nouns in books

Tiny Writing Exercise #1: Gods

Choose an abstract noun. Open a book and choose the first one you see.

Now, imagine the deity of the quality named by that noun. 

Describe what they look like, how they are dressed. Describe how their voice sounds. Describe the bower, island, grotto, or temple where they live. If you have time, describe their priests: how they dress, what rituals they perform. 

Make up a religion for your noun.

spanishsquid  asked:

Do spaniards tend to put the adjective in front of the noun more? I'm reading a book translated in Spain and it seems that the adjective goes before the noun more than after. See also: en la ardiente oscuridad

It’s not a Spaniard thing, it’s an emphasis thing.

When it’s not one of the adjectives that always goes in front - like ordinal numbers, demonstratives, possessives etc. - or not one of the adjectives that changes meaning, the adjective normally goes in back more often than not.

Putting the adjective in front is more dramatic and calls attention to the adjective itself, while normally the emphasis is on the noun.

Saying la ardiente oscuridad is more visually stimulating and puts emphasis on ardiente while la oscuridad ardiente puts more emphasis on the oscuridad 

When you put it as la ardiente oscuridad you’re saying the most important thing aspect of it is that it’s ardiente. It would be like “the blazing darkness” versus “the darkness that burns” in a way

Placing the adjective first is much more common in poetry, literature, and drama than in spoken Spanish. 

Today is a very emotional day. I’ve been reading Butch is a Noun and every single page has hit me in some way or another. I’ve been on the verge of tears all day. How did I not feel this way the first time I read this. Did I even actually read it? I was such a baby the first time, not really having any idea who or what I was. But now this book feels so real to me and so painful and powerful and perfect.

Then I decided to go to the art institute because it’s Thursday and it’s open late so I can hang out and read or have coffee or just look at art for hours. But within moments of being in the impressionist galleries I was feeling teary again and thinking so many things about my life and who I was when I first encountered these works and how different everything is and how much I’ve grown.

I’m just feeling very gay and in my feels today.