notre dame indoor


chapelle notre dame du salut fecamp by Tony
Via Flickr:
A place of pilgrimage since the thirteenth century, the present building preserves Romanesque and Gothic elements. The roof of the nave was destroyed during a storm at the end of the 19th century, and since that time this part of the building is open to the sky. This is the main chappel in the church, just off this is a smaller chappel with many memories to sailors and ships that have dissapeared at sea. The chappel had people contemplating so I didn’t take any pictures in there.


Notre Dame College Indoor Colorguard - End of the Ride

featuring performers: Abbie King, Alayna Davis, Amy Nelson, Breanna Weeda, Bria Bennett, James Thomas, Kim Collins, Rachel Hogue, Sarah O'grady, Shane Mcfall, & Tammi Simon.