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The Story of Joey Schmidt.

 Joey was told he was too slow, too small, not athletic enough to even play for Notre Dame. So the handsome blond put in some hard work that led him a nobody walk on to the starting MLB and captain of the team. Compared to the massive 6′8 300lb OLinemen Joey has to take on in every game his 5′11 230 does seem small. Still through intelligence, hard work and determination this sexy version of Notre Dame’s “Rudy” went form walk on to the team’s defensive MVP. Not bad for a cute little hunk from SoCal. To bad a few “bad apple” Irish fans take out their frustrations on Joey. Calling him, “umpa lumpa” “hobbit”. They think Joey is just not athletic enough to handle the huge monsters that play college ball. To them he is just the pretty white boy who can’t paly but gets all the girls on campus.Like or loathe him the guy earned everything that he has achieved. And like it or not Joey Schmidt is one studly work of manly hottness. Yes, maybe Joey is no Shawn Oakman (the monster in the last photo). Oakman stands 6′9 340lbs and Joey 5′11 230lbs. I for one would love to see Joey Schmidt vs Shawn Oakman. I believe Joey would truck Oakman and take him down, That is before the massive Oakman beats the “Schmidt” out of Joey.

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So how do you think would win in a Joe Schmidt vs Shawn Oakman matchup?

What do think about Joey?