When the world falls down around you, and hope is lost,
when you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place…
Look to the distance, know that I am there,
And that I watch over you always.

Mucha has always been one of my fave artists–his style is just so beautiful and captivating, I hope the inspiration shows through in this piece ;u; <333 I plan to have a Noctis version to go with this one in the future <3


Art Nouveau Overwatch Girls (part 1)

by – Mercy, D.Va, Tracer, Widowmaker, and Mei inspired by Alphonse Mucha’s works!

Here’s (part 2)


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“The Archeron Sisters”

This might be one of my new favorite things I’ve ever made! So glad to finally finish it lol.


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All of the tarot and oracle cards I’ve bought so far this year. I’m making this post now as I think my collection is as complete as it’s going to get for the time being. I finally got all of the decks on my wishlist and the only remaining ones I’m interested in haven’t been released yet.

The Wild Unknown | The Linestrider | Tarot Art Nouveau | The Light Grey Tarot | Dixit Revelations | Golden Thread Tarot | Cosmos Tarot & Oracle | Ostara Tarot  | The Enchanted Tarot

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