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listen 5sos have done HUNDREDS of interviews, and the Rolling Stone - a magazine notorious for creating hype against bands and exaggerating situations - is the first to catch this persona? no way. if the guys truly acted this unhappy, objectifying, and sex crazed, it would’ve shown in the past 4 years. take it all with a grain of salt, listen to Invisible & Jet Black Heart, and understand that these are the same four boys you loved before you read a confusing, poorly written article in a shitty magazine.

March 9, 2016

What Could Have Been…

A thought that often plays through our minds at CARTER™ Magazine is,“What Could Have Been if the GREATEST MC in the history of Hip-Hop was alive today.“ It goes beyond BROOKLYN, although we pride ourselves in delivering the most influential MCs in the culture TO DATE.
Christopher Wallace, was two albums ahead of his time. His legacy lives through the hearts of hip-hop lovers around the globe, who yearn to learn about the culture that brought us together. That pride is celebrated everyday on CARTER™ Magazine’s site, fostering a lost found love for one another.

In honor of Christopher Wallace we celebrate his LIFE, as if he was here today and we had the privilege of interviewing him about his family, career and concern for the next generation of hip-hop.What would he say?, we leave that up to your imagination, as we present a two cover “what if ” tribute to The Notorious B.I.G..

These photo’s were taken by two AMAZING photographers Jack Chuck & Dana Lixenberg, for VIBE Magazine. By all means we’re not taking your idea, but like B.I.G. said in Dreams “I’m just playin’, but I’m sayin.’

- CARTER Magazine