“Blimey, didn’t see you lot! Hello, there. I’m the Doctor. Just the Doctor. Who are you?”

Minty-whooves, ellapond, notquitehumannotquitedemon, master-assasssin-turlough, themosthandsomedoctor, thewaitingandthedreamer, theartist-thetimelady, and old-bigears have entered the TARDIS.

“Ok, so where’s the nursery again?” Leighanne muttered, holding a baby-blue bundle in her arms. “Ugh…I’ve gotten lost again haven’t I?” She groaned. She turned around and walked back the way she came, deciding to head to the console room and wait until the TARDIS decided to tell her where the nursery room was. Normally she’d just go to the doctor and ask him to take her there, but after the Magic anon, it was better he rested while his body healed it self. Arriving in the console room she sat down in the captain’s chair and looked down at the bundle. “I just realised we don’t have a name for you little guy…” She muttered, before looking up as the door to the TARDIS opened. “Oh…Hello, um, if your here to see the doctor…He’s sort of out-of-commission at the moment…Due to a Magic Anon. Resulting in this little guy.” Leigh said awkwardly, standing up and adjusting the bundle in her arms. “I’m Leighanne..And this is…Well…He doesn’t have a name yet. Anyways, hi.”