This morning when I was drinking my cup of ginger and lemon I thought to myself, “ wow, I’m craving donuts from 7 eleven, damn, so good but so gross for the body.” Then I came across this picture and the choice was instantly way too obvious I thought to myself, “It’s ok to have cravings, it’s ok to have have a donut, but in moderation. But then again, do I really want that junk in my body? Restricting myself from junk food shouldn’t be thought of as ‘being on a diet’ it is a way of living. I’m already motivated to eat right, so why not continue to make it a habit? What do I have to lose? Cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, clogged arteries, awful skin, obesity, and I hate to say but, unwanted fat. I guess there’s a lot to lose haha. #igfitness #instapiration #notomcdo #healthyliving #nodonuts