notre dame indoor

So a few weeks before WGI Finals we were in the same boat as everyone else. It was crunch time, where things really couldn’t get any cleaner and it became all about performance and making the show all that it could be.

After rehearsal on a Sunday we were having our camp concluding talk with our techs and director. We got the usual pow wow about the good work we had done and what needed to be done in the upcoming week. We also got the reminder that the season was coming to a close.

What was different was that he started to talk about making the show memorable. He said that no one on the staff cared about placements, or scores, or medals, but they wanted to go out and perform a show that would be remembered.

He talked about how Spirit of America had won PIA the year before, but their show wasn’t memorable. It didn’t stand out. It was boring. He didn’t even know who won the year before that. There were very few PIA shows he could remember, very few stood out to him.

We had a chance to make an impact with our show. We had one that stuck out, we had one that people would take note of.

At the time, we all nodded our heads and agreed. We knew how badass our show was, we knew that it was good. But now, in hindsight, the real meaning of our director’s words has set in.

Contact was an amazing show. From concept, to visual, to music, it was outstanding and an honor to march. We made an impact. We made a show that will be remembered long after the top three are forgotten. I’ve seen the impact it has had on people that watched it.

On multiple occasions we had people, parents of members of other PIA lines even, come up to us and tell us what a special show we had, how good of job we did. Its an impact like that that makes me love WGI.

The impact the show had on each and everyone one of us, every member of NDIPE, it profound. Our closing voice over said, “The only thing that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other.” I couldn’t think of any better way to express my feelings about the people I marched with. Any member of NDIPE will agree.

The show will always be remembered by each and every one of us. There are a lot of people who will remember it for a while, but eventually forget. Contact lives on, however, in every member of the 2013 version of the Notre Dame Indoor Percussion Ensemble.