noushou sakaretsu girl


Hi hi~!
We’re back with a new release! It’s chapter 2 of Noushou Sakaretsu Girl, also known as Spinal Fluid Explosion Girl, by Rerulili and Omi. If you haven’t heard the Vocaloid hit yet, check it out here!

It’s not NSFW like the last chapter but the story is still kinda dark! Being an idol is really not that great in reality…
Dou demo ii kedo, macaron tabetaaaaaai ~ ♪

Well then, let’s start reading!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Translation: Coleena
Cleaning: Defenestrate
Proofing: Sunny
Typesetting: Sutorumie
Extra: Descent (Yes, he’s also in our team! ★)