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You should totally add V and Saeran to the MC looks like Rika request. That would be soo cool. Ps I love your writing 😊

(^///^) Thank you.

For those curious, this prompt is a continuation of this.


  • When he barely had any sight, he met MC for the first time, and he didn’t know
  • MC had been taken to the Mint Eye facility before the party
  • She had been forced to face Rika, who had then called upon V
  • V, with little of his vision left, had begged at MC’s feet for forgiveness, thinking she was Rika
  • It sent a horrible chill down MC’s spine
  • When they were in safety, V kept seeing MC and jumping, thinking she was Rika from her silhouette and hair color
  • One day, she was in his apartment, he turned to her, shouted in surprise and dropped a glass
  • The next day, MC went out to get her hair cut to stop that from happening again
  • At the same time, V was talking with Jumin about what he needed to do to get the surgery because he felt so guilty
  • Once the bandages came off and he was fine again, he could see, plain as day, that the color of her hair and eyes were the only similarities she shared with Rika
  • But, of course, he already knew that, as her heart was fundamentally different


  • She’s simultaneously really good for him and really bad for him at the same time
  • Because while Saeran is recovering, there she is, helping him, being just enough like Rika to act as a stand in
  • MC is able to use her appearance to get him to take his meds, listen to the doctors and recover, and while he is recovering, he listens to her
  • But as Saeran gets better, he becomes more wary, becoming scared she’s going to be like Rika and his mother
  • However, even when Saeran shoves her away one day and hurts her by accident (she startled him and touched him and he panicked), she never raises her voice, she just gets up and walks away
  • What surprises him is when she comes back, mostly acting as normal
  • MC apologizes for startling him, and he’s so confused
  • Why is she apologizing to him?! He hurt her! Shouldn’t she be angry?!
  • Except she’s not
  • MC just continues to smile for him like normal
  • Once he is a lot better and discharged, Saeran works hard to separate MC and Rika in his mind, doing as many things with MC as he can to truly recognize and separate the differences
  • One thing he quickly learns is that he’s calmest when he’s holding her hand, and once he realizes that, even if he’s only got a few fingers hooked into his own, he makes as much physical contact with her as he can while still being kind of a distant and a tsundere

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Could you do an imagine all of them (aka: the basics Yoosung, Jahee, Zen, Jumin, and 707(DEFENDED OF JUSTICE)) +V reacting to mc working at a maid cafe?

hehehe this will be fun. im sorry i got to this so late.


  • he discovered a maid cafe by accident
  • sure it was an accident zen?
  • he is kinda unsure how to feel about these girls in maid outfits
  • mc saw him and knew
  • she walks up to him 
  • “what can i get you to drink master?”
  • he recognizes her voice and turns bright red
  • you could tell he was struggling to contain the beast
  • he is also glad she was his server
  • but he then realizes she does this for other men
  • he then starts coming everyday 
  • he stays for the whole time
  • mc wouldn’t mind if it werent for the fact that thats his money hes spending on her
  • he eventually gets over it 
  • does he really???


  • he attends the maid cafe to hang with some of his college friends
  • he is somewhat uncomfortable 
  • mc notices and comes over to make him feel better
  • you keep cracking inside jokes with him
  • but you still have to call them master
  • everytime you do yoosung gets red and flustered
  • later that day at home yoosung just giving her many questions 
  • is high key upset
  • she does that to other men as well
  • she even does grooming shit
  • but he doesnt stop her he just gets really possessive (???? not sure if that is the right word im bad with words until its too late lmfao)


  • she saw a sign for a maid cafe and decided to check it out 
  • was not expecting to be called mistress
  • and she wasnt expecting to be called mistress by you
  • lowkey felt great 
  • highkey made her embarrassed
  • she had a good time  but was uncomfortable with you giving similar treatment to others that you don’t know
  • she actually worked with seven to spy on mc 
  • had to tell seven many times that he cant come with in disguise
  • did he listen
  • no
  • he did not
  • mc kicked him out
  • but jaehee did not get caught
  • and after a while she came clean with mc
  • jaehee’s professional fangirl skills came in handy 
  • i mean fangirls have to spy without getting caught amiright? 


  • he was doing buisness for your particular maid cafe 
  • shit
  • if he finds out you know he will send body guards and mset specific rules for you
  • cue mc attempting to seem different
  • “mc?”
  • you tell him and hes surprisingly ok with it
  • under one condition
  • you occaisionally wear the outfit at home
  • he was kidding
  • tbh you were gonna do that already hes just always busy
  • when ever you call him master he gets all fidgety
  • you cant help but laugh


  • he knew already but pretended not to
  • one day you have to help the newbie learn the basics
  • when you get to the newbie you almost flip a table
  • you try to teach him
  • emphasis on try
  • hes constantly pushing your paitience
  • hes also extra af
  • you find joy when he makes male customers blush
  • its such a weird sight to see
  • but tons of fun
  • by the end of the day when you get home you both crash in the outfits 
  • whoops


  • he was selling photographs at your maid cafe
  • all was going well 
  • til he heard your voice
  • he thought maybe you were visiting to support him
  • but then he heard you doing what the other maids were doing
  • he suddenly was hungry
  • when you two are home he tells you he didnt know you worked at a maid cafe
  • he confesses he wishes he wasnt there for work
  • you ask him to come tomorrow 
  • does he go?
  • ofc

i hope this was what you had in mind. it was fun to write lmao.

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Latina MC that literally acts as if she's not in Korea. (ONLY Listens to Spanish music, ONLY dances Spanish dances, can barely talk Korean because wow so much Spanish.) (tip: Spanish music tends to be EXTREMELY Sexual. TO THE POINT OF IT BEING GROSS) So lmao I think seven would be lowkey shook at the explicit ass lyrics lmfaoooo? Idek go crazy with it. ((It's okay if you don't want to and it's okay if you get some stuff wrong.))

hey anon! this is a really cool request, thank you! ^^

also thanks for being forgiving if I get stuff wrong, I am a smol pacific islander;; 

leaving out saeran because well, i feel like saeran isn’t up to dancing..and he doesn’t mind the music, but the sexuality of it kind of makes him uncomfortable

side note: i didn’t mention it, but this is for everyone: imagine all the nicknames!


  • zen barely understands mc sometimes, since she speaks spanish most of the time
  • but he’s learning! and so is mc from helping him with his scripts 
  • basically, they kinda create their little language 
  • but on to the fun stuff
  • zen is totally hypnotized when she dances 
  • and he doesn’t know what this song is saying, but boy is he into it
  • one day he looks up the translated lyrics 
  • holy shit 
  • is suddenly very glad that mc dances at home most of the time
  • and understands why she looks at him a lot at certain parts of the song
  • dammit zen stop making me make innuendos 
  • anyways, you best believe zen wants to learn all these dances 
  • mc is more than happy to teach him
  • it’s right on time for a part that requires him to do that exact dance 
  • his director is so proud omg 


  • he’s probably the most shocked at the lyrics
  • but he has to get mc to tell him what they are
  • why couldn’t he just look them up? because he wants to hear it from mc, he’s Extra
  • when she finally gives in and tells him, he’s so surprised 
  • blushes for the rest of the day, he’s ridiculous
  • does not dance well
  • really enjoys watching mc dance, though
  • he’s better at deducing spanish
  • really only because he has a spanish dictionary on him
  • yeah, he took that class, haH
  • the kitchen always smells so good oh my godddd 
  • mc helps teach him all these latino recipes and he’s so happy
  • he’s really good at making them, too


  • is not surprised at the lyrics, is more surprised at mc’s skills
  • jaehee back at it again with an ‘i’m so gay’ moment 
  • she understands spanish and mc understands korean so they both speak to each other in their respective languages, but understand each other
  • it looks like a mess, but its not
  • mc offers to teach jaehee some of the dances!
  • and that works out well but it did backfire on mc
  • how, you ask?
  • jaehee learned the words to a song
  • and sang and danced to it for mc
  • now mc is having her “i’m so gay” moment 
  • they dance together in the middle of it
  • and it totally definitely turns into a makeout session


  • this man is multilingual 
  • language is not a problem for him
  • what is a problem, however, is all the songs mc sings and dances to
  • thank god she mostly does it at home
  • the songs do make him a bit uncomfortable at times
  • because they can get so vulgar and unprofessional to listen to in the office
  • but damn, even jumin has to tap his toes or something
  • mc can only teach him basic dances, though
  • he can’t seem to get loose enough
  • he sang a song once though and mc still hasn’t recovered
  • it haunts her
  • in a good way, pl eas e
  • like, he sounded so good
  • and the words were…so not good
  • and he knew it too, what an asshole 

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • speaks in spanish with her
  • literally doesn’t even speak korean when he’s with her, just spanish
  • unless he has to translate to the rfa
  • sings along to the songs like a champ
  • and you’re right, anon, he is lowkey shook at these explicit ass lyrics
  • but it only hits him when he watches mc dance
  • then he’s like: ‘oh shit’ 
  • that’s the stuff that we sing all the time
  • but watching her dance makes it a whole different song to him
  • because now he listens to the lyrics and watches mc move to it and
  • daaamn
  • don’t get me wrong, this one can dance
  • they make a good dance duo, not gonna lie 

v / jihyun

  • also knows spanish
  • the words don’t phase him at all, he doesn’t even care
  • what does phase him, like jaehee, is the dancing
  • like jihyun could watch mc for hours
  • he wouldn’t even think of it as sexual most of the time, he would just be in awe
  • how can he move like that?
  • pro tip: he can’t
  • V has two left feet
  • mc makes it up to him by dancing a lot 
  • she has one special dance she does if she wants to get him frustrated, though
  • but that’s not the point
  • the point is, jihyun can’t dance 
  • can ya’ll just…v’s voice is so amazing in general 
  • and then imagine him talk in your native language i am..shook

Seven in his route

Seven: stay away from me

MC: okay then I’ll sit with Yoosung

Seven: No not him

MC: Zen is nice so I’ll join him

Seven: No he has too many girls around him it’s dangerous

MC: Jaehee?

Seven: I wouldn’t recommend it

MC: Jumin?

Seven: Absolutely not

MC: Well where the fuck do you want me Seven

Seven: Here

MC: *sits with Seven*




Seven: Get the hell away, MC I’m dangerous do I have to spell it out for you? D. A. N. G. E. R. Why don’t you ever listen-

MC: I’m going home