You know how gardening is hard and takes up space?

Yeah, except it’s not.

This is a nourishmat.  It’s a way for you to get started, like, right now, growing your own food, in a way that makes the best use of your space and leverages what we know about best practices in creating and keeping healthy garden environments through soil protection companion planting.

This is how it works: You create a 4x6 ft. bed–raised bed or dug into the ground, doesn’t matter.  Get 6-8 inches of good quality soil in there.

Put your Nourishmat down on top of it.  Set up drip irrigation or get yourself a watering can.  Plant the seeds they give you in the pre-cut holes.  Water it when it needs water. Harvest when food grows.

The mat prevents significant weed growth.  The spacing is set up to be ideal for those plants, so you’re maximizing your use of space.  The plants in your space work together, playing off each other’s strengths and resources to keep everything healthy and productive, without you having to put in fertilizers or pesticides–the plants give each other the nutrients that need to be added back into the soil, they deter pests and attract desirable bugs like pollinators or pest-eaters. 

The mat tells you which direction to lay it so all the plants get the amount of sun they need.  It also tells you what’s growing where so when it’s time to actually harvest it, you can see what you’re doing.  Oh, and it’s four feet wide–so you can always reach into the middle of the bed from either side without ever walking on all that nice dirt.  That’s good because walking on your soil would compact it and make it harder for roots to grow and for worms to turn the dirt.

Currently in beta in the American mid-Atlantic region. SO GROW SOMETHING ALREADY.

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Check out this awesome organization doing their HALF in fighting hunger!

They are called Nourishmat, and they essentially help you “paint by numbers for gardening.” If you have ever wanted to plant your own garden this is such a perfect way to get you started. In your package, a mat is included that is labeled to show you where to place each plant and spaces them out evenly for you. This mat also serves as a way to prevent weeds from growing, and at the bottom of the mat a little info and a few directions are included.

Nourishmat’s vision is to turn consumers into producers and to help create a more sustainable lifestyle. On top of all this goodness, when you purchase a Nourishmat, 4 meals are given to hungry children in the US! They are partnered with Two Degrees Food, an organization that helps provide food to hungry children.

We love those who give back and know how important it is to help others! Do something that matters today, every small step is a step in the right direction.

Make sure you back them out on Kickstarter as well! They have a wide range of packages they are offering, no matter what your space limits.




Nourishmat - Changing the Way We Think About Food - KickStarter

An amazing new way to grow your own vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Designed for people with small spaces and limited time.