Barry barely read past the first line of her last text before he was gone, running from his apartment in a blur to Violet.  Yes she was in the home of his enemy but in that moment he didn’t care, skidding to a halt next to her when he found her and just held up the phone before asking shakily.  “What? Surely you didn’t….”


Barry tried to slide in quietly, knowing Violet might be sleeping.  He’d gotten off work around 8, and then was running around as the Flash till around 1am. Slipping in, he saw the pizzas on the counter and smiled, but decided against heating it up and picked a piece up from the box and set to eating in the dark.


Griffin had arrived a bit early and sat at a table, looking a bit cleaner than he usually did.  New jeans and shirt, but the worn red hoodie and black hand wraps stayed the same.  Sitting by the window, Griff nursed his small cup of black coffee, waiting patiently for Vi to arrive.