Does anyone...?

Does anyone else have that “dumb” ferret? Who you really think is just generally stupid? You know, running into walls, playing tag with themselves,  licking shoes, dumb things? I’d have to say Autumn is just… yeah, dumb. She would also be the annoying one if they could talk. “HeEY DAD, LoOKIT THiS! DAD HEY OvER HERe, DAD LOOkiT WHAT IM DOING, DAAAAAAAAAAAD!”

Yeah…. Overall, Autumn isn’t too bright…

One time I was at a pool party and an attractive boy kept hinting he wanted to go to my place because my parents weren’t home and it went completely over my head and I ended up going home alone and ordering a pizza and removing all the cheese and eating it all at once, and frankly that is far better than any alternative situation.