Okay, i need to rant.

My catholic high school, in NJ, makes us wear uniforms, but every once in a while we are allowed to have “dress down days”, where we get to wear “whatever we want”. Or at least we thought. It’s 90 degrees here in NJ, and my high school won’t let any of the girls where shorts, rompers or short skirts. But boys are allowed to wear whatever they want. Some girls wore the EXACT same shorts as boys, basketball shorts, and they were forced to sit in the office, for over an hour, missing class, to have their parents bring them “appropriate” attire. The girls are being forced to wear jeans and sweatpants, with no tank top shirts in a poorly air conditioned school, while boys are wearing shorts, muscle tanks, and flip flops. It’s like we are in the 1950′s. The girls at notre dame high school are being ATTACKED and treated with sexism. If both genders weren’t allowed to wear shorts, that’s one thing. Please take the time to read our article here, which made the local news : 

It’s time to take a stand!

Please comment and reblog to support this cause, we are being treated unfairly and the authority is abusing their power.


The senior guys at Notre Dame High School came up with a dance and performed it at the Blue and White Pep Rally on Friday. OMG its hilarious. 


My Senior Prom was last night and I had a blast. I did all of my own hair and make up and went to school to take pictures before going in a limo with my friends to the Merion in Cinnamonson, NJ. First we danced for 5 hours at Prom and then we moved back to my high school for Post Prom until 5 am where we had great food and prizes and other fun stuff (I won pants, 2 pairs of headphones, Pringles, and a basket of school spirit wear and one of my friends won a TV). After 5 hours of sleep I woke up this morning and went to a dance rehearsal at my studio for our end of year performance next week. Overall this weekend was absolutely amazing as one that I’ll never forget! Now I’m going to sleep until Tuesday lol.

Princeton Day School’s Davon Reed advances the ball up court as Notre Dame’s Mark Maksimow defends during 1st half boys basketball action in Princeton on Thursday, January 26, 2012. Reed is one of the nation’s top 50 basketball recruits for the class of 2013. Andrew Miller/For The Times of Trenton

Assistant Principal Goes to Extremes to Discipline Student for New Haircut

Assistant Principal Goes to Extremes to Discipline Student for New Haircut

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Each morning parents send their children off to school in the hopes that the precious development of their education will be the main focus of the school system. However, a school in New York seems to hold another issue as vitally important as their students receiving quality education.

Seventeen-year-old Lucas Hull was excited over his new haircut. Although mohawks are against the rules of the…

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So I officially graduated today!! It all started with our Baccalaureate mass yesterday night which was the last mass as a student at Notre Dame High School! It was really beautiful and a great way to kick off the weekend! Then this morning we officially graduated at the Sun National Bank Center in Trenton, NJ. The past four years have honestly been a roller coaster with ups and downs and have been filled with some of the best moments of my life and some of the worst. Overall high school was amazing and I don’t think I would change a second of it. The beautiful people who have become some of my closest friends have impacted my life so much and there is literally no possible way to thank them for being so amazing! It’s like in the song “For Good” that played during my Baccalaureate Mass last night “Because I knew you, I have been changed for good”! I can’t wait to see what the future holds and to keep my friendships with my close friends while meeting and making new close friends with the amazing people I am going to meet at Smith!