More of Gatsby & Scout with their buddies:

1) We got to see Oliver again! We tried to get a nice picture of all three together, but as you can see, we were not very successful.

2) We set up by Curry & Ookii’s mama at the beach so Gatsby and Scout got to hang out with them for most of beach day, which was awesome.

3) We also saw Kuma again! He is so soft and cuddly.


OMC! Corgi Beach Day was super fun! Kuma got to meet so many new friends. We got a picture of Murphy, a pic of Scout, bikini corg wrastlin’, Ruby, Megan (Ed! & Ghibli’s mom) with Corgnelius and Stumphrey, Gatsby, then Kuma got a pic with Corgnelius and Stumphrey as well, Dale and Luna, and tons of other awesome corgs. I’ve got a ton of pics of the doggles trio. Stay tuned :) 

Also, does anybody know who corgis 2, 4, and 5 are in the last picture?

Edit: LOL. Of course 5 is Luna! I didn’t realize she was wearing a flower because I only got pics of her right side.


Kuma’s 10 steps to an awesome day:

1. Have mom and dad take me to the corgi beach party to see old friends and meet new ones.

2. Chase everyone up and down the beach.

3. Pose for an awesome group picture with 300+ other corgis. (Can you find Kuma? Hint: look for the red star)

4. Hang out with the surfers because have you seen my shirt? I totally fit right in.

5. Then get on a surfboard! I’m a natural.

6. Pose for the puparazzi and beg for some treats.

7. Get Daddy to take off my darn doggles so I can give kisses and snorgles to my tumblr fans.

8. Demand more kisses and snorgles from any unsuspecting corgi addicts.

9. Hang out with the Doggles Brigade.

10. Make Daddy carry me everywhere because when my legs are tired it’s been an awesome day.