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Do you have any gendrya fic rec? Thanks!!

hello anon! :D i love giving fic recs of any ship/fandom so im so glad you asked haha

yes i do have gendrya fic recs haha altho i haven’t been reading gendrya (or got) fics revently bec i’ve been so obsessed with The 100 and kdramas hahaha so the fics i will rec might be fics you’ve read already 


  • hope will put colors in the sky by monroeslittle
    -my very very first gendrya fic and wow it will always have a special place in my heart. i can only dream of achieving that level of awesome writing skills. i always come back to this fic and it never ever disappoints

  • the love club by heart_nouveau and notsmokingcamellights
    -gendrya isn’t the main focus here but i love how they’re characterized so much here and thefic is just worth reading in general so hopefully you don’t have any notps here haha

  • gossip spyder by magicmyth83
    -i remember being so obsessed with this fic. it’s just one of those quality fics that you’ll be thinking about for days trust me it’s so worth reading. they write like a tv series too so it’s so easy to enjoy

  • street rats by winterwaters
    -fluff fluff fluuuuufff. all the fluff. and i am just such a sucker for this trope so there ya go

  • everyone’s watching by crossingwinter
    -another one of those fics where you just think days later damn that was one good fic what the fuck and is just bingeworthy!! if you’re lookin for something to read over a weekend and get zero work done, this is the fic for you. some quality characterization here friend you will want to live in this fic forever

  • or are we dancers also by crossingwinter
    -i mention them twice because they’re just that good. also bec i remember clicking on this solely for the killers reference and wow no regrets

alsooooo all fics by @gendryatrash​, @gendryxaryatrash and @ohmytheon are just amazeballs you bet your ass you will find some good shit there :D also also there’s so much quality fic out there that i havent mentioned so yes enjoooooy
[fic] The Love Club - (Love Actually AU)

rating: teen+ // chapters: 2/9 // words: 41,000+ // status: complete, with chapters posted daily // authorsheart_nouveau & notsmokingcamellights


It’s Christmas season in London and everywhere you look, love is causing chaos. From the bachelor Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who on his first day at 10 Downing Street is taken by his extremely handsome (male) deputy chief of staff, to the young graphic designer who’s fallen hopelessly in love with his cousin’s bride. From an aging rock star and his struggling ex-wife (with some skeletons of her own); to a just-dumped writer who goes abroad to nurse his broken heart only find solace in his tough-talking housekeeper; to two literature professors with a legendary feud who just happen to settle their differences in the spirit of the holidays–love arrives in many forms, shapes, and sizes.

Two best friends fall in love at university only to be torn apart by demands of family holidays; a MP and his wife rediscover their undimmed love for one another; the head of one of Britain’s top corporations struggles with his new role as a single father and has to come to terms with his new and surprising dependence on his second-in-command. Ten stories of love all progress through Christmas to lead up to a dramatic, romantic climax on New Year’s Eve.

pairings: sansa x margaery, jaime x brienne, stannis x davos, renly x loras, robb x dany, (unrequited) jon x dany, arya x gendry, shireen x rickon, and many more

all the pairings, all the rom-com fluffiness, all the Britishness, all the crossover, and all the length (the finished product is nearly 100K words?!)

read it here.


So my friend and I talked about the seemingly lack of freckles on older!Hiccup.

Forgive us for the Filipino (i put in captions thou but from my experience captions don’t always show the WHOLE caption :T it’s ok you don’t need to know to understand what we’re saying).