I can't live without you..

I can absolutely positutely not stand it when someones tells their bf/gf that they can’t live without them. That’s a lie. You lived without them before, and yes, you can live without them again. You choose not to live without them! The only person you literally cannot live without is the One who is life and who gives life. Jesus. Without Him, you are nothing. Without Him, you cannot live. Without Him, life is pointless and there is nothing to live for. My second cousin died on Tuesday. He was only sixty years old. He had a heart attack on his job sight. Died before reaching the hospital. He woke up that morning,just like every morning, and prepared for his work day. Kissed his wife, not knowing it was for the last time, ate his last breakfast, said his absolute last words to the people around him. And that afternoon, he left this earth. He literally could not live without God. God gives us the option of eternal life in heaven, or eternal life in hell. We can either choose life, or destruction. It all comes back to that choice. Are you going to choose life, or death? It’s up to you, but if you’re looking for it in your bf/gf, I can already tell you what you’ve chosen, and its not life.