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so basically im cursed to remain fat forever? jesus christ i did not need to hear that today.

There is no permanent and safe way to intentionally lose weight. This is true.  

And that means that if you want to truly live a fulfilling and meaningful life, you will need to let go of the fantasy of being thin. You will need to do the difficult self-work needed to unlearn your internalized fat phobia. You may also need to learn how to eat normally without restriction and shame. All of this is difficult. But a lifetime of self-hate, restriction, repeated cycles of weight gains and weight losses, and declining health from the damage caused by under-nourishing your body is far far worse. 

And I know you are in pain right now, so I am being gentle with you, but I need you to think about what you said in your ask, and think about who you said it to. I am fat and my life is not a cursed existence. It is never okay to say such hateful things about fat people, including yourself. Don’t do it anymore.

“Nutrition is not low fat. It’s not low calorie. It’s not being hungry and feeling deprived. It’s nourishing your body with real, whole foods so that you are constantly satisfied and energized to live life to the fullest.” 👊🏼 one of my favorite quotes. 〰 Big filling bowl of spaghetti noodles w/ mixed greens, avo slices, tomatoes, black beans, leftovers from the tofu scramble and a pinch of black pepper 🍝🌿

If this doesn’t classify as eating the rainbow then I don’t know what does🤓✨ made this delish and nourishing stir fry of all the veggies I had in the fridge {broccoli, purple cabbage, leek, carrot, mushroom, green beans & red capsicum} with a chilli-ginger sauce, crispy marinated tempeh + a mix of black and brown rice👅🌿💦 I promise it sounds a lot fancier than it really was😉
Hope you all nourish your bodies well today. And everyday✨

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no one deserves to starve themselves. it’s not possible to do anything to make yourself undeserving of food. you always deserve nourishment for your body. no matter what you look like, how you feel, or what you did. 

it’s so important to remember that even though looking back on your eating disorder you might think “it wasn’t that bad” or “it was worth being skinny”, you don’t remember how bad it truly was. eating disorders can warp your perception and make you forget the pain you were in and only see how your body looked. i can guarantee you that going back there is a bad idea, and you are so much happier in recovery than you ever were or ever will be when overcome by an ed.


Not everyone is so lucky to have food that they can make or give specifically to the deities. Sometimes, great financial burdens come upon us and we don’t even know when our next meal is, much less when we should give to a deity. There is nothing wrong with not being able to afford food for deities, and having to nourish your body first.


-Drawings, doodles, chicken scratches that are done with the intent of honoring the gods

-Some type of arts and crafts, like sewing, weavings, handmade jewelry or statues

-Play your favorite song that makes you think of them or make up your own. Your hands and voice are all you need to make music

-Poetry, stories, hymns and anything creative

-A glass of water. Consecrate and bless it, then offer it up to a deity

-Volunteer your time at places that would please that specific deity. Clean up the forests and sides of the road for Gaea, or the beach for Aphrodite, or help out at an animal shelter for Artemis.  


Dedicate a meal or supper to them that you are eating. With every piece of food, tell the gods that you are dedicating this meal to them and eating it along side them, that as it nourishes you, so it nourishes them. It would be a good idea to see what foods they like and to try and get those types, if you can.  

Year after year after year, millions of people make the same resolution: Lose weight. But this year, why not try something different? 

Resolve to leave the shame, self-hate, and physical and psychological harms diet culture behind you. Resolve to nourish your body when you are hungry, every time you are hungry, with the foods you desire. Resolve to accept your body at the size you are today and at whatever size you may be in the future.

Unlike weight-loss resolutions, this is a resolution you can keep, and it will make you feel better and better the longer you practice it! This is a resolution that could actually change your life.

Happy New Year, everyone. May 2017 bring you peace, love, and radical self-acceptance.


Left 220ish lbs and this morning before the gym 166lbs!
People ask me “what’s your secret??”
When it comes down to it there are no secrets or magic cures to lose weight and keep it off. Fad diets may work for a short period of time. But a lifestyle change is what will really make you successful.
Knowing how to nourish your body and giving it what it needs and being more active is the real key.
Don’t get me wrong I still occasionally go to town on a large stuffed crust pizza 👌 all in moderation, right?

Dinner tonight 😁 this salad was also 5x bigger than it looks.
2 heads of romaine lettuce
Handful of pea sprouts
Cup of raw, chopped baby broccoli
Roasted sweet potato with paprika

1 super ripe mango
1 cup fresh basil leaves
¼ medium avocado
½ tsp chopped garlic
Squeeze of lemon


It is so easy to starve yourself
in the same way she starved you of love.
It is so easy to withhold nourishment from your body
in the way she withheld nourishment from your soul.
because that feeling of emptiness, of nothing inside 
is all
you have ever known
and so to feel full is so frightening, so unfamiliar
and apparently you are undeserving of that sensation
for how else can you defend her deprivation?
How else can you explain the fact
that the same woman who brought you into the world
the same woman who was your world
is the same woman who brought it crashing down around you?
How else can you explain that
if not by diminishing your own worth?
But darling,
what I wish you would realize 
what I wish you would open your eyes wide enough to see
is that none of
is your fault
but rather hers, 
rather due to her own inability to peer beyond her own demons
and see the angel that you are.
Darling, this is not your war
and your body is not a battlefield
nor are calories a crime.
Self-starvation is not your salvation
for it only continues the cycle she set
in motion.
The only one who can save you now
is you
and the only way out is to eat,
to fight through each tearful bite and merciless meal
to fight back against the urges and her voice shouting in your head,
to feed yourself and fight this sickness,
not the other way around.
Stop punishing your beautiful self for the cruelties she committed - 
the soul that should be serving time is hers and hers alone.
Darling, you are so much more 
than the unmothered child 
the unwanted daughter.
If you want to define yourself as un-anything,
be unbound, unleashed and uninhibited -
be more than the perfect puppet she wanted you to be.
Somewhere beneath the lies she laid upon you
and the criticisms and insults she said make up who you are,
somewhere beneath it all is YOU.
There is an innocent little girl and a powerful young woman
waiting to be released.
So darling, take a breath and unchain her,
darling, set yourself free once and for all.
Stop waiting for her to give a love she is incapable of ever giving
and learn to love
—  on overcoming an abusive mother, S.R.N.
Things you shouldn't feel guilty about:

•enjoying food
•feeling full
•eating more than someone else
•taking a second serving
•eating until you are full
•nourishing your body
•not liking a certain food
•eating a food for its taste, not its health benefit
•food in general

“Think about this: If eating meat, cheese, milk and eggs is the norm, why do most people end up with a disease and a cabinet full of pills? Am I supposed to believe that the multi-billion dollar hospital, medical, pharmaceutical and vitamin industries were created for the small percentage of the world’s population that labels itself “vegan”? I bet that everyone in your life under the age of 13 chews on Flintstones vitamins, while everyone over the age of 40 swallows One-A-Day tablets and probably takes some form of medication, too. If animal products contained all the essential nutrients, why is there a drug store on every street corner selling vitamins and pharmaceuticals? Only an addict or a complete lunatic could possible conclude that meat, cheese, milk and eggs are healthy, proper and nutritious. The indisputable fact is that all essential nutrients come from the plant kingdom, and the plant kingdom alone. Instead of feeding animals the plants that we should be eating directly, and filtering those nutrients through THEIR bodies, eat what comes from the earth, and leave the animals alone.” -Gary Yourofsky

I absolutely LOVE this guy & all the valid points he makes about eating a plant-based diet. If you’re interested on listening to any of his other interviews, search him on Google! He is so inspiring and makes such a compelling argument. Xx

Transiting Moon is conjunct Uranus

Emotions are bursting and popping like electric bubbles 
Elated in a moment, anxious the next, everything inside is changing at rapid speed

The emotional intuition is acute right now. Crying may be a result of agitation, nerves, and emotional under nourishment. If your whole body is feeling unusual, this is another definition of normal
Bubble Pop Electric 

Say no to toxic relationships. Say no to food that doesn’t nourish your mind, body or soul. Say yes to the life you’ve dreamed of. Say yes to being the best version of yourself possible. It can happen and will happen.

For those who’s goal of 2015 is to lose weight:

Don’t aim for less food, aim for healthier food. Care for your body, nourish it, and listen to it. Please, don’t restrict and over exercise. Show your body the love and respect it deserves.