Today we went shopping forsoe winter gear… I needed some wool underwear… got me some Helly Hansen active undies and tomorrow we will go ski cross country!

Today I wore:

Dress from Zara

Sweater from Marquis

Tights from Falke

Boots Buffalo

Bowling Bag from Zara

Winter coat from Line of Oslo

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And I am such a at lady.. this is my little black friend… when he sees me he runs to get some TLC.. if I ever have a cat, I wish it was like this one!

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As I have been hearing some much about Kim Kardashian lately I decided to go a bit more like her… She wears a lot of  big boyfriend blazers, jeans sheer tops and overknees

What I wore:

boyfriend blazer from Zara

Sheer top and jeans from h&m

Buffalo Overknee Boots with 14  cm heels

Added a white bad with a foxtail.

hahah I had to add this pic as I look like a mannequin.

Really bad close up picture the light was crazy hard and the camara decided to focus where it shouldnt focus!… But well I noticed that in order to achieve the Kardashian look I needed LOADS of make up and hair spray.. so here is the result.. all by MAC .

Today was my first wedding :) by first I mean the one in the city hall before the big fat wedding in the Castle and in my vera wang dress. But I still decided to go on white today

I wore today:

Skirt and blouse form Zara

Heels from Carvela

Shades from Gucci

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I love the golden detail on the blouse

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AND TADAAAAAHHHH I am Mrs. Eriksen! And I am sooo happy about it!

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And Later was champagne and Vitello Tonnato!!! awesome day!

school started this monday and i went shopping as well is winter ans snowy but not really cold.. my camera remote isnt working so I will try to make some posts.. sorry about the iphone pics ;(

I wore:

Zara Blue Pants with suspenders

Brown Leather booties

Uniqlo argyle sweater

Vintage 70´s leather biker jacket

Zara (men) scarf in grey

External image

External image

At Zara.. my god my legs look soooo short in this pic.. though i am not pretty tall I have long legs… but baggy pants, booties and bad perspective make me look like a short legged dwarf hehe

Agent Provocateur made it again! great summer/spring collection loving the textures and fun, sexy & playful designs.

The Spring Summer 2011. Featuring Joséphine de la Baume (French Actress & Singer as well as Mark Ronson´s girlfriend) as directed by Johan Reneck. The clip can be seen in AP youtube stream and some of the campaign pictures here

click here for more pics of the collection

xmas party @spotify … even though I was feeling sick I decided to go.. besides red and green, gold is a christmasy color

So I went with a sheer gold top from Rinascimento, Legging from Falke, Boots from Christian Louboutin & vintage lace top.

External image

External image

External image

Make up all M.A.C. besidesd eye shadows in gold colors from the naked urban decay palette  and nail polish Chanel Gold Fiction.

Yesterday we were in Trondheim… My fiancee was going to speak there and as I have some free time and heard about this store named Carma I flew as well… The ity is pretty cozy and it wasn't as cold as I thought it would be.

First thing we did after landing (and after going to an interior design store) was going to Carma… the place is really different than other norwegian stores: huge room, small collection and big smiles from all the staff.  The owner, Hilde, was there as well, ready to help. She is very cool (and pretty) she used her blog to promote sales and makes pictures of their costumers and her workers on the latest fashion trends!

External image

External image

And guess what I found on Carma: THE JACKET!!!! I have been looking for a perfect winter jacket as u all know.. and I found it.. is a parca, with a hood, fur trim and furry inside… aaaaaaand many things are detachable!! is like the 3 jackets I posted about had a baby!!!! The brand is Line of Oslo and the price was not as much as the burberry…so… WIN!!! I got as well the sweeeeetest beanie in the world.. but I will show u that maybe the next days.

Today I had to make some errands and make some paper work…

External image

I wore:

  • Line of Oslo Jacket
  • 8-hole Doc Martens
  • COS asymmetrical shirt
  • h&m jeans

loving the fur!!!!!

External image

Make up was really subtle.. MAC impeccable brow pencil in Taupe, some  Tokodoki grey eye shadows,  MAC cream blush in “brit wit” and light nude lipgloss from Revlon.

External image



Sitting in amsterdam Airport and checking on my mac (free wifi FTW) for labels I forgot to keep watching. Complex Geometries is as always a great eye candy…  my favorites(those I NEED) are:

a t-shirt version of the split square dress. one rib sleeve with soft draping at neck and under one arm

extra long high waisted knit leggings.  contrasting sheer panel along inner leg.  elastic knit into waist makes them stay up.  available in black or grey.  super soft cotton tencel blend.

saturday was a cool day as well.. wake up late, breakfast in bed, get ready and go shopping. Afterwards some italian coffee and more shopping…

I wore:

Topshop Leggings in black

Lace Bra from intimissimi

Top from Gina Tricot

a piece of black ribbon

Bag from Zara

Christian Louboutin Babel 140mm Boots

External image

After all that walking and browsing stores we stopped for a glass of wine at Consenzo, followed by home made burgers and a night of playing Resistance 3 for PS3 and watching resident evil.

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Happy Halloween Readers!!!! This is the first halloween that I had a scary look… I went with my fiancee as Zombie boy and Lady Gaga… I know with a pink wig or extensions it would look better.. but hey! I love the brunette XXL ponytail.. it is kind of an art to keep your head straight using 2 sets of hair.. about half kilo of extra hair to get this look.

External image

We wore:

  • skinny black jeans
  • white mens shirt
  • smoking jackets
  • black boots and shoes
  • black bow ties

External image

Make up took us abut 5 hours.. but it was fun! starting with puting glue to our eyebrows (thanx Tara- @missrogue for the tip) we used white costume colour for the base, then grey eyeshadow and peach eyeshadow for the texture and black cotume color and black eyeshadow to make the details of the skull-tattooed- face:

External image

External image

we looked spoooky! and it was fun to see norwegians get ALL excited when they saw us! we had a blast, we went dancing until 4am and had a great time! looking forward to next halloween already!

and the best ending of the day:

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