nottingham new theatre


Hey, you may have noticed that I haven’t been here much these past few days. Part of the reason is that exams are coming and so I have to revise, the other part of the explanation is that I was part of a play, the fantastic The Women of Troy at my university. I took loads of pictures and some of them have been uploaded to my Flickr account there:

So if you like photos and drama, here you go. Hope you like it. ;)


Even before I got to the University of Nottingham, I knew I wanted to get involved in the theatre scene here. Having performed in a limited number of shows throughout high school and college, I wanted to test my strengths in a different setting. Last Wednesday, the spring season was announced by the Nottingham New Theatre, and the very next day, I auditioned for a play called “Me, as a Penguin.”

This was no ordinary audition, though.

Somehow I got it into my head that I’d have a better chance of making it to callbacks if the director thought I was just another British college student, so when I went in to the audition, I did my best southern English accent (like the one you hear so often used by BBC reporters). I read for the part of an old lady, and they seemed to like it, because they called me back on Saturday evening to read the same two sides. I still didn’t tell them I was American, but they seemed to enjoy my performance nonetheless.

Casting announcements were made by phone late this morning. I went to brunch with my cell phone, checking it obsessively as I ate my meal of baked potato and beans. Nothing. Finally I got up to put my tray away and check on my laundry, and as I was walking out the door, I checked my phone. One missed call. Before I even had time to panic, it rang again. I answered. It was the head of the theatre, calling to offer me the role of the old lady. I was so flustered I almost dropped my accent.

I’m supposed to meet with the director and producer today or tomorrow to discuss rehearsal schedules, at which point I will give full disclosure (and probably make a tremendous ass of myself, but hey, as far as I know I convinced people I was English for three days! That’s pretty terrific acting on my part, I should think!). I am just over the moon right now.

My acting career has developed during inconsistent and infrequent intervals. I went to acting camps starting when I was seven and absolutely loved being onstage, but when I changed schools, I quickly found that there were other people who had done more community theatre than me and just seemed more capable; this carried over to an even greater degree when I got to college. As such, my actual onstage time has been very limited, but for that reason I relished those opportunities even more. I have taken on odd production and tech jobs just to be part of many theatrical productions, but for me there is really nothing like standing in front of hundreds of people and inhabiting someone else’s skin and thoughts and life for a couple hours.

I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of “Me, as a Penguin,” and I want to thank everyone who has been supportive of my acting thus far. You have helped me believe that nothing worth doing is ever easy, and that determination and perseverance will serve me well in whatever field I choose to pursue, including acting.

I’ll keep you all updated as we get closer to opening night (only 17 days from now!).