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i made a discord for ppl kin with the CW’s collection of superhero shows (the arrowverse) can you give it a promo? the blog is arrowversekinnetwork !

I would pay up to 5 (five) dollars American to watch a bunch of @arrowversekinnetwork plushies get blown around a padded room by a jet engine.
Like Dorothy getting swirled around in the tornado, you know?

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Hi! Could you promo my kin network @warcraftkinnet ? It's a discord-based network for Warcraft kin! thank you so much!

My lovely, beloved wife @warcraftkinnet , who can play alto saxophone like a demon, wants to learn to play guitar. All I know is that I have heard some of the best guitar music that has ever existed, and you can bet your ass that I can’t replicate it. Those guitar men have some seriously good copy protection going on.

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when the clique gets mad abt 21p not
winning for best live band even though its a fan voted show and they didnt deserve it anyways?
tyler climbs on shit which is bad and could put him in danger and or damage the stage!!
and then when he gets yelled at by security he gets pissy and acts like a child about it! like yall have seen that
video where after hes told no he just KEEPS going? and then when the guard
has to PULL HIM DOWN from it and then tyler acts all entiled about it and then yells at the security guard
and demeans them.
and ive heard COUNTLESS people say that 21p shows crowds are
awful and unsafe. ive heard people getting beat up, huge chunks of hair being ripped out. and like right in front of tyler or josh and theyve both done absolutely NOTHING to stop it.
And they sure as hell didnt deserve the best fanbase.