So, rep here with a request...

If you follow me on Twitter (@repalec) or have me friended on Facebook (under the name Repa Lec), you might have seen recently that I posted about a game I’m making in RPG Maker VX Ace called “nL Beats Cancer”, that I’m hoping to finish in time to be playable during the charity marathon stream on August 14th.

First off, because the guys in IRM sent an angry message to me over it, I’m gonna clarify that no member of nL is actually a playable character. The game is a heavily over-dramatized retelling of the major events of last year’s marathon, and stars Chris Notwinski.

“But Rep, didn’t you wanna ask us something?” Why yes, I do, imaginary inquisitive reader. My question is… “What does newlegacyinc mean to you?” You send your response in, and I’ll ensure it makes it into the game.

You can DM it to me on Twitter, you can send it to me in a Facebook message, you can send fan mail in to this account or even send it in an ask on my personal Tumblr.

(PS: sorry if you don’t approve of this Kris, you can delete this post whenever you get back on if you want)