Rummaging through my old folders, I found that “favorite pokemon of each type” meme I had started, never finished, started again, never finished again. I’m probably never going to, but since I still really like how this one square turned out, I am posting it still, so I won’t have drawn it completely for nothing!

Nessi-j’s character Thousand Eyes, with a Wood Thrush to sing for him so he doesn’t get too lonely anymore.

Still trying to get the hang of backgrounds, I’m not sure it was a success.
I wanted some kind of desolate landscape/cliff to hint at suicide and loneliness, and then I realized that character contrasts on snow with it’s earthy browns and roses. I tweaked the background but the colors are still kinda off.
Also, lineless is incredibly hard.

I would love to get some good critique or advice on this, if anyone feels like it? I know it has a lot of mistakes still and I’d really like to work on that.

Posting something that’s been sitting on my laptop for ages so the exams period doesn’t go by with absolutely nothing on my end.

Vector I did of, I think, buttbear’s character? I am not entirely sure because I thought I found it on her charahub and it’s not there anymore, if anyone recognizes this, please tell me!
Tried something a little different, left bits of the sketch here and there. I think it looks neat.

Gift for Hikarii @ Subeta for the Secret Santa event avarde was hosting. Basically, everyone draws for someone, no one knows who draws for them, and you turn in the art before Christmas.
And I had fun with this. Realized I haven’t drawn girls/women for such a long time and forgot how nice it is.


Free artstuff for Inseng and Obsydian. Part of this giveaway ;)

a) Chrono dweller - ocean
YOU HAD IT COMING. Have a kitchy turquoise Chorno dweller. Be glad I did not give him a seashell bikini.
… I should’ve done that.

b) Rockhopper penguin - flight attendant, space
HELLO NEW FOLLOWER welcome to the mothcave. Judging by the ~space~ you came from Inseng’s ;) Well, I did my best! I wanted to make him a spaceship flight attendant, but why do that when I can simply MAKE HIM SPACE welp. Or her, I dunno. Your call!

Birthday art for the wonderful Blizzy. I wanted to do a lot more but I didn’t get the time anymore, so here, have some Boten, Chablis and Ammo cuddles. I hope I stayed close enough to their original designs, I tried to do your (and Jay’s) beautiful characters justice. 

Happy birthday, Blizzy! Stay awesome, keep drawing, and enjoy your birthday, yes?

Oh, and there is a bonus Tully tho:

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