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He’s trying to be cute enough with this max volume purring to convince me to give him one of my goldfish crackers
(It didn’t work he didn’t get any but he’s very cute so points for trying)

raxceni  asked:

So did you get to pick out your notorious Post Boy outfit, or was that something ChiChi already picked out for you when you and Goku went to go get your driver's license?

UGH CHICHI PICKED THAT FOR ME. she said i had to wear something “”””normla””””” if i was going to go do a “”””normal”””” thing like get a driver’s lisence and shoved clothes at me despite the fact that i told her i could make my onw. she siad i’d mess it up and wear something not normal but I ASK YOU IS THERE ANYTHINGNORMAL ABOUT THAT OUTFIT. WHY DID SON EVEN AHAVE THOSE CLOTHS WHO BOUGHT THEM. DISGUSTING.

Octosniper report! These suckers are apparently notorious for posting up and blasting powerful ink shots at enemies from long distance. If you find yourself under heavy Octosniper fire, find some cover and then try to advance your position by swimming in your own ink. I’m not sure if I’m a bad enough dude to take these guys down, but I bet some of you folks out there will master the art!


Bullies tried to crush his spirit, but Dancing Man will not be stopped.

It all started when Free Thought Project writer Cassandra Fairbanks encountered a post from notorious Internet troll-hole 4chan, in which an anonymous user reported he had body-shamed a heavyset man into ceasing his dance moves by laughing at him.

The post was originally uploaded to photo-sharing website Imgur by a user named FrozenBadget, who commented “I find this behavior f*cking despicable. If you’re out there big man, f*ck those kids. Keep dancing.” One top-rated commenter added that “The second picture breaks my heart. He looks so f*cking defeated. Piece of shit kids.”

Fairbanks decided to find the man in the photos so that a “huge group of ladies” could do something special for him. The #DancingMan hashtag was born, and Fairbanks’ followers helped take up the hunt.

Well, he’s been found and Fairbanks (plus 1,727 other women and some celebrities) have an awesome plan in place.

I ultimately preferred Stanford dragging Stanley away, but I had to draw at least one panel’s worth of Ford with Darwin’s blissed-out expression.
QUIZ: Which Feminist Icon Are You?
Our favorite feminist pioneers are women we all aspire to be like. So which one are you most similar to? From Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Audre Lorde, the women who paved the way for feminism and gender

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg: You’re passionate about politics and your pen packs a punch.”