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Fic: The Outlaw’s Lady part 2

This started life as a one shot but now looks set to be a multipart story. This part was based on this prompt from @lauraelizabeth77. Hope you enjoy it


Hi! I saw your request for prompts.. I notice you do fluff really well ( I love fluff). How about a bit of Murtagh and Claire bonding? Also! I noticed your back writing fic after a 10 year break. Well done! I’ve taken a 15 year break, started a few Outlander ideas.. you are inspiring me to get back to it!

Part 1 is here 

Claire woke to the sound of raised voices. That wasn’t unusual amongst the Highlanders, but what was unusual was the number of times she heard the words “Claire” “Mistress Beauchamp”, “Sassenach spy” and more than once “English bitch”. She threw off her cloak and groggily searched around for her clothes. The sat in a pile in the centre of the room. She flashed back to the previous night and her face flushed hot. She was engaged. To a large red headed highlander, who also happened to be a notorious outlaw. A notorious outlaw who also happened to be the single great love of her life. It all made so much sense to her now. She had tried to get away on occasion, and it had always been Jamie who had found her. She wondered if that she had subconsciously made that happen. If she had’t really wanted to leave, but done what she thought she must through duty, through loyalty.

Frank. He was her husband, but was he really? He wouldn’t even be born for nigh on another two hundred years and in her six weeks in the past the memory of him had grown blurry in a way it had not even in six years of separation through war. The war had taken its toll though, but she had thought that perhaps with time they could have fixed that had she never gone to the stones. Had she never found Jamie. But she had. She felt some regret that Frank would never know what had happened to her, that there would always be questions, but she also knew Frank. He had loved her, but he would move on. It was just who he was.  His fiercely pragmatic nature alone would ensure that. And for her, her heart and soul belonged elsewhere, she could never truly go back now.

She got dressed slowly, listening to the noise below escalate. Jamie. Dougal. Ned Gowan attempting to intercede between the two.

“Ya canna marry the Sassenach, Jamie. Colum will lose his head. Or you might lose yours. Whatever were ya thinking man?”

“She needs protecting. She has no people, no husband to take care o’ her. If you insist she must stay here with us, she at least deserves that. A lady of her station shouldna be by herself”

“Oh and you’re just the man to protect her, aye?” The derision was palpable.

There was more shouting this time less distinct but no less vehement in tone. She was dressed now and wondering what to do with herself. She didn’t really fancy throwing herself into Dougal’s firing line, but at the same time felt that really should be offering moral support to Jamie given that this wasn’t exactly something he had gotten into by himself. There was an alarming crash and the sound of a door banging. Heading to the window, she saw Dougal stomp across the yard towards the stables at the same time she heard footfalls on the stairs. Hurriedly raking her fingers through her wild morning hair she attempted to make herself more presentable expecting Jamie. It was Murtagh, however, who knocked and entered the room.

They eyed each other speculatively. Claire raised her chin slightly feeling slightly unnerved. It was however, Murtagh who broke the silence.

“I brought you some breakfast, lass. I figured you’d no want to be getting between Dougal and Jamie when they have their danders up. Even if you are the cause of it” He raised an eyebrow at her at this and walked over and placed a tray on the table in the corner. “Dougal’s stomped off, but I have nay doubt he’ll be back as soon as he’s thought of some new names to call the lad. I figured we’d just leave them at it for now at least”

She had expected Murtagh to leave immediately after setting the tray down but he surprised her by leaning against the fireplace.

“So, lass. Why do you want to marry Jamie?. I ken why he wants to marry you, the look on his face when he thinks no one is watching him watching you, is all I need to know about his feelings. But you? Why have you agreed to this? You ken he’s an outlaw?”

“I do” she replied.

“And ya ken he’s no land or money.”


“So why?” The scot looked at her intently, his bushy brows meeting. The silence stretched between them.

After a moment Murtagh spoke again. “I love that boy like he’s my own son and since his parents died he might as well be. I dinna think him taking you to wife is a good idea. I’m not going to lie about that, but I ken he loves you something fierce. He’s a good bit of both his Mam and Da in him and they loved passionately and not always wisely. He’s romantic and he believes in marrying for love. I dinna think any of us expected it to be to a mysterious Sassenach who near dropped out of the sky though.”

These were more words than she had heard Murtagh speak since he first found her at the stones those six weeks past.

“I love him too. I know that he has no land or money. I know that he’s an outlaw with a price on his head. I know all this and I still want him. Its him that I want. Not a position, not a name or title. Hell, I don’t even know his real name, but I’ll bet my shift it’s not MacTavish.”

The wiry scot’s mouth lifted a little at the corners with that. “No, its not. But its for Jamie to tell you who he is, not me.”

She nodded at that and he carried on. “It clear you’re a lady. High born and gently reared. Despite your foul mouth.” It was her turn to smile slightly. “Are you really prepared for what life with him could be like? If things go sour at Leoch. You’d have to take off. You could maybe head for France or the such, but it will no be easy for the two of you. Both of yis are in that mad bastard Randall’s sights. If he catches wind o’ yer…”

“I want him” her voice was almost a whisper and it shook slightly. There was another pause between them.

“Aye. Aye, I know you do, Mistress. You’ve the kind of face that just isna built for telling lies. But I needed to ask ya. I promised his Ma I’d always take care of him and I willna break that vow. Ya no the only one who loves him, ken?”

She kent. She did not know the taciturn highlander well, but she knew him to be stalwart and true. Jamie trusted him without question and she knew that she could too.

He rose to his feet.

“Well then… Claire” He looked slightly uncomfortable at the use of this familiarity and followed it with a world class scottish noise. “You finish your breakfast and come on down. We’ve some plans to make, aye?”

Fic Prompts: Strange Magic Monday

The Bog King, notorious outlaw is on the loose in the Light Fields! (don’t ask him how that reputation started, he isn’t even sure what law he broke. Ask the inhabitants of the Dark Forest and they’ll all agree that he’s a perfectly respectable monarch). So just what was it that he did to grant him outlaw status among the fair folk?


The Pinkerton Detective Agency

In the mid to late 19th century, there were few police forces, few public security forces, and the US Military was quite small.  Such times allowed for private security, law enforcement, and military forces to thrive.  The largest and most powerful private security firm in the world at the time was the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, founded in 1850 by Allan Pinkerton.  During the later half of the 1800’s, if you needed a stagecoach full of valuables guarded, needed to protect a train from robbers, needed the services of mercenaries, needed a private detective, or even needed a bounty hunter to hunt down a notorious outlaw, “The Pinkerton Guards” were your go to guys.

Most of the Agency’s services focused on providing security guards to protect wagons, trains, and stagecoaches transporting valuables, especially bank and payroll funds.  However the Pinkerton Agency could provide a large number of special agents for a variety of services.  During the American Civil War, the US Government hired Pinkerton Agents as bodyguards for Abraham Lincoln, other politicians, and Union Generals.  Unfortunately for Lincoln the man assigned as his bodyguard the night of his assassination was not a Pinkerton Guard, but an incompetent local police officer.  Pinkerton Agents could also serve as detectives, trackers, and bounty hunters.  In 1895 a Pinkerton Detective named Frank Geyer became famous for tracking down and apprehending the infamous serial killer H. H. Holmes, who operated a hotel in Chicago where he tortured, mutilated, and murdered somewhere between 27 to 200 people.  Perhaps the most famous case of the Pinkerton Detective Agency was their nationwide hunt for the “Hole in the Wall Gang”, a pursuit that was so dogged Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was forced to flee to South America.

At its height the Pinkerton Detective Agency had tens of thousands of employees and sported more armed men than the US Army.  In fact, in some cases the Pinkerton Agency could provided uniformed soldiers for private military contracts.  Despite the Agency’s wide variety of services, the Pinkerton’s became most notorious for their use by wealthy industrialists as strike breakers.  In the 1870’s Pinkerton Agents successfully infiltrated and broke up the “Molly Maguires” in the Pennsylvania coal mines.  Pinkerton Agents also took part in breaking mining strikes in Colorado and West Virginia, including the infamous Ludlow Massacre.  In 1892 300 Pinkerton Agents were hired by Henry Frick to protect Andrew Carnegie’s steel factories from striking workers in Homestead near Pittsburgh.  It is unknown who fired the first shot, but the agents opened fire on the strikers, killing 16 and wounding 23 others.

By the late 19th and early 20th centuries the Pinkerton Detective Agency began to decline as local, state, and federal government agencies began to take over their duties.  The Agency saw a revival during World War I and Prohibition.  Today the Pinkerton Detective Agency is now called “Pinkerton Corporate Risk Management” and operates as a security company under ownership of the Swedish company Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services, Inc.

Overprotective and Definitely not Careful

Notes:  Request from anon.  Garp says hello.  Ace wishes he could say goodbye.

“Shit shit shit shit shit shitshitshitshitshitSHIT!”

“Will you stop cursing and explain what’s going on?” Marco requested dryly, watching as Ace all but flew across the deck of the Moby Dick in a frenzy that had the first division commander suspecting that Ace was either hopped up on caffeine again or seriously panicking. 

“He knows!  He knows!”

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humanprincescar  asked:

A large crowd surrounded the gallows as the Sheriff prepared the execution of one of the most notorious outlaws in the old west. The darker skinned man, with shoulder length back hair, stood silently as the man spoke. A rolled cigarette lit in his mouth as he prepared to go straight to hell. The sheriff soon gave him his sentence and prepared to pull the lever.

Brigitte stood in the crowded,her curls blowing in the soft breeze. She made her way through crowd to the bottom of the gallows and lit a cigarette, taking a long drag before tossing it to the hay below. She then whistled the noted tone to the outlaw above.

Some unique facts about Jesse James


Jesse James was a notorious American outlaw, famed for his train robberies and Robin Hood image. Below are some odd facts about the “original cowboy”.

1.) He was married to his cousin- “Cousin Kissers” weren’t uncommon in the 19th century, but it doesn’t make it any less weird. Jesse was deeply in love with his cousin Zerelda, and the two had intercourse for the very first time at the age of 13.

2.) He had chronic Blepharitis - Records show that he was known for his excessive blinking and watery eyes, which was probably caused by a life-long condition of Blepharitis, a common (but annoying) eye infection that affects the tear ducts.

3.) He was shot with his own gun- Bounty hunter, Bob Foard shot Jesse while he was doing a bit of spring cleaning in his house. He snuck up behind him while he was dusting a picture and executed him at point blank range. Bob later toured the country performing a reenactment of the murder, making a hefty profit.

4.) He took his gang on his honeymoon- Jesse James was never far from his notorious crew, and couldn’t bear to be apart from them… even on his own honeymoon. While he was romancing his wife, he took the time to rob a stagecoach with them, much to her horror.

5.) After his death, his mother became rich, and not for the reason you may think- It wasn’t inheritance that put her in a wealthy position, but a rather morbid tourist attraction she set up: She would charge people money to view his grave, and a further sum to take pebbles from the display. She made thousands of dollars from this.

[Medieval fantasy AU for centralparkaintguaranteed because we’re ridiculous] ;p

In the six months, two weeks, and five days (Les was keeping count) since Jack Kelly had gone from a notorious outlaw to Sir Francis of Manhattan, he had learned lots of things.  First, making Les a page was the best decision he’d ever made.  Second, Les’s mother, Lady Jacobs, was going to fuss over every one of those decisions.  Third…well, all right, maybe letting Les ride Jack’s warhorse to Gotham when Jack had known Les would gallop the whole way hadn’t been such a great idea.  But it hadn’t been Jack’s fault Rogan had run straight toward a parked cart before Les could stop him, or that Rogan was built more for power than jumping ability.  Anyway, they’d gotten everything cleaned up and replaced, everyone was in one piece, and Lady Jacobs hadn’t found out about it yet.

But it was the reason why, two days later, Les was trotting in circles, dwarfed by the giant horse, stubbornly practicing steering and stopping, and Jack was lazily practicing jousting on his peasant mare Nell, who was half Rogan’s size.

He was just a few strides from the quintain when he saw Les’s sister Sarah running across the field, and the way she was running—head bent to the wind, arms pumping, going as fast as she could—made him pause.  He hit the quintain off-center, the weight swung around, and he barely ducked fast enough.  If Nell’d been any taller he would have been knocked off his horse.

“Les!” he called, dropping his lance.  Then he turned Nell and loped to meet Sarah, wondering what in the world had happened to make a girl run like that.

Outlaws!Klaine Western AU - Comic & One Shot

My comic illustrations for super awesome story writen by lovely quizasvivamos. Beth created the funniest one shot out of my silly idea :)
Just GO and read the whole story!

Title: Kurt & Blaine: “Girls, Girls, Girls”

Artist: riverance

Author: quizasvivamos

Rating: T

Summary: Kurt and Blaine are notorious outlaws who are trekking westward from their home in New York where their crime spree began to California where they hope to find sanctuary and start a new life. While spending a few nights in a small frontier town, they find themselves in danger of being caught and must make a desperate attempt to get out of town fast.

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anonymous asked:

Old West au: Ruby is a sheriff who wants to track down the notorious outlaw Sapphire. They track her into the desert, but their horse gets bit by a rattlesnake and dies. Sapphire finds Ruby almost dead from thirst and takes them back to her hideout and nurses them back to health. They fall in love, and Ruby must decide whether to capture Sapphire and bring her to justice, or to join her in a life of crime.

Aha, and consider this detail as well: whilst Sapphire is nursing Ruby back to health, they keep trying to arrest her, and during one point (after she’s used the stupid handcuffs to strap Ruby to the bed frame so they stop trying to stand and thrust their badge at her and then fainting from exhaustion) there’s an investigation outside the building. Sapphire slaps Ruby’s mouth shut, and begs them not to call out to the other law enforcers, and promises she’ll show them what she’s been doing. Ruby is conflicted, but agrees (so that, at the very least, they don’t gun the place to swiss cheese with them inside). As it turns out, Sapphire has been stealing things in order to pay for medical supplies for travelers that try to forge the giant canyon in front of her hideout.

Alternatively, Sapphire is the “Lady Masque” who throws on a new guise every time she sneaks into town and always makes it away with a small fortune and another dead man’s blood on her hands. Ruby is the new law-enforcer in town, posing as male because women aren’t allowed on the force. Spunky, confident, and determined to prove her worth, she undermines the sheriff’s command and chases after Sapphire, unprepared for the desert and with zero sense of direction. She manages to ambush the Lady Masque as she’s nearing a canyon wall, but in their tussle lose what bags Sapphire had into the ravine and have to save each other from following suit. Now without aid in the burning sun, and one of the horses having run off, the two deem it necessary to work together to find their way back to civilization. Sapphire believes all men are fools and liars, and refuses to do anything more than the bare basics for her companion, until a run-in with bandits and fight for their lives reveals that Ruby’s not what she’s been making herself out to be. 

Sapphire confesses that she’s only ever stolen from swindlers and murdered killers, and does so in the name of women across the West who have been wronged. They run off together with all the bandits’ stuff and start a gang of kickass cowboy amazonians. Ruby not only proves herself, but is now the sheriff of her own squad. Sapphire doesn’t have to masquerade alone anymore. They share witty banter while slaying the scum of the earth. Everything is gay. The end.

afraid (7/28)

His fingers buzz from the after effects from the gunshot. The pistol lays slack in his right hand, weakly supported by his left. The barrel billows a thin cloud of smoke; it lingers only momentarily before dissolving into nothing. His ears still ring with from the violent bang of his gun, and his head is spinning, reeling.

Because even though he’s a criminal, an outlaw, this was never supposed to happen.


Her voice is soft, gentle. Concerned. The rucksack she brought in was heavier than it was when they first entered the bank, garnering them a good haul. But the worry in her voice isn’t for the money they’ve stolen, or even for the dead teller lying prone in front of her, his lifeless eyes still wide open.

“He…he was coming after you,” he says, staring at the man’s body. “I tried to jump on him, but he knocked me off, and I couldn’t—”

“Hey. Peeta.” The bag full of cash is forgotten about, and she casts it aside to place both of her hands on each side of his face, forcing him to remove his gaze from the man he’s killed onto her.

Because under it all, under the crimes they’ve committed and the glamour of being some of the most notorious outlaws in the region, they’re really just kids. Just eighteen year olds, tired of seeing their town and families wither away to nothing. They never meant to kill anyone, ever.

And he knows she can see how scared, how fucking afraid he is. But he can see it, despite her steely, determined gaze, that she’s afraid, too.

“We need to leave. Right now, okay? They’ll come looking for us. We need to go.”

He nods, her hands still cupping his face, and she smiles slightly, before leaning forward to brush a kiss against his lips.

She kneels down to grab the money, and clasps her hand to his larger, sweaty one, never looking back at the dead body and the growing pool of blood surrounding it.

And they run.

anonymous asked:

Pssss Tangled with Bill Cipher as Mother Gothel and grunkle Stan as Flynn Ryder and Grunkle Ford as Prince of Corona?

no no no, my friend

Stan and Ford are BOTH Flynn Ryder. both brothers are notorious outlaws who steal and hide from the soldiers. rumors go around that they’re not one criminal, but two with the same face, but no one is quite sure

they’re running from the castle guards and run up the tower and find Dipper and Mabel, who live in the tower. Dipper and Mabel BOTH inherited the Sun’s magic, but as a child, Dipper got food stuck in his hair and had to cut, so he has it short and brown. Bill was fine with this, since he still had Mabel, tho he wished he could get rid of Dipper, but that would only make things difficult so he kept them both.

Mabel wants to go out and see the floating lights, dipper wants to understand exactly what they are since they don’t match any constellations he’s mapped, and both are just bored and want to go out of the tower. Mabel ties both up with her hair, and Dipper manages the deal. Stan and Ford don’t really feel comfortable with the idea of letting these kids go into the woods, but they’re strong armed into it and eventually accept. plus, they feel better about escorting the kids themselves

so the kids have fun with Stan and Ford and learn about each other (Stan and Ford were both orphans who wanted a life of adventure and fame and just. more in life)

they eventually find out about Mabel’s healing powers after they get hurt trying to escape the soldiers, and they all go to see the lanterns, just like the kids always wished, and Ford and Stan start to wanna keep the kids, because the more they learn about the kid’s home life, the more they don’t like it, but they’re also wanted criminals…

Bill kidnaps Stan, Ford, and Dipper near the end and forces Mabel to go back with him. Stan manages to escape and, while he gets stabbed, he manages to cut Mabel’s hair so Bill can’t have her anymore. Bill begins to die, because the majority of his youth came from Mabel’s hair.

however, Dipper has one long lock of golden hair hidden underneath his hat. it was all that was left of the incident from when he was a kid. it’s enough to save Stan, and after that, that lock turns brown–it’s power was all used up. so it gets cut as well

the kids realized that they’re the missing royalty and Stan and Ford return them to the castle. Right as they’re about to leave, Mabel and Dipper pull them into a hug with their parents and the king and queen decide to let them stay with the kids, as well as dropping all charges on them.