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forgive me for this nerdy ass post but

the thing that gets me about all these people who are furious that there’s more content for gay ships than their het ships is just how often they’re plain wrong

i mean, take dragon age for example where the fandom is notorious for making post after post about how maligned their precious f/m is because people dare to prefer the m/m version of the romance. by the way they’re talking you’d think het ships would be sinking under the m/m juggernaut.

you wanna know what the reality looks like?


yep. there’s literally more het fic for dragon age than m/m and f/f combined.

why does this happen? why is it such a phenomenon that people whine and scream and cry about how much the mean gays are taking over fandom when the reality is that gay people still draw the short end of the stick on top of getting yelled at for it?

imo it’s because hets don’t notice het content because they subconsciously categorize it as Correct and Natural but are hyper aware of gay content because they feel it’s somehow the opposite of that.

part of that is probably because of how often het content is canon compared to gay content– so many het ships aren’t even counted as het but are seen as “gen” just because they’re canon compliant. and making content for the actual happenings of the narrative is seen as somehow different than inventing content. so it slips under the radar.

the other is obviously that they’re much more likely to discount gay subtext and validate het subtext due to heteronormativity. the smallest scene is proof that a het ship is real and ~obviously people would create content for it but gay subtext is far fetched and outlandish and therefore worthy of special attention.

the other side of the equation is the way fanfic is seen as the be-end-all measuring stick of fandom content output. i know it’s because ao3 with its nice screenshottable numbers is easiest to use as a reference point (i did it myself). but that’s inherently a flawed metric because

a) canon ships are much less likely to have the same fanfic output than non-canon ships for the simple reason that less wish fulfillment is needed if the canon is giving you the content you want. guess hard whether het or gay ships are more likely to be canon

b) ao3 skewing gay is not a surprise considering it was partly intended specifically for the gay fic that was banned on other fanfic archives (have you never wondered why it’s called ‘an archive of our own’?). you used to get deleted for posting gay stuff on (idk if it still happens i haven’t posted there in ages), and fandom-specific fic archives and later LJ/DW comms were (and, tbqh, still sometimes are) rife with homophobic rules banning or heavily censoring gay content. if you visit any other fic archive the numbers will look a lot differently, i assure you (and yes, they /are/ still active), people just can’t get statistics as easily from them.

c) tangentially related to the above point, people forget that fandom isn’t just the people they follow on tumblr. using dragon age as an example again, reddit, the BSN boards,, etc are all part of the dragon age fandom and as someone who spent a lot of time i should have honestly applied better on the BSN boards i can tell you they were suffocatingly heterosexual (and homophobic!). i can’t vouch for reddit personally but i have friends who can and who had the same experience there. the fact that gay people have to cluster in specific spaces like tumblr tags and ao3 because they’re entirely unwelcome in literally every other general fandom space is not some sort of privilege, lmao.

d) and honestly most importantly: fic is not the only fandom output. like, i can’t believe that even has to be said but fanart, gif sets and graphics, fanmixes, meta, fanvids, even shitposts! are all also fandom output. they just don’t get counted because they’re much harder to quantify. but if you look at e.g. which tumblr tags are most active (as for example curated here) there is quite obviously a ton of het shipping happening on tumblr (the most popular ship last week was a het ship– mike and eleven from stranger things). you just don’t recognize it as such because the medium isn’t fic. this is again related to how likely gay ships actually get satisfying in-canon content– the fact that gay ships often get a lot of fic is because we gay people have to turn to fic for what canon refuses to provide for us. het ships have tons of content and active tags, but it often consists of e.g. gif sets or meta because they are far more likely to have canon content to rely on with no need to invent anything on top of it.

the reason why f/f sometimes runs counter to that rule and produces a lot of fic for canon ships is imho because quite frankly… canon f/f ships make up most of the rare occasions in which two female characters get to have a complex, interesting and well written relationship that isn’t almost entirely overshadowed by how their narrative revolves around a man. there’s also a lot to be said about why the numbers for f/f are small most of the time that would require a whole huge ass separate post and i am a tired lesbian and do not have the energy.

i also don’t really wanna get into why these accusations are often hurled at gay people. i’ve been called a misogynist for not giving a shit about het one too many times by people who can’t fathom that a lesbian might find m/f content a hundred times more alienating than any m/m content could ever be. but the fact is that it’s all too often based on an entirely fabricated idea of how the fandom landscape actually looks like, and i just wish we could stop entertaining that lie.

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For the anon requesting musicians Miranda Miller from Hey Violet, Notorious B.I.G, Frank Iero, and Troye Sivan, enjoy!

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'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Scandal,' 'How to Get Away With Murder' Renewed | THR

The entire TGIT lineup will return with new seasons in the 2017-18 season.
ABC’s Channing Dungey is making her mark with some high-profile early renewals.

Shonda Rhimes-produced Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder have all been renewed for the 2017-18 broadcast season, the Disney-owned network announced Friday.

The early pickups — typically reserved for the most high-profile shows from important producers — will bring Grey’s into its 14th season, Scandal to its seventh and Murder to its fourth. The fate of fellow Rhimes-produced drama The Catch has not yet been announced as the series will not premiere until Murder ends its run this season.

The early pickups comes as Scandal’s return has helped solidify ABC’s Thursday night, which also marked the return of the network’s “TGIT” branding. Since Scandal’s return, the TGIT lineup has helped ABC win Thursday night for the past three weeks in the core adults 18-49 demographic. Scandal’s Jan. 26 return — which featured the show’s president-elect murdered as he was giving his acceptance speech — helped fuel ABC to season highs.

“Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder continue to keep viewers on the edge of their seats and wanting more. I’m thrilled to bring back these shows and the OMG moments that come with them,” Dungey said of the early pickups.

Grey’s, starring Ellen Pompeo,ranks as ABC’s No. 1 show among the advertiser-coveted 18-49 demo, an impressive feat for a show in its 13th season. It’s also a top 10 series in the demo and the No. 3 drama on all of broadcast. Its midseason return on Jan. 26 marked its most-watched telecast since September 2014.

Scandal, starring Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, was bumped to midseason to accommodate star Washington’s second pregnancy. Rhimes has noted that the series will likely feature a reduced episode order as the drama likely heads toward its endgame. The prolific producer has also noted that Scandal isn’t a show that will have the same longevity as a show like Grey’s given the rate in which it burns through plot. (Scandal scripts are 20 pages longer than the typical drama.) The series will mark its 100th episode this season and Dungey told THR in January that they’ve talked about an endgame. “It’s really going to be up to Shonda because she’s the person who really knows where she wants the story to go and where it will play out. I have always said that I will take as much Scandal as she will give me. We are in a universe where she’s comfortable with slightly shorter seasons but my plan is Scandal is back next year and after that, it’ll be a conversation that we’ll have to have.”

Murder, starring Viola Davis and from exec producer and Shondaland disciple Pete Nowalk, returned last month to a season high and its best performance in a year — driven largely by its Scandal lead-in.

Without Scandal at 9 p.m., ABC limped until its return in the slot after opening the season with freshman drama Notorious in the coveted post-Grey’s slot. The drama, which had its order reduced, is not expected to return.

All three shows are produced by Shondaland and exec producer Betsy Beers. They’re from ABC’s sibling studio, ABC Studios, where Rhimes and Beers’ Shondaland banner is under a lucrative overall deal. The company also has Still Star-Crossed (which will change its title) due later this season as well as a drama pilot in contention.

For ABC, these are the first drama renewals for the 2017-18 broadcast season. They join comedy The Middle, produced by Warner Bros. Television, as having scored early pickups. ABC also has at least one new show ordered straight to series for next season in Marvel’s The Inhumans, which will debut in Imax theaters over Labor Day before launching in September with expanded episodes on ABC.

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For the anon requesting rappers Biggie Smalls (The Notorious B.I.G.) and Tupac Shakur, enjoy!

Black Excellence

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I was tagged by @life-is-no-sugarlicking to do this dancing meme thing and I have never been happier because I spend way too much time thinking about how fictional characters dance.



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Do I even have other relevant OCs? Here’s a bonus RedEye instead because I’m hilarious:

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Queen of the South” has been renewed for Season 3, USA Network announced on Thursday.

Based on Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s book “La Reina del Sur,” the series stars Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, who is forced to run from a Mexican drug cartel and seek refuge in America. In Season 2, Mendoza must not only survive but also learn the rules of the drug trade, forcing her to form an alliance with Camila Vargas (Veronica Falcon), the estranged wife of her enemy.

Season 3 is expected to air in 2018. The Season 2 finale will air Aug. 31. Natalie Chaidez and David T. Friendly serve as executive producers. The series is a co-production from Fox 21 Television Studios and Universal Cable Productions.

In Nielsen Live+3 data, the series is Thursday night’s number one cable series among adults 18-49 and the night’s number one cable drama among adults 25-54, adults 18-34, and total viewers year to date, and has delivered an average of 2 million total viewers per episode this season.

“Queen of the South” is one of several original series currently airing on USA. The others include “Mr. Robot,” “Colony,” “Falling Water,” “Playing House,” “Shooter,” “The Sinner,” and “Suits.” Upcoming series include the drama “Damnation” and “Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.”