nov 28 2011

So, after the controversy last night YNB felt the need to clear up that she is still shipping Caryl romantically, and she included this tweet:

This isn’t the first time she’s made this claim:

So i thought I’d do some research…

The first time YNB mentions the Carol and Daryl love is 18 Feb 2013:

This is AFTER her pivotal appearance on Talking Dead with CM Punk where she said the “Nine Lives” exchange was their way of saying I love you - which may be what she thinks of as her starting the ship.

That Talking Dead appearance was 25 Nov 2012.

However, let’s see if the fandom existed before that…

The Walking Fans tweeted about Caryl on 21 Nov 2012:

The USS Caryl started tweeting on 18 May 2012.

The FIRST mention of Caryl (in this context) on twitter was 28 Nov 2011 :

The first tumblr post using the Caryl tag was on 13 Nov 2011:

And the FIRST Caryl “romantic” fanfic was posted on the same day - 13 Nov 2011 by @thereadersmuse​ :

So, if we’re going to be REAL about it; if we’re going to give SOMEONE credit for starting the Caryl ship, that honour goes to @thereadersmuse​ not YNB.

Daryl becomes very frustrated with people giving up the fight for Sophia. And he doesn’t understand why so quick everyone is going to give up because everyone gave up on him, basically. His initial outburst [in the stable] is one that he was taught, which is to fight and she [Carol] took it, which is such a strong moment. He’s not a talker, he’s not a figure-this-out kind of guy. He’s just like, you don’t understand? Fight. When it hits him what he’s doing [by insulting Carol], and he doesn’t want to be this guy - it just brings their bond closer.
—  Norman Reedus, Inside The Walking Dead: Episode 207, “Pretty Much Dead Already” (28/Nov/2011)

Geisha life : Kyoto, Japan / Japón by Miguel Michán
Via Flickr:
Maiko de la okiya Tama en Gion, Kioto, Japan / Japón ・日本・京都市・祇園 geiko / kimono / people / japanese girl EXPLORE Nov 28, 2011 Pulsa L para ver sobre negro / Hit L to see on black Pulsa F para marcar como favorita / Hit F to fave

Daryl becomes a very stand-up guy in that situation [when Sophia emerges from the barn] because he’s starting to take care of other people. Daryl grabs Carol and holds her down.
—  Norman Reedus, Inside The Walking Dead: Episode 207, “Pretty Much Dead Already” (28/Nov/2011)