Stringimi le mani. Abbracciami. Baciami. Fammi sentire come se il mondo dipendesse dalle mie labbra. Fammi sentire come la stella più luminosa nella notte. Fammi sentire, per una volta nella vita, importante.
—  Ragazzo-di-cenere
some people disgust me.

Just recently, Let’s Player ProtonJon started a Let’s Play of a Super Mario World romhack called “Notte Luminosa”. He said he was doing it for a SMW forum user called “Yanama” who claimed he was dying of leukemia, and had just about a week left to live. In a forum thread (seven pages long, but I suggest you read through pages 1-2 and 5-7), he said he had been battling with cancer for about a year or so, and that he now was about to lose his fight. People who didn’t even know him started replying, telling him how sorry they were and wished him a peaceful passing.

What made me suspicious was that he said, directly quoting, “My one regret is that Notte Luminosa never got Let’s Played by someone worth a damn (read: anyone). So someone get on that. Or not. Not like I’ll get to see it, anyways”, basically crying out for attention for this romhack he created, and wanted people to play it, Let’s Play it and therefore publish it to YouTube for everyone to see what it was like.

Well, now you’ve probably figured it out - yes, it was all a lie (as they had figured out by page 5 in that forum thread, before closing the thread on page 7). He basically lied because he wanted his romhack to get the attention he thought it deserved, and sure - it did get attention. ProtonJon started a Let’s Play of “Notte Luminosa”, to honour Yanama. He also said that he had a relative who died of cancer, and that this would become sort of personal to him, as well.

This just makes me outright mad. Furious, enraged, what have you. Lying about having a lethal disease just as a cry for attention… well, every sane person would agree with me that this is just sick. I still don’t understand why people do it. How can you ever show your face anywhere after being caught with such a lie? What they maybe don’t really think about (or don’t care about) is that, yes - they will get caught. Eventually. So why? Once again, losing faith in humanity.

This idiot needs to read The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Every idiot who thinks about doing the same thing, needs to. And hopefully, one day we will get rid of these trolls for good. Maybe. Let’s just hope so.

I dunno if any of you have heard about it, but ProtonJon started doing a Let’s Play of Notte Luminosa, a SMW hack made by someone who was dying of leukaemia. You’ll never believe what’s been revealed by one SMWC user S.N.N., here (check here if the link doesn’t work - some people might not be able to read binned topics)

The topic is pretty popular, and the post itself is pretty long, so for those who are lazy, here’s the deal. Yanama, the creator of Notte Luminosa, lied about having leukaemia. He avoided logging in to SMW Central, but his IP was shown still visiting the topic. S.N.N. lays down a ton of info proving that someone who is as close to death as Yanama claims would not be typing up posts on a forum, hoping that someone notices his game hack. This ended up happening with both Raocow and ProtonJon, the latter of whom asks people to donate to cancer research.

With this revelation, Yanama’s been banned from SMW Central, practically ostracised from the community for lying about such a serious disease. The hack’s been removed from the website as well. Several people who were intending to, or had already begun to LP the hack for the guy have since disassociated themselves with the whole thing. ProtonJon is still thinking about what to do with regards to finishing the hack. Just an interesting thing that people might like to know about.

(people have probably already mentioned this, but hey, what the hell, the more people who hear about it, the better)

Voglio cuscini di pace
su cui facce bambine ritrovino i sogni,
voglio coperte di speranze
perchè si coprano anime esauste per le lotte infinite del vivere scarno,
voglio una notte quieta e luminosa di stelle
che dia ristoro ad occhi che hanno perso la luce,
voglio un'alba nuova
per vite pronte ad animare il giorno primo dei giorni,
voglio che un volere così sia una desiderio di tutti o dei migliori
e non più una velleità.
Sarò con chi presterà le sue cure
a chi cure non ha
sarò con chi presterà la sua voce
a chi voce non ha.
—  Carmela Linda Longo