nouveau danger

Il ressent cette angoisse toute particulière qu’il a éprouvée régulièrement avant chacun de ses changements de vie. Il se sent menacé d’un nouveau danger, du plus grand danger qui puisse exister, d’un danger qu’il a lui-même ardemment désiré.
—  Joseph Roth, La Marche de Radetzky


This game is wrecking me. It’s so beautiful. A glittering, art nouveau Matrix, filled with danger and a strange, eerie wistfulness. 

There’s a dedicated “singing” button, where the character, Red, simply stands in the drifting echo of a spotlight and hums a tune whose words have been taken from her. 

The bigass buster sword she drags around behind her leaves a trail of burning sparks and a circuit-tracery of light through a night-lit city of canals and skyscrapers and fountains and killer robots.

I look forward to sifting through the rest of this very film-noir tale of mystery and corruption and loss and resistance. And chopping up killer robots with my giant frikkin’ daiklaive buster sword, whose smooth, gravelly, heartbreaking voice keeps me moving forward.