Not Perfect chapter 1 pictures (set 3)

The white haired boy tilted over the barrier of balcony and almost crashed on it with all his body. Then he fell to his knees. At that moment Nezumi heard Shion’s scream. It was different than the one from eight years ago. It was full of hurt and it was begging for help. It torn Nezumi’s heart and soul apart.
Small cry followed the scream.
“Please. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please. Nezumi…”
The silver eyed boy frozen after hearing his name. This whole scene hurt him more than anything else in his life. Before he got himself together Shion was already up and he slowly moved inside his room. Afterwards a few steps inside, he fell down on floor.
After Shion didn’t move for a minute Nezumi rushed to his side. Climbing into balcony wasn’t hard when he was 12, so now it took the dark haired boy only a few seconds. He fell on knees beside Shion and shook him a little.
“Hey, Shion! Wake up! Shion.”
But the white haired boy was silent. Nezumi checked his pulse and breath. They were quiet, but firm. Afraid to move him, Nezumi only raised his head a little so unconscious boy had easiest way to breathe. He saw a communication unit in Shion’s hand. He could just run down the stairs to the bakery, but he was too much afraid of leaving Shion alone so pressed a few buttons and pushed call button.

“Dear, do you need something? You don’t usually call..”
“Ms. Karan, Shion lost conscious. Can you came to his room fast?” Nezumi interrupted woman.

Not Perfect story:

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Progress is progress

I believe this is a hard thing for most people who first begin their journey to health and fitness. I know when I first tried to lose weight, the slow progress was indeed discouraging. The thing is, anything worth having takes both time, and hard work. You have to remember that progress of any kind, is progress. It’s the little things in life that keeps us moving forward, and the same thing applies here. There is another quote that goes well with this one, it’s, “Strive for progress, not perfection.” I just know from my own experience and what I’ve talked to others about, it seems that most people go for perfection out of the gate and I believe that is why most fail. It was true for me anyway. You can’t go into anything expecting near perfect results at every turn. You have to practice, have patience, and tell yourself how important what you are working for is to you. Always, remind yourself of what’s important to you. Stay focused and never give up. Treat your body and health like you would a career. Do you give up on a career just because you don’t get a raise after one month working there? Do you abandon everything you’ve worked so hard for just because you didn’t get the promotion you thought you deserved after just a few months? Things take time and hard work. There’s that again, but it’s true. If you know what you want in life, then make it happen. There is no excuse for why you can’t have the things you want in life. You are the only reason you can’t have the things you want in life. It’s time to get out of your own way, and clear the path ahead. Inspire change in yourself, make yourself better. The only excuse you have is you, so stop being an excuse.


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Gentlemen are not perfect, but irresistible. 😉
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“(Left) I want to hurry up and get a girlfriend. I’m capable of having a more mature relationship now compared to before, so I just want to fall deeply in love.”
“Deeply in love?”
“(Left) When I met up with girlfriends in the past I thought we had to go out for spaghetti. I also thought I had to look good for my girlfriend. It was like I was obsessive-compulsive about it. I wasn’t perfect, but I wanted to look like I was perfect. Nowadays though, I just want to eat soybean paste stew and sit comfortably by the road talking. Person to person.”

(왼쪽) “여자친구가 빨리 생기면 좋겠어요. 이제 예전보단 어른스럽게 할 수 있으니까 깊은 사랑 하고 싶어요.”
“깊은 사랑이요?”
(왼쪽) “예전엔 여친 만나면 스파게티 먹어야 할 것 같았어요. 여자친구한테는 잘 보여야 한다는 강박관념 같은 게 있었거든요. 완벽하지 않은데 완벽하게 보이고 싶어 하는게 있잖아요. 이젠 같이 된장찌개 먹고 길가에 편하게 앉아서 얘기도 하고 싶어요. 사람 대 사람으로요.”

Not Perfect chapter 1

“NO.6 finally started to set down after all chaos that had occurred four years ago. Everything had to be started over, to not repeat mistakes of the past, to build a future where something like human hunt would never take place again.

That was Shion’s job.

Even if it will would kill him in the end, Shion would still do it. That was his responsible and the only way to atone for his sins.

Shion heard his name called. Slow getting up, he put a smile on his face and walked towards the microphone. That was going to be long two days.”

“Big, gray circles under his eyes, his body was so thin, and his skin so pale that was impossible for living person to have. Yet, what was the worst for long haired boy was a the look in Shion’s eyes. Empty, without life.

The Red-eyed boy expressed his gratitude to NO.3 for helping with educational programs, he talked about feeding programs they pushed since wall fell and he went on about many other things. He did all of that with smile on his face. Still, that smile hurt Nezumi like nothing in past four years, it was just like Shion’s eyes, hollow.“

The illustration to the first chapter of Not Perfect. It’s been so long since I stared that chapter. I didn’t remember almost anything from english grammar and you can see that. I already reedited first chapters once but now I looked at first lines and found things I would change and fix again. Maybe I going to do it after I finish whole story.

And the first pic I’ve done from beginning to the end on the computer… god, that was nightmare O_O. I don’t think I’m doing it again, nope, nope, nope… even basic sketch on paper THEN computer.

I probably redraw this scene from another angle, with more focus on Shion’s face…
There was the moment I didn’t think I’m going to finish it. Nothing wanted to work. Shion’s exhausted face, the suit… This scene takes place at very hot summer… Poor Shion he must have feel cooked in this suit.

I’m somehow proud of Restructual Committee logo, fast work but it looks almost real, I wanted to add NO.6 old logo too, but I didn’t had clear copy and I wonder… After wall fell, would RC keep using NO.6 logo? I know it’s not like Shion and rest changed name of city, but wouldn’t NO.6 logo remind everyone about old government doings, the Elyurias killing and other bad things?

I wonder what you think about it.