Zodiac Word Games Pt. 2

Aries: Ephemeral- (adj.) lasting for a very short time.

Taurus:  Mellifluous- (adj.) (of a voice or words) sweet or musical; pleasant to hear.

Gemini:  Sapiosexual- (adj.) finding intelligence sexually attractive or arousing.

Cancer: Nyctophilia- (n.) A love or preference for night, darkness.

Leo: Eximious- (adj.) select, distinguished, excellent.

Virgo: Atelophobia-(n.) The fear of imperfection. The fear of never being good enough. 

Libra: Limerence- (n.) the state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person. Intense romantic desire.

Scorpio: Mistpouffer -(n.) an unexplained sound heard over water.

Sagittarius: Trouvaille (n.) something discovered by chance.

Capricorn:  Querencia- (n.) a place where one feels safe, which one’s strength of character is drawn, a place where one feels at home.

Aquarius: Solivagant- (n.) a lone wanderer.

Pisces: Woolgathering- (n.) indulgence in aimless thought or dreamy imagining.

alexithymia (n.)

The inability to verbalize your emotions or lack of emotional response. Difficulty in experiencing, expressing, and describing emotion. A failure to express feelings either verbally or non-verbally, especially when talking about issues that would normally require an emotional response. Poor modulation of feelings, significantly reduced intensity in emotional expression. 




1. idler; dawdler; loafer.

“loafer, idler,” 1854, from French flâneur, from flâner “to stroll, loaf, saunter,” probably from a Scandinavian source (cf. Norwegian flana, flanta “to gad about”).

“The French have the perfect word for it: ‘flaneur’. It means to stroll around aimlessly but enjoyably, observing life and your surroundings. Baudelaire defined a flaneur as 'a person who walks the city in order to experience it’.”
― Gemma Burgess, A Girl Like You



(n.) 1. mildness, gentleness.

When the princess first ascended the throne as queen, she displayed a level of lenience never before seen in the palace. The royal advisers and other underlings soon began to collude with one another, believing her to be naive, and hoping to take advantage of her mansuetude. However, she was not such a fool as they had imagined.




1. a profound, usually spiritual, transformation; conversion.

1577; From Greek metanoia (a change of mind), from metanoein (to change one’s mind). 

“The time is a critical one, for it marks the beginning of the second half of life, when a metanoia, a mental transformation, not infrequently occurs.
(on being 36 yrs old)”
― C.G. Jung, Symbols of Transformation