content, Mods will only reblog NSFW that is under a Read More! This was what was voted on! You can always Upload the non read more on your blog but I won’t Reblog it on this Blog. Thank you for understanding!

If You have any questions, Our ask box is open! We are also active on our Twitter and Discord! Hit us up on there! 

Looking forward to all your creations! 

Proposal for Undertale Shipping Month  November 2k16

Nov. 1st. Alphyne

Nov. 2nd: Alphyne

Nov. 3rd: Alphyne

Nov. 4th: Alphyne

Nov. 5th: Mettaton x body pillow of himself

Nov. 6th: Alphyne

Nov. 7th: Alphyne can’t have 5 minutes alone without Papyton bugging them

Nov. 8th: Alphyne

Nov. 9th: Alphyne

Nov. 10th: Undyne x Charasmaticdreemurr  

Nov. 11th: Alphyne

Nov. 12th: Alphyne looks at your internet history 

Nov. 13th: Alphyne

Nov. 14th: Charisk fights the cistem

Nov. 15th: Alphyne

Nov. 16th: Alphyne

Nov. 17th: Alphyne destroys #Undertail

Nov. 18th: Alphyne

Nov. 19th: Alphyne

Nov. 20th: Platonic Soriel  

Nov. 21st: Alphyne

Nov. 22nd: Alphyne cosplays as your favorite yuris

Nov. 23rd: Alphyne

Nov. 24th: Onionsan x Jerry 

Nov. 25th: Alphyne

Nov. 26th: Alphyne hardcore anime cosplay and rp

Nov. 27th: Alphyne x 2  

Nov. 28th: Alphyne + 100

Nov. 29th: Alphyne

Nov. 30th: Alphyne x Alphyne 

Winter (Warpaint remix)
Winter (Warpaint remix)

Daughter have joined forces with Warpaint to reveal one-off remixes of one another’s work. The first remix is unveiled today (24th Nov) - Warpaint’s reimagining of ‘Winter’.

Daughter’s remix of a to-be-announced Warpaint track will go live at 3pm (UK time), 10am (EST), 7am (PST) on Monday, 1st December.

The remixes will then come together on an ultra-limited edition 12” EP that will be available exclusively as part of Record Store Day 2015.

30 Day OTGW Challenge!

Do you love OTGW?? Interested in celebrating the anniversary of the show?? Love 30 Day Challenges??? 

If you answered yes to any of these, you should consider participating in the 30 Day OTGW Challenge! 

The challenge will be taking place November 1st through November 30th! 

The challenge, designed by me, was created to mark the one year anniversary of the show, and to help make the fandom more active! I think it would be a great idea for everyone to show their love for the show and to just have a bunch of fun with it! 

The rules are simple: each day is a different prompt/challenge, and people participating can respond to that in any way! This is NOT an art only challenge, any response to the prompt is awesome! (Although any NSFW should be tagged correctly, as this challenge is opened to ANYONE) 

Once the challenge starts, this blog will be reblogging as many submission as I can, and will sort of be an easy place to see the great work everyone has done! 

The tag for each day will be “30 day otgw day 1″ “30 day otgw day 2″, etc. 

You may be asking yourself “what are the prompts for each day?? I have posted them already, but am also including them here: 

Day 1 (Nov. 1): Happy Halloween, OTGW!                                             (celebrating the holiday of otgw!)

Day 2 (Nov. 2nd): Happy Birthday OTGW!                                                 (marking the year anniversary one day early!)

Day 3 (Nov. 3rd): Episodes 1 and 2                                                                   (the old grist mill, hard times at the huskin’ bee)

Day 4 (Nov. 4th): Episodes 3 and 4                                                         (schooltown follies, songs of the dark lantern)

Day 5 (Nov. 5th): Episodes 5 and 6                                                                   (mad love, lullaby in frogland)

Day 6 (Nov. 6th): Episodes 7 and 8                                                                 (the ringing of the bell, babes in the woods) 

Day 7 (Nov. 7th): Episodes 9 and 10                                                              (into the unknown, the unknown)

Day 8 (Nov. 8th): Wirt                                                                             (everyone’s favorite gnome prince!)

Day 9 (Nov. 9th): Greg                                                                                      (it’s a rock fact!)

Day 10 (Nov. 10th): Beatrice                                                                    (bluebird or girl is acceptable!)

Day 11 (Nov. 11th): The Beast                                                                        (this one is gonna be good) 

Day 12 (Nov. 12th): The Woodsman                                                       (edelwood would fall here as well!)

Day 13 (Nov. 13th): Jason Funderbu(e)rker                                                   (the frog or human, or both!)

Day 14 (Nov. 14th): Sara                                                                                   (get creative since we don’t know much about her!)

Day 15 (Nov. 15th): Female Characters                                                        (love for the ladies)

Day 16 (Nov. 16th): Animal Characters                                                       (talking or non-talking) 

Day 17 (Nov. 17th): Happy Birthday, Pat McHale!                                 (marking the birthday of otgw’s creator!)

Day 18 (Nov. 18th): In-Show Ship                                                         (preferably NOT NSFW, but if it is, it must be tagged correctly.)

Day 19 (Nov. 19th): Any Ship                                                                     (following the same rules as above.)

Day 20 (Nov. 20th): Cross-Overs                                                                    (get creative here, these will be fun to see!)

Day 21 (Nov. 21st): Tome of the Unknown                                         (celebrating the original pilot of the show!)

Day 22 (Nov. 22nd): “Steven Falls Over”                                                (the “new superwholock”, but 1000 times better.)

Day 23 (Nov. 23rd): AU’s                                                                                  (BE CREATIVE !!)

Day 24 (Nov. 24th): Fan Theories                                                               (whether they have evidence or not)

Day 25 (Nov. 25th): Wirt and Greg                                                                  (their brother relationship deserves so much love.)

Day 26 (Nov. 26th): Happy Thanksgiving, OTGW!                                       (taking place on Thanksgiving!)

Day 27 (Nov. 27th): Comics                                                                     (referring to ANYTHING related to one of the 5 official otgw comics.)

Day 28 (Nov. 28th): “For Sara”                                                                     (referring to ANYTHING related to Wirt’s tape for Sara, whether it’s the actual tape content or not)

Day 29 (Nov. 29th): Music                                                                        (referring to ANYTHING regarding the music of OTGW! get creative!)

Day 30 (Nov. 30th): Happy Holidays, OTGW!                                                     (a cute way to welcome the holidays and to finish the 30 days!) 

Since the challenge does not start until November 1st, the task until then is to spread the word! Some challenges get thousands of notes, and I would love to see that happen with this as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help spread the word as much as you can, it would mean so much to me and the OTGW fandom. 

ALSO!! To participate, you do not need to complete every single day. Any way you would like to join in is completely fine; all participation is greatly appreciated. 


1) The 30 Day OTGW Challenge is taking place from November 1-30 

2) It is NOT an art only challenge. ANY response is allowed!

3) All 30 prompts are in this post, and can be found on this blog.

4) This blog is the hq of the project, along with my main blog:  @burglethoseturts

5) THIS BLOG will be reblogging as many responses as possible; they must be tagged using the format “30 day otgw day 1″, “30 day otgw day 2″, etc.

6) Participation in all 30 days is NOT required! 

7) The main goal for the next month leading up to the project is to SPREAD THE WORD. I can’t get this all done on my own. If you’re interested, please help this challenge get out there! The more people, the more fun and beneficial to the fandom the project will be. (: 

8) Please contact this blog, or my main ( @burglethoseturts ) with questions/concerns/comments 


Get To Know Me

I was tagged by @jikookcynosure and @thejiminsmolder in two different versions so I took some liberties and merged them. Hope you guys don’t mind :3 I also did another GTKM (here). Thanks for wanting to get to know me! :) Much love <3

Nicknames: Moni
Gender: Female
Zodiac/Star sign: Sagittarius
Height: 167-170 cm
Birthday: Nov. 24th
Favorite bands: BTS, twentyonepilots, Paramore…..I like others (kpop & non-kpop) but they’re not my favs
Song stuck in my head: Love by Dean ft. Syd
Last movie watched: ….don’t remember
Last show watched: Shadowhunters
Blog created: April 2017
What do I post: 59.5% Ji|Kook|Min 40% BTS 0.5% Random shit
Last thing I googled: Wouldn’t you like to know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Do you have other blogs: No
Do you get asks: Occasionally….btw if anyone sent me an ask and I didn’t ever respond, Tumblr ate it.
Why did you choose your url: I am simple and complicated at the same time which is a paradox. My bias is a paradox (Mochi Sexy). My ship is complicated (or more like complex). I simply love BTS.
Following: 61
Followers: I will reveal when I do a milestone/appreciation post
Average hours of sleep: The average would not be a good representative because I have weird sleep patterns…They change all the time….
Lucky number: ….don’t have
What am I wearing: Oversized t-shirt
How many blankets I sleep with: one
Dream job: A job that pays me $9,000USD or more per month and allows me copious amounts of vacation time…..
Dream trip: I have a list but for simplicity sake I would say a World Tour
Favorite food: I like almost every cuisine…..

Favorite fruits: Raspberry, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Grape, Sapodilla, Soursop,
Favorite season: Autumn/Fall >Winter >Spring >Summer
Favorite books: …..A damn good book
Favorite animals: (I like all animals but these are my fav) Wolf, Dog, Fennec Fox, Hedgehog, Hamster, Tiger
Favorite beverage: Strawberry Daiquiri (Non-alcoholic), Angostura LLB, Ginger Ale, Passion fruit juice with Sprite/7up
Favorite scent: Rain, CLEAN FRESH AIR (I’m sensitive to scents but I like certain smokey scents too…), Vanilla, Old Books, Tree Bark/Woodsy Scent, Sea/Beach
Favorite fictional characters: Too many to name….

BTS Would You Rather:

build a snowman with V ⚫OR have a snowball fight with J-hope
▪ get coffee with Suga OR get ice cream with Suga
(no caffeine for me lol)
go to the cinema with JiminOR the amusement park with Jungkook
do a dance cover with J-hope ⚫OR sing a duet with Jin  (let it be known that I can’t dance; I flail. But it doesn’t stop me from trying lol)
kiss Rap Monster ⚫ OR cuddle Suga (on the FOREHEAD)
▪ babysit with Jimin OR dogsit with V ⚫
meet J-hope’s family⚫ OR have V meet your family
▪ film a commercial with J-hope OR film a sketch with V
hug Jimin ⚫OR hold hands with Jungkook
go to Paris with Jin⚫ OR to London with Suga
▪ film a drama with Jin OR do a photo shoot with Rap Monster⚫
attend an award show with Rap Monster ⚫OR wear couple t-shirts at the airport with Jungkook
spend a lazy day with Suga OR explore a city with J-hope⚫
fall asleep next to Jimin⚫ OR wake up next to Jungkook
have a fun picnic with J-hope ⚫OR a fancy date with Jin
▪ have Jungkook serenade you OR have V sing you to sleep⚫
have a dance party with J-hope OR sing karaoke with Suga⚫ (SOPE!!)
▪go camping with Jimin and V OR go to the beach with Rap Monster and Suga⚫
have a sleepover with the hyung line ⚫OR a birthday party with the
maknae line
▪celebrate Halloween with Jungkook, Suga, V and J-hope OR Christmas with Rap Monster, Jimin and Jin⚫

I tag…whoever wants to do this and wants me to get to know them better :D The original formats are (here) and (here).

New episode titles and summaries

Translation by Adamant.

Nov 17th: SM1 - Alola! New Islands, New Pokémon!! + SM2

Nov 24th: SM3 - Nice to Meet You, I am the Rotomdex, Roto! + SM4

Dec 1st: SM5 - Popplio, Do Your Balloonest!

Dec 8th: SM6 - Togedemaru: Prickling and Tingling!


Nov 17th: SM1 - Alola! New Islands, New Pokémon!!

Ash and Pikachu have gone on a trip to the Alola region, which is overflowing with abundant nature! After having encountered Pokémon that have their own Alola forms, the excited Ash then hears there is a “Pokémon School” there where you can learn about Pokémon, and wants to enroll!

Nov 24th: SM3 - Nice to Meet You, I am the Rotomdex, Roto!

Ash receives a new Pokédex from Professor Kukui. This is a revolutionary Pokédex called the “Rotomdex” which can speak human language. Ash wants to get his first Alola Pokémon right away, and heads out into the forest.

My thoughts on Taguchi’s departure from KAT-TUN

Firstly, some things about me for some context: I became a Hyphen probably around August/September this year. I came to KAT-TUN from Kame’s dramas and he is defiantly my favourite out of the group. Even though I have joined recently I am very (probably creepily) well informed about KAT-TUN as I’ve had a lot of spare time for a while - although that is changing very soon with my new job starting next week.

Secondly I never do text posts and very rarely use my blog to talk about my personal feeling about the group. However I want to organise my mind and I am doing it here. Also I am sure more info will come out about the group. This was written Tuesday 24th Nov from about 3 to 4pm GMT.

Please deal with me for a moment *bows*.

Alright! Here’s what I’m thinking…

Taughi’s reasons

I’m sure he came to this decision after lots of thought and consideration to say the least. I just read that Ueda tried to convince him to stay but said it was impossible. I believe it was confirmed sometime this year that he has had a secret girlfriend for around 8 years and lives with her and her mother in Tokyo. It would be wrong for me to say this is the reason why he left but I’m sure he has things in wants to accomplish in life that being an jpop idol aged 30+ do not let you do.

He was not kicked out, he is not part of some shot gun marriage, he chose to leave as staying would not be the correct decision. I think it is no small deal that he is being allowed to not renew his contract and tell the fans months before he leaves. This means that him and KAT-TUN and JE (or J&A or Johnny’s or whatever you want to call them) are on good terms and there is no bad blood between them.

I think maybe now we might know why Taguchi cried at the end of Quarter. In the commentary they asked him why and he said he was very grateful for the fans to have supported them.

3 person KAT-TUN

I honestly find it hard to imagine. 4nin for me had a near perfect dynamic. I had a post planned for ages but put it off because it was loads of work. Basically, it was I was me analysing the dynamics. I loved the ‘accidentally-pleasing’ things about 4nin. How in ‘KAT-TUN’ order they went from youngest to oldest, and then short, tall, short, tall, and also S, M, S, M, and lastly how they go 2 lettters of KAT-TUN, 1 letter, 2 letters, 1 letter.

As a Kame fan I loved how you could ship him with any member and there was evidence (because he is a massive flirt)! I loved that they could pair off and have great dynamics as 2 no matter the pair you put them in (I have a draft about that as well).

I’m sure they will be able to make 3nin work. I can’t help but think that it’s will look something like Nakamaru with two children giggling and fighting and calling him ojii-chan than most groups look. Thinking about that it sound quite funny J

I wasn’t around to see the hole Jin left get patched up or the hole Koki left get patched up. I’m sure at those times too it was hard to imagine KAT-TUN without them but Hyphens pulled through. So that is the main reason why I think KAT-TUN will work as 3nin.

What I really am dreading is JE abandoning them as a lost cause. Kame is a good money spinner for them with his drama’s and movies and Nakamaru is popular on Shuichi. I’m not sure about Ueda – he’s not the most talkative or suited to variety shows but he is a semi regular on one sports show. If JE choose to they could half their promotional budget and KAT-TUN could loose popularity and eventually disband. That I think is worst case scenario. But like I said, as individuals they have their own ways of getting JE money and KAT-TUN are yet to release a single that doesn’t reach number 1 so I don’t think (or want to think) that it’s all that likely.

KAT-TUN until the Spring 2016

So as we know Kame has a new drama coming out January 2016. It’s not announced yet but it’s a given that KAT-TUN will do the theme for it right? As this is before Taguchi will be leaving we can expect that this will be Taguchi’s last single with the group. This would mean that we still have many 4nin KAT-TUN performances, promotions, and probably a PV to look forward to.

Also their is their TV shows to look forward to! SCP I believe is a monthly program so we’ll get at least 3 more Taguchi episodes of that. Hopefully with a goodbye episode or segment for Taguchi and 3nin saying they will continue hosting it.

Also there is Tame Tabi which I think is weekly. The episode next week was filmed before the announcement so probably (to avoid letting the news leak) Taguchi leaving will not be mentioned. However after that I would not be surprised if Bear/Voice of God will make jibes at the group and hopefully this will help KAT-TUN appear as a group who can take it that one more member is leaving.

The 10 year anniversary

Japanese Spring is from February 5th to May 6th. Because of the language barrier I think it would be wrong to try and guess if Taguchi is leaving as soon spring begins, or half way through, or at the end of spring. 

KAT-TUN’s 10 year anniversary I believe is March 22nd. I think what might happen is the 10 year anniversary will be used as a 3 member KAT-TUN debut.

What I really want to happen is for Taguchi to be in the 10 year anniversary concert and for them to use it as a goodbye to 4nin and hello to 3nin. However even if Taguchi leaves before that I think it will still be ok.

If Taguchi leaves beginning of February they have February and most of March to prepare as 3nin for the anniversary concert. This could be done with a single or another mini album like Kusabi. Also there would be a PV and tons of promotion for them as 3nin and their debut anniversary and debut 3nin concert.


Will I continue supporting KAT-TUN? (the future of this blog)

It’s hard to say right now as not only is Taguchi leaving but my own life is changing as well. However I came to this fandom as a Kame fan and I will most likely stay a KAT-TUN fan because of him. I doubt I will post about Taguchi after he has left as this is a Kame biased/KAT-TUN blog. After a few days of mourning I expect I will be back to posting silly Kame gifs (I’ve got loads ready to go in my drafts) and so on so please stick with me.

I hope KAT-TUN will flourish as 3nin, I hope that 10 year anniversary will be spectacular, and I wish Taguchi the best with whatever his life brings next.

- YesPurpleTea <3

For now here are some Taguchi/4nin gifs I have saved and don’t know how to fit into a post anymore… for a moment I’ll remember the good times and look forward to the limited ones we have left with 4nin KAT-TUN.

Hello everyone! We’re holding an ITASAKU FESTIVAL (or Itasaku week, whatever you want to call it) starting on Sunday, November 23rd. We would like you to contribute in anyway you can, art, fanfics, gifs, manips, videos, etc. Please tag it as #ITASAKUFEST so we can track it easily and reblog it on here.

As expected we do have prompts for the week, listed below. We are however, flexible with the prompts and you don’t have to follow them if you’re not inspired by one or any of them, for that matter. Just specify what you’re changing the prompt to in your caption, if you do decide to change it!

Remember because content might be hard to work with this pairing you can set it in any universe(s) you would like to!

Day One: Meeting [Nov 23rd]

Day Two: Pining [Nov 24th]

Day Three: Mythology [Nov 25th]

Day Four: Alternate Universe (it can be anything, let your creativity flow!) [Nov 26th]

Day Five: Gratitude [Nov 27th]

Day Six: Training [Nov 28th]

Day Seven: Sweets [Nov 29th]

Please, please, please. Reblog this and spread the word! We really would love to see as many submissions as possible. Thank you!!