aimeld asked you:

SO I heard you’re wondering whether to cosplay Cronus or not. Gotta tell ya, I remember you best from your Eridan cosplay, all that amazing swag, and Cronus would fit your acting skills wonderfully. I vote for yes. - - -

anniilaugh asked you:

DUDE I heard the rumors of your possible cosplay plans too and if you need encouragement YOU TOTALLY GOT IT, the news left me staring into the abyss for a moment, I mean your impeccable Eridan swag (DAT SWAG) would click into place perfectly. and let’s admit it, you were born with skinny jeans.

OK, you won! I’ll cosplay Cronus today!

I’m regretting this already mentally and physically…

Recovering from the surgical operation was disturbed by one other hero from the ward. - - -

“Boohoo, the nurse will come soon and she’s going to shoot me in the ass with a laser and it’s going to hurt so much and I’ll probably die… *sniff.”

Unfortunately the complaining continued for my whole hospital visit, for this mister was my neighbor at the resting ward in the surgical hospital. “..I’ll never get to eat solid food again… Barfing will never end… The porridge is too hard, can it be put in a mixer? I’ll never get to leave the hospital…”