Okay, so this isn’t a post where I’m going to say that Joker and Harley are relationship goals, because they definitely aren’t. Being in a relationship with someone who beats you up just because he feels like it isn’t the kind of relationship anyone should want. If you do, that’s your own decision. But I’m just here to say that I think Harley and Joker have something going on that’s deeper than the abuse. Everyone is just like “he abuses her, they shouldn’t be together.” In a standard relationship, I would agree with that. But both in the comics and in the movies, their relationship is more than just standard. When the Joker realized he had real, deep feelings for Harley… he tried to kill her by putting her in a rocket ship. I know the effect of that is bad but the cause is good. I think that the Joker just tries to make any positive emotion he feels into a toxic thing and treats it like it’s bad. Doesn’t that theory kind of explain his relationship with Harley?