Tails of the Infinite Eater, Chances on the Esoterica with Nouroboros (6)

Magick, Magick, Everywhere - the Occult on the Go 

Sigils are great. They can do pretty much anything, even nothing at all. There are, however, techniques other than sigils…so many and so varied you could explore them forever. Some magicians even perform sigil magick exclusively, and for good reason: quick and powerful results. Recently I have been testing out other methods to enhance sigils I had read about, been told about, thought about, etc. Some are old while others are relatively new, modern methods. With anything testing is the real key to determining a success.

 In high school a P.E. teacher of mine said I did not have to run that day because of Ramadan. I have never celebrated it, but I took it as an excuse to take an easy day. Approximately eight years later, I started fasting. There are definitely reasons to do it or not to. If you are hypoglycemic there will be a lot more sleep involved. Typically I will fast until about 7 pm, 5-6 pm if there is a lot of exertion during that day. Water is still allowed, for meat at least, but anything other than that is not in my goals. At the end of the week I would eat meat exclusively as ritual, a technique as old as that of any civilization. I am a Magician first and a vegetarian second. In this state the body becomes more susceptible. As many already know, not eating all day and consuming alcohol will produce heavier results, this is a more debaucherous method, but a good one. 

I would have to say that these chemical reactions would lead to much more powerful dreams, an out of body experience, more vivid dreamachine trances, and an overall state of relaxation. The best results came in Big Sur. After hiking on an empty stomach earlier in the day I had some of the most intensely vivid dreams I have ever had, with full dimensionality and maximum control.  In Conjunction with the trance/fasting state I should mention that I also experimented in devouring sigils in this state of complete clear mindedness from hunger. It produced greater results, and the paper held off my mouth and stomach for a while longer.

On the very recent super moon I, along with another magician, performed a ritual which can be done on any full moon, but the super moon weekend was the obvious choice. What is done is the usual: setting a banishing, invoking energy and setting an incantation to frame intentions. What is relatively unique to this is that prior to the ritual, the user is to pick out two stones that in a sense choose the user or stand out. When this is done, the user takes the stones and rotates them in a vertical elliptical motion with the stones parallel. Eventually there will be a magnetism and the arms will begin a process of separation. When the user feels they are at a complete state of or as near the apex of separation, the act of smashing the stones together with the intention in mind is the action, and then so it is cast. As soon as we finished and burned some sigils, there were two barn owls that began to hoot, and rocks started to fall off the mountainside behind us. I would consider this a good result. Magick is also obviously stronger with more participants.

Mirror Magick is an old and “classic format”. Historically The Sufi had used it, Nostradamus was said to have used a bowl held on a tripod with water and a black bottom. Even Pythagoras was said to have found his secrets through the use of mirror magick. A quick fact: It does not need to be a mirror; any reflective surface will do, even a palm mirror for on the go. Traditionally a silver backed mirror is ideal, but I can’t say I would know.  For starters. the user can stare into a mirror for about an hour or more. Variations will appear, and in general it is a good way to correct bad habits. Supposedly there is the risk of being reversed or trapped within the other side, but I have not experienced that nor do I know anyone who can verify. For the most part I was simply looking for what I believed to be variation. By “Scrying” (the act of mirror reading) the mirror is said to find answers, premonition, etc. I can’t say that I have done this enough to verify. To do this form of magick I have been instructed to imagine the intended vision, pose the desired vision into a sigil (for ease of my practice), fast, and then mentally ask for the vision. It should come along with a variation in the mirror. At the point of variation and mutation one is to look further to find answers. While asking an Uncle about Hassan I Sabbah and the proximity of their house to Alamut, the subject of mirror magick came up. He said that the Sufi would be able to solve a crime by having a large cauldron full of water, a knife and a child. The knife was there to invoke, as it does in many other forms of Magick. The image of the said criminal committing the act would appear in the water, and the child being innocent and pure would verify this. Outside of the western world Magick is still practiced and in many parts has a place in society. He then told me how in more recent years the Iranian government was trying to remove the Sufi as well. This has been done with the druids, Native Americans, Tibetans, Brujas, etc.

            The last of these techniques I have been trying for some time is probably the most traditional and widely practiced of all of the aforementioned. This technique is potentially even practiced by most of the people in all of history. This motion I am referring too is the act of invoking gods, deities, archetypes, etc. These Egregores are typically based off a few archetypes most originating from Sumeria. As Robert Anton Wilson Notes the “Life-Death Rebirth God” is common and held in most cultures, whether it’s Dionysus, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl, or Jesus. One can invoke these archetypes and channel their attributes to daily life. This is done daily by followers of the Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Church of scientology, Buddhism, Thelma,  etc. By channeling them through incantation and consumption or offering in their name, they can be invoked. Favorites have been Morpheus, Phantasos, Venus, Hermes, and Bill Burroughs once by accident that time I tried to channel Brion Gysin. Most of these are archetypes can go by many names, as you will find that Ganesh and Hermes have many the same properties. Crowley believed it was good to experiment and get as good with as many gods as possible, it is also just a good social exercise. Just make sure you choose the right ones that will actually be useful.

            At the end of the day Sigils are the backbone and bulk of my practice. And with all of my recent practices Sigils have only enhanced each method I have explored. These are all methods that are very probable, economic, and performable anywhere. The best part is also that they are all relatively opened ended, which for me is often more appealing than results.