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Hi, sorry to bother you. I've been vegan for a short time and I am SO DESPERATE to lose weight asap and have recently been trying to follow HCLF RT4 lifestyle as i know this is the best way to lose weight fast -but I always crave cooked or processed sugary things before dinner so am struggling to follow RT4 successfully. I know everyone says 'carb up' but I feel the more I eat the less weight I will lose but I want to follow RT4 successfully so I can lose weight. Any tips as to what to eat? Xxxx

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Drink 500ml - 1L of water about 1 hour - 30 minutes before you eat each meal. So long as you are eating whole plant based foods you should be fine :) Loosing weight ‘ASAP’ will not always happen on RT4. You need to nourish your body from the inside out and not look for a quick fix. A lot of people calorie restrict and yo-yo diet and end up putting a lot of weight back on once they resume a 'normal’ eating pattern. OH! and make sure you are moving your body often enough! Exercising does great things for your mood and health! X

Back from a beautiful long weekend. Feeling rested and energized. Made myself some honey drizzled ancient grain porridge with fresh figs, berries, buck wheat, seeds, and sweet coconut flakes for breakfast this morning.

Eat clean everyone!

“Think about this: If eating meat, cheese, milk and eggs is the norm, why do most people end up with a disease and a cabinet full of pills? Am I supposed to believe that the multi-billion dollar hospital, medical, pharmaceutical and vitamin industries were created for the small percentage of the world’s population that labels itself “vegan”? I bet that everyone in your life under the age of 13 chews on Flintstones vitamins, while everyone over the age of 40 swallows One-A-Day tablets and probably takes some form of medication, too. If animal products contained all the essential nutrients, why is there a drug store on every street corner selling vitamins and pharmaceuticals? Only an addict or a complete lunatic could possible conclude that meat, cheese, milk and eggs are healthy, proper and nutritious. The indisputable fact is that all essential nutrients come from the plant kingdom, and the plant kingdom alone. Instead of feeding animals the plants that we should be eating directly, and filtering those nutrients through THEIR bodies, eat what comes from the earth, and leave the animals alone.” -Gary Yourofsky

I absolutely LOVE this guy & all the valid points he makes about eating a plant-based diet. If you’re interested on listening to any of his other interviews, search him on Google! He is so inspiring and makes such a compelling argument. Xx

What a beautiful day for chia strawberry smoothie.

Coconut Açaí chia pudding
Half a cup of chia seeds
2 cups of coconut milk
2 tbsp of honey
2 tbsp of pure organic Açaí juice.
Stir well.
Let it sit in the fridge for 4-8 hours (you can do this before bed)
add water if necessary in the morning to make sure the texture isn’t too thick.

Fill your magic bullet with
1.5 frozen bananas
5 frozen strawberries
2 figs
Hemp milk

Blend until smooth

Pour the strawberry smoothie into your
Mason jar first, then add chia pudding.

Top off with coconut flakes and cacao nibs.