Did you see?? @sprinkleofglitr was my guest on #NotTooDeep today! We learned a lot about each other and then she made me drink the grossest thing I may have ever had in my life. FRIENDS.

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But guys...

28 days til Dirty 30. The trailer is getting a TV spot. Hannah is filming a Food Network show. 52 days til Buffering. Hannah is going on a book tour. Mamrie is writing a second book. Mamrie is writing another script. Mamrie filmed a Sprint commercial. She’s in Flula’s film, Johnny Fist which will be available soon. Grace is nominated for First Person, Actress for Electra Woman & Dyna Girl, & Ad Campaign for Writing With Grace for the Streamys this year. Hannah is nominated for Actress for Electra Woman & Dyna Girl at the Streamys this year. Oscar’s Hotel which the girls are in is nominated for a few awards. Not Too Deep is about to return. Probably more Dirty 30 promo is going to start soon, as well as finding out the cities it which it will play in theaters, and that also means TV appearances for the girls. The girls are going to be on At Midnight on September 27th. Is anyone else bursting over with excitement for all these upcoming things?!

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