troutyrps asked:

☆ Lydia - does Sam and Malia's closeness bother you?

‘’It does sometimes. They have this weird werewolf bond, and I know they both enjoy spending time together. It really pisses me off when we’ve been fighting, and he goes to spend time with her to cool off but I do know deep down it’s ust because they’re friends and not anything more. I can’t lie and say there aren’t times where I wanna rip her head off, though.’’

troutyrps asked:

☆ Lydia - do you think you'll ever tell your Mother about the Supernatural world?

I’d like to. It’s hard hiding it from her all the time. I know it means she’s safer but I hate the lying. And… I have to admit it’s a little scary. When my grandmother was hearing voices, my father threw her into Eichen House and she died there. I guess there’s always the worry that my Mom would think I’m crazy too. 

notpsychic-lydia asked:

☆ Sam, have you ever thought about how you'd propose to Lydia?

Yeah, of course I have. I’ve got it all planned out. None of this cheesy fancy dinner stuff or whatever. I’d take her to the library after hours. Use the whole persuasion thing I have to get us access there. But it’s gotta be that huge one in New York. I think she’d book-gasm just looking at the place. But anyway, I’d take her there and put up like, fairy lights and stuff, have a bottle of champaign on ice ready. Then I’d lay out books on a table that could spell out ‘will you marry me?’ with the titles.

Then when she looked at me again I’d give her two things; a book that’s the story of us, which is basically a photo book with me writing some stuff in about our life, and then a little box shaped like a book. When she opens the box up? The ring is in there.

troutyrps asked:

☆ Lydia - how does it really make you feel that Peter is dead?

Happy and scared all in one. He made my life a living hell numerous times. He drove me crazy, and gave me the power that I have. It took me a long time to even learn how to use it, and I still don’t. He also left me to bleed out on the lacrosse field twice. He took my baby and robbed me off the first day of her life. My face wasn’t the first one she saw, and I’ll always hate him for that.

But it’s also scary. He used me to come back from the dead before and I guess the small part of me that hasn’t quite moved on from last time, is just waiting for him to use me like that again. 

notpsychic-lydia asked:

☆ Sam, if you could marry Sugar again and you had total control of the wedding, what would it be like?

Probably a lot of the same, I think. I figure that what we had was pretty perfect for us so I wouldn’t wanna change that. But we’d have a Batman cake, and I’d tear my shirt at the end of the ceremony to show off my Superman t-shirt then pick her up and run back down the aisle like she’s my Lois Lane. 

notpsychic-lydia asked:

☆ Sam, how do you feel about the fact that Lydia won't marry you?

Honestly, it kills me. I know she wants to get her medal and everything on her own but it’s not like being married would change that. She could keep her last name, modern woman and all that, and still be married to me. It’s like the ultimate way of showing that you love someone. It scares me, too. Makes me wonder if she’s not holding out in case someone better comes along eventually. I just wish she’d want it too.

notpsychic-lydia asked:

☆ Sam, do you ever think about what might have happened if Lydia had really died that night because of Peter?

Yeah, I do. I know that I would have gone down a different path… Lydia helped me control my strength and temper and everything after I killed Deucalion. Without her there and the anger I woulda felt? I… would have killed him just the same, eventually. But I would have made him suffer for a long time before that. I know I would and that scares me, to be honest. Knowing I could do that…  knowing I would have made every second of every day the worst he could ever imagine.

notpsychic-lydia asked:

☆ Sam, what do you think your life would be like now if you'd have stayed with Jess?

I think we’d be married. No kids yet because - yeah, we’d want them - but we woulda done a lot of other stuff together before that. Neither of us would have met Alex, I’d probably still have never set foot in New York. I think life would be good.

notpsychic-lydia asked:

☆ Sam, have you ever had inappropriate thoughts about Malia?

That depends on what you call inappropriate?

I can’t control dream Sam, okay. So that one dream I had about her once is totally just like, you know, crazy thoughts and not real. I haven’t done when awake - except for now, now that you’re asking and making me think about it - so kinda no and kinda yes?

notpsychic-lydia asked:

☆ + Sam, do you ever blame Sugar for the miscarriage?

No. I blame myself but not her. I should have paid more attention to her that night instead of my family. I should have known something was wrong. Instead… our little girl didn’t get a chance and I’ll never forgive myself for that.