nov 6 2012

First time voting on Election Day 2012

Last night I had a dream I ruined the ballot e.e thank God it was only a dream!

So yay I voted for the first time today! I’m so glad Obama won a second term! It was so nerve wracking seeing how the votes were neck-to-neck almost the whole time untilt he end. Man did Romney get slautered by Obama winning California and their 55 electoral votes!

..and Florida never came through with delivering their votes. Always having problems with their polls. This state has problems -.-

Anyway I feel accomplished :)

School's off on Tuesday (for me)

Which is actually kind of awful. Because despite hating both candidates, it means I’m literally going to be unable to tear myself away from election coverage. I’ll be asking myself why I’m such a masochist, and I’ll procrastinate on all of my homework.

And despite having total knowledge of how I’m going to spend that day, I’m powerless/too weak willed to do anything about it.

So in other words, this just me senselessly whining.

Edit: and I’ll probably be on Tumblr all day.