Did you see?? @sprinkleofglitr was my guest on #NotTooDeep today! We learned a lot about each other and then she made me drink the grossest thing I may have ever had in my life. FRIENDS.

Excellent day of exploiting the stupid by shooting more episodes of #NotTooDeep with @barelypolitical_ and @GregoryBrothers. They’re excellent humans.

Sometimes I get really weak in my knees, and then when I get weak in my knees I fall head over heels. And like every other like you know cheesy cliché. Sometimes I get swept off of my feet, and then I have this thing…this thing where my heart it skips a beat. And there’s…so I really have one thing to say. What is medically wrong with me?

Grace Helbig (describing falling in love/quoting Chester’s “God Damn You’re Beautiful” aka the time she got too deep in Chester See’s Not Too Deep episode) (X)(X)(X) (via itsdannanotbanana)

EDIT: It was 7:40am (I was half asleep and sick) when I was listening to the podcast, and I couldn’t come up with the title of Chester’s song. I noticed this while I was in class and nearly cursed out loud in the lecture. Sorry for the confusion.