Okay, got to get this out there. If it wasn’t for consultingcriminaltobe, theconsultingchild, tigerinthefire, notsolittlemerman and napoleongonewrong, I probably would have stopped roleplaying on Tumblr by now. I love all of you guys. You’re all fantastic IC and OOC and, geez, you don’t understand how fantastic it would be to meet you guys in real life. Seriously, I might cry. You’re all such wonderful people and I don’t really know where I’d be without you. – thelittlestblogger

An Afternoon with Mum and Pup

John browsed the DVD collection, searching for a good movie to watch. He debated, then finally chose one. It was one he had never seen, and it was quite long. Something about hobbits or something.

He popped it into the player and grabbed the remote, talking it with him to the couch. He plopped himself down and waited for Gage to join him. 


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I trust you all are faring well. Please, make yourselves comfortable, help yourself to tea. I’ll just be a minute with preparing your files.