nourishing oil

i slathered avocado ( pureed w/ honey & oatmeal & fresh cut aloe vera ) on my face for 15 minutes  because this weather has been FUCKING with my face it has been drier than a coochie post menopause and now it is beautiful and hydrated and soft and i know i should not be touching my face but i Can’t Stop

Some uses of coconut oil ✨✨✨

In case you weren’t aware of how magical it is

- Use as a makeup remover
- Use as a facial moisturizer (use wisely as if you use too much it can clog your pores so be sure to test out what amount is best for your skin type)
- Nourishing oil for your hair: hot oil treatment, hair mask or simply just apply it as a spray or leave in conditioner💆🏽
- Body moisturizer (helps with extremely dry skin, eczema, and fungal infections)
- Natural highlighter (apply to areas you’d like a little more glo💫💫)
- Great to use instead of shaving cream - EVERYWHERE (leaves ya legs and coochie feelin baby soft)
- Can be used as aftershave too
- Take a spoonful to help with digestion
- Coconut oil is the second greatest source of Lauric acid after breast milk. This means it has a super high amount of HEALTHY FATS
- Coconut oil has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. Consuming coconut oil can aid in digestion issues due to inflammation or presence of “bad” bacteria. Applying coconut oil can help relieve fungus and bacterial infections on the skin
- Healthier alternative to butter in cooking and baking
- Can help improve your body’s absorption of magnesium and calcium
- Can be used as a lube during masturbation (does not upset vaginas natural flora), handjobs and blowjobs – however do NOT use with a condom because the oil will corrode the condom
- Natural mouthwash: “oil pulling” with coconut oil is extremely beneficial to oral health. Wish around one spoonful of coconut oil with a few drops of your fave essential oil in your mouth for 5 min. Spit out in the garbage (coconut oil will solidify at room temp so may clog your drains). Then brush your teeth. This can whiten and strengthen your teeth without the use of harsh bleach in whitening strips and will help with bad breath
- Can help with weight loss
- Make a natural deodorant with coconut oil, essential oil and arrowroot powder / cornstarch and baking soda
- Can be used as a sunscreen (low SPF)
- Mix with sugar and make a sexyy body scrub
- Can help relieve bug bites and post ivy/poison oak rashes
- Use with apple cider vinegar for natural lice treatment
- Balances body’s hormones
- Coconut oil with a few drops of peppermint oil can work as an insect repellent

These aren’t even all of the uses for wonderful coconut oil. If you think anymore feel free to add on or message me


@lifeisnails: Nail extensions using just a teabag and dip powder system:

1. Apply base to the tips of your nail.
2. Place the tea bag piece over your tip and using tweezer make it stick to tue corners as well.
3. Using tweezer pinch the tea bag extension to form the nail curve.
4. Apply base to 3/4th of the nail and dip it into clear dip powder.
5. Apply base to ½ of the nail and dip it again.
6. Apply seal protect from the kit to the parts of the nail where dip powder has been used. i.e on 3/4th of the nail.
7. Wait for 2 minutes and using a buffer, shape the nail in desired shape.
8. Apply nourishing oil

naturally, heal skin scars & marks

note: your goal is to understand your skin and cater to it’s needs to improve overall skin health, your goal is not to just manipulate your skin // be patient and consistent

Bentonite Clay: pulls toxins out of pores // helps heal skin // reduces redness 

Sea Salt Baths: absorbs toxins in the skin and act as an antiseptic

Coconut Oil: fatty acids work like antioxidants // prevents and reverses free radical damage on the skin

Aloe Vera: regenerates skin tissue // fights inflammation // soothes and moisturizes

Vitamin E: stimulates the formation of collagen // improves skin texture

Hazelnut Oil: nourishes and hydrates skin // promotes cell regeneration // acts as an astringent // reduces redness

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Do you think you could do some hcs of what Neji likes his s/o to do to his hair? (braid, brush, pull, etc.) It can be SFW or NSFW, thanks I am obsessdd with his hair lmao

Neji s/o hair canons!! Yes yes yes YESS ~Admin Song

What Neji Wants His S/O to do with His Hair

Originally posted by irenerestrepo27


• Neji is surprisingly very particular about his hair. It’s a major part of his presentation, which he intentional styles to cleanliness and simplicity. As a branch member of the Hyuga clan, he believes highly in representing his family through conduct and appearance, always with an air of dignity and elegance.

• Habitually brushes his hair before bed to spread natural oils which nourish the hair. On occasion (after a rough mission or stressful day), might ask his s/o to brush his hair for him. Neji usually prefers being in control, but his s/o is someone he trusts. The soothing rhythm and gentle scratch down his scalp and back almost instantly puts Neji to sleep. It’s like scratching a cat in that sweet spot right behind the ears.

• Enjoys the sensation of having his hair braided. While the other boys might not have the patience to sit still, Neji finds the practice meditative. He sits with his legs crossed and lets his s/o’s fingers dance over his head, weaving braids, buns, ponytails, anything they would want. Neji’s eyes are unfocused and his mind is clear- he doesn’t care what style it is (you know he wouldn’t take kindly to pigtails). 

• For special events, might ask his s/o to help with his hair. Nothing overly fancy, just something different than his usual low bun. Unwittingly draws inspiration from the long-haired elves in The Lord of the Rings. Likes his hair to be mostly free, out of his eyes, and comfortable.


• Stroking his hair is a surefire way to get Neji in the mood, ESPECIALLY if your fingers graze the back of his neck or otherwise exposed skin. Sends delightful shivers down his spine.

• Will usually tie his hair back if he’s going to be on top (which he usually likes to be). He doesn’t like curtains of thick hair blocking his view of you, red and flustered in the heat of the moment. Long hair can be sexy, but not if it’s constantly getting in the eyes/mouth.

• Ambivalent about hair-pulling. It’s not really a turn on for Neji, but not necessarily a deal-breaker either. A light tug here and there can really compliment the sex, he finds. But he will tell you to stop if you pull to hard. Pain doesn’t do much for Neji.

• LOVES it when his s/o washes his hair for him in the shower. This usually results in some nice romantic shower sex, slow and cautious and slippery, but clean and steamy. It’s the best when his s/o grips their fingers into Neji’s scalp and really works the shampoo in. It’s okay to be rough in the shower- Neji’s only exception. He finds the cleanliness aspect satisfying as the grit of the day goes down the drain.

Egg White and Yogurt 

This mask is not only easy, but incredibly effective. Egg white tightens pores and helps with oil production, as well as lifting up the face. Yogurt softens and moisturizes the skin, and helps face discolorations and blemishes.

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, 1 egg white

Use: Apply to clean face and leave on for until it is completely dry

Watermelon and Banana

Most oily skin in dry underneath the surface, which causes the oil glands to produce more oil. Watermelon is an excellent way to moisturize oily skin, and coupled with banana, it is perfect to nourish skin and control oil production.

Ingredients: about half a cup of mashed up watermelon without the seeds, half a ripe banana mashed up (optional: 2 drops of tea tree oil)

Use: Apply to clean face and leave on for 10-15 minutes

Peach, Egg White, and Sour Cream

Peaches are full of vitamins and minerals, and are great for moisturizing. Sour cream contains Lactic Acid, which is an amazing natural exfoliant, and is known to boost collagen production. Egg white is excellent for tightening pores and fading discoloration. 

Ingredients: 1 ripe peach, 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of sour cream

Use: Apply to clean face, and leave on for 10-12 minutes.

💖 Skin Care Guide: Facial Oils  💖

- Choose plant oil, avoid mineral oil: Plant oil will nourish your skin, mineral oil is a cheap, low-quality filler in skincare products! 

- Essential oils are great… But only in very small amounts! Mix a few drops of them with a plant oil, never smear them unmixed all over your face. They’re very strong and will irritate your skin if you use too much or don’t dilute them! 

- We all want to save money but it’s worth it to not use the cheapest skincare oil you can find. Cheap ones are often choke-full of cheap fillers that will do nothing but irritate your skin. Always check the ingredients!  

- Look for organic, cold-pressed, 100 percent pure oils.

- It’s safe to mix together different plant oils to get the perfect mixture for your needs! Just don’t overdo it with the essential oils.

- They nourish your skin, so it’s crucial you let them sink in your skin. How? By using them after you cleanse your skin, ideally at night, so your skin can soak them up over night. Alternatively, mix them with your moisturizer in the morning! 

- Acne? Grapeseed oil helps fight bacteria! 

- Greasy skin? Jojoba oil is close to sebum (the oil your skin produces all on its own). Your skin will get the message “Oh, there’s enough sebum here, no need to produce more!”

- Want lots of nourishment? Avocado oil is extremely nourishing, Argan oil is basically superfood for your skin and Chia seed oil has lots of vitamin C!

- Anti-aging? Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin A! 

- Very dry skin? Try Olive oil!  

In the Hellenistic period, with the invention of various torsion artillery weapons, especially catapults, women began to play a crucial role. These machines required flexible, elastic components that created enough release to allow heavy arrows and blocks of stone to be thrown a long way. A number of materials were used for this: animal tendons, horsehair, and, according to Hero of Alexandria, author of A Treatise on Ranged Weapons (βελοποιϊκά), women’s hair: ‘The spring-cord on the arms can also be made of women’s hair; being slender, long, and well nourished with oil, it gains much power when plaited so that it compares well with the power obtained through sinews’ (Hero, Bel. 112, trans. Marsden 1971). Polybius reports that when the Sinopeans were under siege from Mithridates II circa 250 BCE, at their request the Rhodians sent them 300 talents (almost eight tons) of hair and 100 talents (almost two tons) of animal tendons (Polyb. 4.56.3). Carthage possessed at least two thousand catapults (Polyb. 36.6.1-7). When that city was besieged by the Romans, the inhabitants made frenzied efforts to arm themselves, and the women donated their hair to be used in artillery weapons (App. Pun. 93).

Ducrey, Pierre, ‘War in the Feminine in Ancient Greece’, in Women and War in Antiquity, Jacqueline Fabre-Serris and Alison Keith (edd.), Baltimore, 2015, pp. 189-90.

Chinese ~skin care~ vocabulary

护肤 hùfū - skin care

皮肤 pífū - skin

SKIN TYPES 皮肤类型 [pífū lèixíng]

Normal skin: 中性皮肤 [zhōng xìng pífū]

Dry skin: 干性皮肤 [gān xìng pífū]

Oily skin: 油性皮肤 [yóuxìng pífū]

Combination skin: 混合性皮肤 [hùnhé xìng pífū]

Sensitive skin: 敏感性皮肤 [mǐngǎn xìng pífū]

EFFECT 功效类 [gōngxiào lèi]

Anti-acne: 青春痘(用的) [qīngchūn dòu (yòng de)]

After sun: 日晒后 (用的) [rì shài hòu (yòng de)]

Anti-: 抗、防 [kàng]; [fáng]

Anti-wrinkle: 抗老; 防皱 [kàng lǎo]; [fáng zhòu]

Purifying: 清洁(用的) [qīngjié (yòng de)]

Facial: 脸部(用) [liǎn bù (yòng)]

Hydra: 保湿 [bǎoshī]

Nourishing: 滋养 [zīyǎng]

Oil-control: 抑制油脂 [yìzhì yóuzhi]

Peeling: 敷面落式面膜 [fū miàn luò shì miànmó]

Repairing: 修护 [xiū hù]

Revitalizing: 活化 [huóhuà]

Sun block: 防晒 [fángshài]

Treatment: 修 [xi]

Washing: 洗 [xǐ]

Whitening 美白 [měibái]

SKINCARE ROUTINE 护肤程序 [hùfū chéngxù]

1. CLEANSING 清洁 [qīngjié]

Foam: 泡沫 [pàomò]

Facial cleanser: 洗面奶 [xǐmiànnǎi]

Body wash/shower gel: 沐浴露 [mùyùlù]

2. EXFOLIATION 表皮剥脱 [biǎopí bōtuō]

Scrub: 去角质; 磨砂膏 [qù jiǎozhì]; [móshā gāo] 

Peeling: 敷面落式面膜 [fū miàn luò shì miànmó]

3. REFRESHING 恢复肌肤 [huīfù jīfū]

Toner: 爽肤水 [shuǎngfūshuǐ]

Smoothing/balancing toner: 柔肤水 [róufūshuǐ]

Lifting lotion: 紧肤水 [jǐnfū shuǐ]

Essence/serum: 精华液 [jīnghuáyè]

4. MOISTURIZING 保湿 [bǎoshī]

露 [lù] :lotion,霜 [shuāng] :cream

Skin cream: 护肤霜 [hùfūshuāng]

Day cream: 日霜 [rìshuāng]

Night cream: 晚霜 [wǎnshuāng]

Eye gel/cream: 眼霜 [yǎnshuāng]

Lip care: 护唇 [hù chún]

Body lotion 身体乳 [shēntǐrǔ]

Hand lotion: 护手霜 [hùshǒushuāng]

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Tips for growing out your hair? I got mine a few months ago and wanna try growing it out a bit, I've heard that you're supposed to get a haircut every 8 weeks for a trim and like 10 weeks if you're trying to grow it out, but it's been like 5 months lol

Biotin pills promote healthy skin as well as hair and nail growth, so I really recommend.

Keep trimming your dead ends every few weeks to ensure your hair stays healthy.

Braid your hair before going to bed to prevent tangles and excessive hair loss.

Apply castor oil to your roots, leave in for 20 minutes, and rinse out thoroughly for thicker, stronger hair.

Eat foods like almonds, eggs, avocados, oysters, and salmon.

Drink lots of water.

If your hair isn’t overly oily, skip shampoo every other day when you shower to let some of your natural oils nourish your hair.

Condition your hair daily.

Dry your hair with an old t shirt instead of a heavy towel for softer, less damaged hair to promote growth.

Massage your scalp every so often to promote blood flow to your roots, which will increase growth.

Good luck❤

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What are your top 5 recommendations for acne prone skin? ik all people react differently but what would you say are best

General recommendations?

  1. See a dermatologist. Acne is not always typical. A professional is best suited to helping you get to the root of what’s causing your acne and how to treat it.
  2. Have a consistent, proper routine. You need a controlled environment when treating acne. Washing your face only a few times a week not only causes damage and increases your chances of breaking out, but it also makes it tough to know what methods are working for you or not. Also, constantly changing products increases your chance on running into something that irritates your skin, as well as not having the controlled environment I just mentioned.
  3. Know that acne-prone skin is sensitive skin. Acne is a wound and it should be treated gently once you have it. Avoid harsh ingredients, like alcohol, and nourish the skin with oils and gentle cleansers.
  4. Always wear a sunscreen. This may sound unrelated, but as I mentioned above, acne is a wound. Protect your already sensitive skin from UV exposure. Also, wounds lead to scarring, as most acne-prone people already know. Sunscreen can help to prevent acne scars from forming.
  5. Don’t over-exfoliate. There’s some strange belief that acne can be “scrubbed away”. Just the opposite, over-exfoliation can actually impair the healing of acne. Acne is already a sign of a compromised lipid barrier on the skin. Continuously scrubbing away at that barrier will just cause even more acne. Ditch physcial exfoliants altogether, as they tend to be too harsh for sensitive skin.

Products? (you know I can’t just do 5 😂 )

  1. Oil cleanser
  2. Low pH, sulfate-free cleanser
  3. BHA treatment (incorporated slowly)
  4. AHA treatment (incorporated slowly)
  5. Hydrating toner (applied several times in a row)
  6. Mild moisturizer that contains non- to low-comedogenic oils
  7. Physical sunscreen

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You can create this design with both Gel polish and regular nail polish.
I’m trained in Gel Polish application and use this method on my own nails as it lasts much longer than regular polish.

As Spring is on our doorstep I was feeling the urge to create something fresh and simplistic!
Nude nails go with any outfit, and the nautical stripes add a subtle ‘fashion’ element without being over the top.

I wore this design on my nails last year and received SO many compliments, so I knew I just had to share the ‘how-to’ with you all.

All the products and equipment used are listed below:

Products Used:
Nail Harmony LED Gelish Curing Lamp (as featured in the tutorial)

Cheaper LED Nail Curing Lamp

Gelish starter kit including;
*PH Bond
*Foundation (Base)
*Top It Off (Top Coat)
*Nourishing Cuticle Oil
*Nail Bed Cleanser
*Gel Polish Remover

OPI Gel Colour - Tiramisu For Two

Nail Harmony Gelish - Artic Freeze (White)

Black Tea Scrub for Energy and Confidence

I’m a huge fan of shower magic, and this scrub is not only perfect for discreet magic, but it will make your skin super soft. 

You will need: 

Tea leaves- I used Earl Grey for this spell, simply because that’s what I had this morning. You can brew the tea first and drink it, or use fresh tea leaves, your choice. Me, I like tea too much. 

Sugar- white sugar is perfect, but feel free to use any abrasive you want for the base of your scrub. Salt could work, or brown sugar if you have more sensitive skin. 

Oil- I used olive for this scrub, but you could also use coconut, jojoba, or whatever you happen to have on hand. 

Optional- essential oil of your choice. I didn’t have any, so I didn’t use any- but feel free to add anything smelly or extra that matches your intent. 

To assemble: Mix one part oil with two parts sugar, add your tea leaves, and mix well. Adjust according to your own liking. 

To cast: While in the shower, ground yourself. As you scrub your skin, imagine the sugar removing negativity, lethargy, and self doubt, and the oil nourishing your confidence and energy supply. Visualize your body filling with warm light, as you draw energy in and expel negative forces. Rinse the scrub off and enjoy your soft skin and increased confidence. 

What are your favorite shower spells? Have a great day, and blessed be! 

Beauty Favorites

Makeup favorites
~Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer
~Diorshow lash primer and mascara
~Too Faced semi-sweet chocolate bar palette
~Bobbi Brown natural brow shaper
~ Rosie for Autograph starstruck highlighter

Workout Routine
~Fat Blasting Circuit:
~30 Minuet Pilates
~Ab Workout
~Butt & Thigh Workout
*I recently got a gym membership so I mix up my workout routine everyday and find new videos

Skincare favorites
~Milk-to-foam coconut milk mild cleanser by Neogen
~Witch Hazel
~Rose water hydrosol spray
~CeraVe moisturizing cream (for winter)
~Nourish Organic face lotion (for summer)
~Laura Mercier flawless skin nourishing oil
~Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream
~Hey Honey exfoliating honey peel off mask
~Boscia luminizing peel-off black mask
~Jafra Malibu miracle mask

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I've started to see Argan Oil pop up in a lot of facial care items in stores near me. I've always associated Argan Oil with hair care, not face care but I know that certain oils like rosehip are great for the skin. Do you recommend Argan Oil for the face? If so, what types of skin- dry, oily, normal? And what products are best? Should I look for face washes or serums or moisturizers with Argan Oil? Thank you so much for your help and time. I appreciate it greatly

Hi! Great question,

Argan oil is a more universal oil which is why it became more popular in the first place. You can use it as multi purpose oil on your hair, skin, body so you won’t need a bunch of products. It’s definitely safe for the skin and has good stuff like vitamin E which is great for skin health and fatty acids. These properties make it better for dry skin because it’s very nourishing. Rose hip oil is a little less moisturizing (but still moisturizing of course) and more anti aging and repairing because it has vitamin C & A making it great for sun damage, fine lines, oiler skin, dark spots, etc. It’s a silky, lightweight oil while Argan Oil feels more like a traditional oil while still absorbing quickly. Because of these properties those who are acne prone and have oily skin, dark spots tend to love Rose Hip oil. 

  • Rose Hip oil is better for damaged skin, anti aging, dark spots, acne, mild dryness.
  • Argan oil is better for dry skin, flaking skin, hydration, dewiness, mature skin, dry hair, dry body patches.

Don’t be scared to mix oils, too. I have a few facial oils that are just a blend of oils like rose hip, avocado, sea buckthorn, etc. If you feel Rose Hip oil isnt giving you super dewy, plump skin then add a few drops of Argan, too :)

My favorite oils depends on the weather, time of the month, etc. I use a basic, cheap, cold pressed rose hip oil on Amazon. The other oils I use are Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil and Jurlique Skin Balancing Oil (the blend of many different oils). 

The Caudalie Overnight Detox Oil is super purifying and detoxifying to me, my skin feels like it can breathe better the next day… if that makes sense. It’s not a super hydrating oil but my skin feels clean and really soft the next morning. This is great when my skin is feeling congested.

The Jurlique Skin Balancing Oil is a simple, do it all moisturizing oil. It has rose hip, avocado, jojoba, shea butter, etc. It’s an easy to use oil that isn’t too heavy and is an added level of moisture. I use this and moisturizer when my skin is feeling dry or dull as a boost to my night time routine. 

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I know you were asked this before but can you PLEASE tell me all the oil cleansers you know of, listed from least to most pricey and what each's benefits are? thank you in advance c:

… All of them?

I mean, all oil cleansers should (in theory) all do the same thing: clean the skin and emulsify when rinsed with water.

I can do list some of them and I can do the price ranges:

Low-End (below $25):

  • Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil
  • Kose Softymo Deep or Speedy Cleansing Oil
  • SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Facial Cleansing Oil
  • The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Light Cleansing Oil
  • Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Oil
  • Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil Mild
  • Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil
  • Heimish All Clean Balm
  • Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbet
  • L’Occitane Shea Cleansing Oil
  • Elizavecca Natural 90% Olive Cleansing Oil
  • Innisfree Apple Seed Cleansing Oil
  • Pixi by Petra + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse 
  • The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter


  • Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil
  • Julep Love Your Bare Face Hydrating Cleansing Oil
  • Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Oil or Balm
  • Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil
  • Caudalie Make-Up Removing Cleansing Oil
  • DHC Cleansing Oil

High End (Above $40):

  • Shu Uemura ULTIME8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil
  • Eve Lom Cleansing Balm
  • Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm
  • Dermalogica PreCleanse
  • Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Cleansing Oil
  • Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
  • Tata Harper Nourishing Oil Cleanser
  • SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil
  • Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil Face & Eyes

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Leak ur skincare routine

I’ve recently been into experimenting with new skincare products and face masks so it is exciting to share my routine! To start off I wash my face every morning and night with warm water and use a milk-to-foam coconut milk mild cleanser by neogen to remove my makeup. After that I use a toner which is either a witch hazel distillate or a rose flower hydrosol spray (I get them locally made from an apothecary in my area). Next after my face has been toned I will use CeraVe moisturizing cream during the dry winters and a lightweight moisturizing cream by Nourish Organic during the summers. For special occasions I will use Laura Mercier flawless skin nourishing oil after I cleanse my skin. I also love to mask! Here are some of my favorites..
~Hey Honey exfoliating honey peel off mask
~Boscia luminizing peel-off black mask
~Jafra Malibu miracle mask
~Shea Butter French Green clay and green tea mask (made locally)

Some extra care tips that I do are I always put my hair in a braid while I sleep to keep it off of my face. Also I wear sunscreen everyday on my face, neck, and hands. I have started to use some different sheet masks but haven’t found a specific one that I favor.

Ayurvedic Ear Oil 

“Using ear oil strengthens the immune system and keeps your lymphs and sinuses moist and nourished. This helps prevent colds, infections and allergies. And just as powerful as the nourishing oil are the immune building, anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral benefits of garlic.

Ayurvedic Ear Oil Recipe

1/3 cup organic virgin olive oil

1 clove garlic – chopped


  1. Throw the oil and chopped garlic into a pot and bring it to a simmer.
  2.  Let the oil bubble and pop to release all the liquid. Press the garlic with a fork to help it release. It’s done when the oil doesn’t pop anymore, it should take about 5 minutes.
  3. Once your garlic oil is done cooking, let it cool, and then strain to separate it from the garlic.
  4.  Lastly, pour the strained liquid into an eyedropper bottle or old tincture glass.


  • Before using ear oil, always run the bottle under hot water to warm the oil. This makes the experience quite soothing.
  •  Drop in enough oil to fill one ear and let it sit for about 5 minutes. Now tilt the head and allow the oil to drain out, and do the other side for another 5 minutes.
  • It’s a good idea to start doing this once every few weeks to keep your ears clear and your immune system strong. If you’re already sick, fill your ears once every hour, until your symptoms go away, you will feel better so quickly.
for teenage goddesses and others who need reminding

God is women. Dassit

You are too luxurious for this earth. No motherfucker deserves to lay eyes on You. Your face Your feet Your hair Your body Your brain may as well be carved from pure fire opal and gold, pound by pound, only priceless. Ask an astronomer, You are an alternative planet, a universe, fuck a temple. Touch Your wrists and tell me You don’t feel the molecules rotating about just like a system of dust and worlds. One doesn’t simply reach over and touch You. No motherfucker gets to experience the air You breathe without exerting the energy, taking the time, the precision and planning needed to build the ship that defies gravity and float up to Your presence, and even then no one enters Your path without first being placed under thorough, extreme, time consuming scrutiny, scan their soul, scan their simple pupils and thoughts. And then MAYBE You’ll consent for them to speak.

 One by one, they may try but You are too busy loving and tending to Your sacred skin that encases You. The smooth, breathing, planes of melodious mist. Underground springs of blood masterfully channeled throughout the entire monolith, every red and white cell whispering, goddess, goddess, goddess.You nourish it with coconut oil and refill Your chalice with water to bring to Your smiling lips over and over throughout each day to hydrate and fortify Your wondrous landscapes. Your muscles are Your incantation book, pulling from the infinite power of the sun, moon, trees, tide, and air, flourishing with every moment that You train. Goddesses are care free.  

A goddess doesn’t see fuckboys, She sees Her future, Her craft, a goddess’s plans become real events. And when they don’t She continues on, fueling Her body with mangos, water, and coconut oil, every single day sharpening Her favorite talents, singing to Her green garden, strategizing all day the ways to strengthen the thoughts in Her mind, the source of control in Her magic so that She can succeed again. A goddess  doesn’t succumb to distractions. But if She does, She remembers that the world has set traps for Her, bated with poison to weaken Her, to make her forget that She is a goddess, that She controls the future.That She controls the future. And no one else, not even Her past. When She smells silly patriarchal tricks She denounces them. She can make thrifted vintage look like pre-debuted Alexander McQueen.

A goddess is aware that others are ignorant to the strength that She and those like Her possess. The patriarchal poisons are everywhere and many are blind. She knows the blindness well because it’s something that She blocks forcefully from Her aura. 

She knows that a force that thrives from weakening another is not to be respected or feared. 

So a goddess laughs. She chooses Her words carefully before She speaks. When She represents herself She represents goddesses. It isn’t Her responsibility to guide others, but She will be damned if they think they have reason to tell Her that She and Her Sisters are not powerful.